Clare Bronfman completes a half marathon in New Hampshire.

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  • From an editorial in today’s news “While only about 8% of white people lack a government issued photo ID, about 25% of African Americans lack it”  Then there is this quote from the majority leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives addressing the Republican State Committee on the new photo ID law “This is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania-done”

  • “In Republicanland, you need a photo ID to vote, but any idiot can walk into a Wal*Mart and buy an assault weapon. ”

    ” The next step was to provide my identification and fill out federal
    background check paperwork. It’s a fairly long and arcane form that is
    completed by the buyer and the gunshop. Basically, the form provides the
    information required to perform the “instant background check” and
    ensures that the buyer attests to not being a felon, a mental patient,
    or under a restraining order for domestic violence.”

    “Deterring Fake IDs. Participating retailers will only
    accept valid federal- or state-issued picture IDs as primary
    identification. Retailers will utilize additional ID checking

    Even if you are an idiot you still need ID.

      • “In Republicanland, you need a photo ID to vote, but any idiot can walk into a Wal*Mart and buy an assault weapon. ”

        Your prob correct about gun nuts but otherwise don’t mislead people insinuating that you don’t need ID to purchase a rifle at walmart. 

          • Correct. In a fictional fantasy world that Republicans dream of, you need ID to vote, but not to buy a gun. You’re also able to hire kids to work in your factory for below minimum wage with no piss breaks, and corporal punishment is allowed. 

            Do keep up. 

    • Of course any idiot can just bypass all this by going to a gun show, no need for background checks or proper ID, the NRA worked hard to exempt “hobbyists” from all those pesky regulations meant to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and crazies.

    • Also, unlike with voter fraud, America has this tiny problem with gun violence.  When the voter fraud rate reaches the murder rate, I will happily sign on for voter IDs.

      •  People kill people… not guns…   not knives.. etc…   Maybe we should ban spoons and forks.  Obesity causes loads of health issues which may lead to death if we follow your logic.

          •  The guns were basically sold to “bad people” to begin with.  If those guns were sold to “responsible” gun nuts a agent may not have lost his life. 

        • I have heard this argument a thousand times and it never fails to amaze me.  If you seriously think our murder rate would remain the same if guns were eradicated, then you are extremely delusional. 

          •  The cat is already out of the bag.  You can ban guns tomorrow but there are 10000’s already in the hands of the population. 

          • Guns, like everything else, get old, break down or can be eventually confiscated.  So as a result, the murder rate will drop precipitously. 

            Unless you believe that America is full of people capable (or even willing) to kill people with their bare hands, it is automatic that murder rates will plummet without access to guns.

            However, we are far afield.  I am merely stating that gun ownership privileges are abused far more frequently than voting privileges, and hence, the requirement for IDs are more warranted for guns.

  • Many elderly African American’s – men and women – do not have the ability to get a photo ID because they don’t have birth certificates. They weren’t born in hospitals – they were born at home.This was especially true in the south.  They may have had ID at one time and let it lapse which leads to the bigger problem – needing a birth certificate along with however many other forms of ID to get a “qualified” voter ID in this day and age. It is voter suppression of of minorities anyway you look at it.

  • The elderly and especially elderly women are also affected by this, many do not have photo ID’s and it may be difficult for them to obtain.  This whole thing is nothing more than a voter suppression effort, Republicans know there is not a real problem but continue to shamelessly exploit this issue simply for political gain.

    •  Really, elderly women don’t have ID?  I’ve never heard that one before and suspect you’re just making it up.  Considering elderly women vote Republican, doesn’t that show this isn’t voter suppression? 

      And Alan, continuing on yesterday’s back and forth, the Supreme Court said the constitution protects my Second Amendment Right to own a gun but it is reasonable to expect some level of regulation with that right….hmm, like ID to purchase one.

      Hence, showing ID doesn’t really seem to be a constitutional infringement.  And you keep quoting this very small percentages of voter fraud, yet think of all the close elections that came down to a handful of votes….any voter fraud is too much voter fraud.

      • The 2nd Amendment guarantees that people have the right to bear arms, but when that right is limited in some way, courts perform a balancing act – does the proposed restriction (ID, Brady Bill) promote a legitimate public aim and is it carefully crafted so as to minimize any infringement on constitutional rights. 

        In this case, we have years’ worth of legislation, as well as constitutional amendments, which specifically and explicitly prohibit states or the federal government from charging a poll tax – a levy that people must pay as a precondition to voting. In this case, if you’re required to obtain an ID at some monetary expense, that amounts to a federal mandate that people pay a tax in order to vote. 

        In addition, as I’ve laid out, there is no legitimate public aim at stake here. Voter fraud simply isn’t a problem. Not even a little, tiny problem. And even if it was, there are many ways in order to prevent such fraud that have a smaller, cheaper impact on constitutional liberties. For instance, in NY you have to declare your name and match your signature up. 

        So the differences are many and stark. 

      • Elderly women do not “vote Republican”, they are actually more likely to be Democrats as are most women(wisdom can come from age). As for the ID issue, many elderly women don’t drive and were not employed outside the home. For this reason they are unlikely to have a photo ID and as I stated, it may be difficult for them to obtain. BTW, this is not something I “made up”,  my wife is a Social Worker specializing in Senior Services and has first hand knowledge of this issue.