A necklace, belly chain or ankle bracelet is worn by DOS members as a symbolic but secret display of being under the collar of their masters, Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack. From the artwork of Miss Michelle Salzman, a member of Jness and reputed member of DOS.

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  • Dixon-Neely, who is clearly a moron, seemed to truly believe that you could be arrested for “slandering” a president. She told the student that people were arrested for “slandering” Bush as well.  Quite rightly, she was suspended, as much for violating some kid’s freedom of speech as she was for simply being a piss-poor teacher.

    What can you do.  My 7th grade teacher told us that blacks are better athletes than whites because years of slavery bred them that way – long before such crap ended the careers of Jimmy the Greek and Al Campanis.

  • Because of course, as we’ve been taught by Rowan NC teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely, one can be arrested for “talking crap about the president” at any time.

    • Because of course [insert vague, right-wing conspiratorial fever-dream regarding obscure, unknown schoolteacher who said something incorrect]. 

      No one’s suggesting anyone arrest anyone. I’d just like the opportunity to explore the fact that the Collins campaign has a volunteer dress up as Uncle Sam and denigrate the sitting President during a July 4th parade, of all things. 

      And to think, the Dixie Chicks got death threats for expressing disagreement with Bush. 

      • In 2003  their music was banned from clear channel.  It still is not played on some stations in conservative markets because of listener blow back. In general, 2003  was a bad year for Civil liberties. That was the year a man was arrested in an Albany NY mall for wearing a T-Shirt that said ‘Give Peace a Chance’, and one was arrested in Columbia SC airport for wearing one that said ‘No War for Oil’.

      • Well your quest for the parade clown proves one thing, that is that you are every bit the political hack that you accuse most republicans of being. The only difference between you and Collins and his dillusional cronies is that their team sports an elephant and your team sports a Jack Ass

        • No, the difference between you and us is that we know how to spell. And, we don’t run for Congress by hanging around wingnutjobs calling for the the overthrow of the government on the Fourth of July.

          • Overthrow of the government, or defeat of the incumbent in the upcoming election?  As far as I know, the latter is neither illegal nor “wingnut”.

          • Down with Obama?  Sounds like a religious extremist in Pakistan.  Curious how Islamic & Christian psychos are so similar…

        • It wasn’t a parade clown. 

          It was someone dressed up as Uncle Sam – a physical symbolic manifestation of our country, who was apparently motherfucking our President during our celebration of Independence. It takes a sick fucking mind to do that, and an equally sick one to take pleasure in it, or condone it. But what I’ve learned is that, in many cases “Republican” is synonymous with “sick fucking mind”, so thanks for proving the point.