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  • Years ago, when I was working in Toronto as a community organizer focusing on lead pollution issues facing  three different neighborhoods, the Toronto Board of Health held hearings into the efficacy of allowing smelters/recyclers to operate in close proximity to human beings.  As the investigation progressed, we found that the three smelting operations were being represented by one of these so called independent organizations.  That one was called “The International Lead Zinc
    Research Organization (ILZRO for short). 

    It’s the same old story no matter what country you live in.  Throw a sign on a door somewhere and call yourself an “Institute”.   Start publishing phony research papers, get a battle going between the “experts”, make the “science” so obscure that its only purpose is to simply muddy the debate.  The only logical response is to err on the side of people’s health and safety.

    And yes, I did read it here first!  Thank you Buck Quigley.