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    You said
    “Five year mortality rates are 23% for breast cancer, 26% for prostate cancer. Only colorectal cancer and lung cancer kill more Americans.”

    WRONG : Fact 23 per hundred thousand case Die from Breast cancer, and 26 per 1oo,o00 Men from prostae cancer NOT percent, the percentages are listed below:

    Survival & Stage
    Survival can be calculated by different methods for different purposes. The survival statistics presented here are based on relative survival, which measures the survival of the cancer patients in comparison to the general population to estimate the effect of cancer. The overall 5-year relative survival for 2002-2008 from 18 SEER geographic areas was 89.0%. Five-year relative survival by race was: 90.3% for white women; 77.7% for black women.
    Stage at Diagnosis
    Localized (confined to primary site)
    Regional (spread to regional lymphnodes)
    Distant (cancer has metastasized)
    Unknown (unstaged)

    The Following statement by the National Cancer Institute ctually contradicts the government data and the data by the journal of Onocology and the data from the British Medical Journal Lancet which have all studied the rates exhaustedly.

    National Cancer Institute figures show a very different story: Breast cancer kills about 40,000 women a year in the US. Prostate cancer kills about 30,000 men. Five year mortality rates are 23% for breast cancer, 26% for prostate cancer. Only colorectal cancer and lung cancer kill more Americans.
    That means that if you get one of these two cancers, even with complete modern medical treatment, drugs, therapies, etcetera, your average odds of being dead within five years after diagnosis are about one in four.
    That’s a higher chance of death than you would have with an average gunshot wound–only 22% of gunshot wounds are fatal. And a gunshot can’t come out of remission and kill you years later even if you survive the first time.

  • I guess he can park in those “Reserved for Chris Collins” spots because, like there’s hardly any handicapped people anymore…

  • There’s no way that Collins actually believes that people don’t die from these cancers anymore.  It’s simply impossible to believe that he thinks the survival rate for these diseases is 100%.  It’s a gaffe, not a statement of his beliefs.  He undoubtedly has people in his life who have or have had these diseases, just like everyone else.  He obviously intended to say something like “many people don’t die from cancer” and misspoke.  To believe that Collins actually thinks that cancer doesn’t kill people is to go beyond thinking he’s a hack politician or a rich asshole — it’s to claim he’s utterly unhinged and disconnected with reality at a basic level.  Whatever you think of him, that’s not the case.

    • It doesn’t particularly matter whether he believes it or not. 

      What matters is that he’ll SAY that people don’t die from these cancers anymore if it scores, in his mind, a point against Obamacare. 

      • I get that he’s saying this stuff in the context of a critique of the health care reforms.  But he’s still not meaning what people are claiming he means.  He wants to say something like “our health care system is so good that diseases like x and y are on their way to being defeated, so why should we change?”  What came out of his mouth was something different, but also something so absurd that it can’t be anything other than a simple misstatement, the kind of gaffe that politicians make all the time.  Only a literal madman would claim “cancer doesn’t kill” as some sort of intentional political strategy.

        It’s nice when a shitbag like Collins gets in trouble, but this stuff is just one more impediment to actual political debate in this country.  The next few news cycles are going to be dominated by discussion of a simple gaffe rather than the issue itself.

        • Spot on, much as Collins annoys me we have to rise above the knee jerk dishonest tactics that the right has mastered, we are better than that and can win on the issues if we stick to the high ground.

          • Yes, we should give King Collins the benefit of the doubt while he and his minions run around screaming that Hochul and Obama have passed the “biggest tax increase in history” and, also, too…SOCIALISM!!!111!!!

            “Rising above the right-wing tactics” delivered us two terms of George W. Bush. No, thank you.

          • I am not defending Collins but simply advocating for a more serious debate, there are so many real issues where Collins is on the wrong side.  If we stoop to their level we lose credibility and turn off the independants as well as any Republicans that may be uncomfortable with their party’s turn to the hard right.  Go for the jugular when the facts are clear but let the distortions and outright lies be identified with the right, not us.

          • How, precisely, is this a “distortion” or “outright lie?” The reporter quoted Collins accurately, but now we’re falling all over ourselves imagining what he MEANT to say, instead of focusing on what he ACTUALLY said?

            I’m with Alan – at this point, it matters little to me if Chris Collins actually believes  that no one dies from cancer anymore. The fact that he said and, as of yet, refuses to clarify or amend his original quote speaks volumes about what an out-of-touch, tone-deaf clown he is. That the voters get to see this is a sweet bonus.

            I fail to see how “losing credibility with Republicans that may be uncomfortable with their party’s turn to the hard right”should be of any concern to a Democratic candidate, given that those oh-so-concerned “moderate” Republicans continue to vote for extremists like King Collins.

  • So Collins wants “Tort reform”, lawsuits make up less than 1% of health care costs, good to see he understands where the big dollars are going, he is a true visionary.

    • I was just going to make this same point – I am sick of Republicans pointing to tort reform as some sort of cure for rising health care costs.  It proves they either know nothing about health care, or more realistically, have no desire to change anything about it.

  • I guess this means I’ll have to cancel my registration for “Drink For The Cure – Beat Prostate Cancer Pint Slamdown.”

  • Collins: “All I can speak of is from personal experience. I haven’t died from cancer. When was the last time you did? All the people I spoken to the 27th district tell me they haven’t died from cancer, either. It’s simple math.  
    In fact, mortality rates from “the other things” have dropped sharply. Many people are now immortal and only the rapture will cause them to leave Earth…”