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  • On #2: I remember when the right was in charge of the white house and all they did was whine that the left wanted economic collapse so they could win. Yay, my team!

    Also, is it that the R’s are so well focused that they control the message, the framing of debates, can block everything even though they don’t really run anything? Or that they’re so fractured that there are no leaders and there’s no one for Obama to argue with about shit?

    Which is it again? Oh yeah, just “R’s are evil”. Convenient that way, I guess.

    • ┬áThe current structure of the Republican Party and its media arm at Fox is well-suited to media messaging and debate framing, not so much to actually governing. They’re two different things, although you did a nice job there of trying to conflate the two.

      The right may have whined that the left wanted economic collapse, but that simply wasn’t correct. You might remember how the Democrats allowed George W. Bush to, ya know, actually govern.

  • Pepe Perez was no Tony Frisina. Also loved the liberal strike zone when you put fielders in to pitch (only pitch selection was “Fat Pitch”)