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  • Romney is so far removed from the reality of the vast majority of WNY residents.  I think his arrogance, ignorance, and lack of real conviction will prevent even many Republicans from coming out, especially in rural areas.  George W could fake an appeal to these voters, Romney hasn’t got a chance with them IMO. Not that they will vote for Obama, they just might sit this one out and certainly won’t devote much energy to this fraud.

  • Alan says “His mission during his nose-holding tour of a flyover New York burg was
    to do something else he habitually does – collect a whole lot of money
    and pull it out of the WNY economy.”

    Will you make the same comment when President Obama does the same thing?

    • No, because taking a million out of the WNY economy isn’t what Obama “habitually does”, unlike Romney’s outsourcing and domestic job-killing specialists at Bain Capital.

      Also, no, because Obama’s policies help the middle class, something people like Romney and Collins
      know absolutely nothing about, except in the abstract sense; e.g., the middle class are those miserable wretches to whom our tax-cutting, war-mongering policies have done great harm.
      Also, I take my filet medium rare.

      These two embody everything that’s wrong with America.

      • Dear Alan,

        To get a sense of the millions of dollars that President Obama has taken out of the WNY economy since he assumed office in 2009, have a look at

        True, most of that was under Bush. But our current president must be responsible for $200 million plus, I figure.

      • What ever Alan.

        War mongering? Go look back at President Obama original campaign slogans…  To me it still looks like President Obama is pissing away billions of dollars on war…

        •  Who, prithee tell, started these wars, by the way? I feel as though it may have been another Republican “businessman” who comes from Old Money, but my memory must be hazy. I have this rare condition that causes me to lose all recollection of past events every four years or so …

          •  A person who allows something bad to continue is just as bad as the person who started it.