Steel Panther 2

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  • Was interesting to watch Collins outside of the Hotel Lafayette Tuesday evening surrounded by a crowd of people – none of them speaking or approaching him.  Real popular guy! 🙂

  • I also love that Chris Collins thinks it costs a maximum of $80 to fill up. The laboring fellows in the GLOW counties who have to pump 25-plus gallons of diesel in their pickup trucks would KILL for an $80 fill up nowadays. I’m guessing $80 is all it takes to fill an imported luxury sedan – or Kracker’s Corolla. 

  • Collins’ website isn’t listed in the ‘About’ section of his Facebook page either. All the better to bullshit you with, my dear. I dare you to find a written records of my positions on anything. I double-dog dare you…

  • #1 is hilarious. I discovered this strange phenomena the other day when I was trying to find his website via google on my phone.  I did find out that there is some other Collins running for congress in some other state.

  • Let’s hope this is all he plagiarizes from Chris Lee–does ANYBODY want to see Chris’s naked torso on Craigslist?

    And as to your snooty spelling corrections: this is Amercia, Mr. Bedenko–love her or leave her.