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  • Natural gas is too cheap and too plentiful! We can’t have that! We need alternatives, damnit! Quick, let’s find some reason to hate fracking, give it some scary framing and we’ll scare it out of NYS!

    Never mind the economic boom we could get from it. Never mind that natural gas production is WAY THE HELL better for the world than oil production. It’s still EVIL!

    • Respectfully: 1> Natural gas is now so cheap that our air & water will will devasted by the gas drilling & pipeline installation in NYS, in oder to  enable the industry to the ship it overseas for their own deep profit.. > 2.The health risks from fracking are THE public health issue of our time and since water is our source of life and hydrofracking makes water toxic, fear is justified> Which is why we, who have studied this issue deeply,  are demanding a Ban on Hydrofracking