“I want you all to go to your windows and stick your head out and scream ‘I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!’” Howard Beale “Network”

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  • Glad you linked to David Frum. He’s one of a few conservative voices that I can stomach. He’s respectful, he’s reasonable, and doesn’t insult those that disagree with him. A rare breed. 

  • I know you’re a left-wing group here, but I wonder what you guys think of Obama’s leftist failings:

    * Secret (and not-so-secret) wars in Africa and the ME (Yemen).
    * More deportations that any other administration, ever.
    * More secrecy, more documents classified and less declassified than ever before.
    * More whistleblowers prosecuted than all other administrations combined, and given that the whistleblowers were blowing the whistle on Bush-era WoT garbage, this is really strange to me.
    * More blatant hypocrisy on the Drug War: Obama as member of the Choom Gang in college, now laughs (literally!) at the idea of even discussing legalizing marijuana, plus his DoJ stomping all over state laws allowing medicinal marijuana (see massive DEA drug raids in California, threats all over the western states).
    * Fast and Furious (guns in Mexico).

    I’m honestly curious how you can seem to completely brush this stuff under the rug. Progressives are supposed to be excellent on civil rights, and I don’t know how you can suggest Obama’s done anything more than pander to you guys (“I luvs the gay marriage now” and “don’t deport kids for now”).

    Actually, it’s kinda like how the conservatives talk a bullshit game about fiscal responsibility and then completely blow it. Maybe that’s how it works – neither side gets their ‘core values’ right, voters are too stupid to realize it.

    • Since you addressed it to a ‘group”, I’ll answer in part.   

      – Firstly, I’m not a “leftist” nor do I consider myself to be one. I’m actually quite moderate – it’s the domestic right wing that has become “rightist” and extreme, to the point where people in the classic center are considered liberal. Now, to your points: 

      – Some of these items I don’t give two shits about. 
      – Some of these items I’m not as informed as I’d like to be about, so I withhold opinion and outrage. Ignorant outrage is the worst kind. 
      – The drug war issue is, to my mind, where gay marriage was in 1999 – a remote impossibility that demanded a mealy compromise called “civil unions”. Eventually people will come around, but it’ll take time and advocacy. 
      – Fast and Furious: is it Congress’ job to make political hay out of a reasonable and previously-used law enforcement strategy that went wrong? The only outrage there is that Holder serves a Democratic President, and it has to do with limiting firearms in some way. It’s telling that the right is pointing to the murder of a Border Patrol agent by a trafficker alleged to have used one of the guns from the program. All of a sudden it’s guns, and not people, who kill people? 
      – The rest of the stuff you’ve so generalized that I have no idea where you get the information or what sort of information you’re talking about. If you want to link to sources that confirm that the Obama administration is the “most” this or that, go for it. But I’d prefer those sources to be nonpartisan, respected, mainstreamed, and journalistic and not from either Daily Kos or Twitchy. 

      • Is ‘concern’ okay? Or do you only go from happy to outraged with no middle ground?