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  • Congrats, Mr. Smith!  Perhaps sporadic, but always edifying and never condescending, The Morning Grumpy should win national awards.  You deserve a beer: Cheers!

  • I remain deeply grateful for Matt Taibbi’s work; he’s pulled back the curtain to reveal the banks’ and Wall St.’s shameless and fraudulent  self-dealing which has  placed our financial system at risk. For anyone who’s been insulated from these matters, I strongly recommend reading his book, Griftopia where Taibbi demonstrates his reportorial prowess to explain and clarify the workings of Wall St., the banks as well as the political muscle which allows them to operate with blatant disregard for the rule of law.

  • Very well deserved, and the award write up was exactly right – the only problem with the grumpy is its occasional constipation.