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  • Anyone else seeing Disqus eat some comments instead of posting?  Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate.  I tried posting it earlier.

    Along the lines of Jesse’s point, I don’t think I saw any mouth frothing here back in February when Obama’s Defense Secretary Panetta called for “efficient” and “leaner” spending throughout the military.  Panetta didn’t even use the word “effectiveness” as yesterday’s post quoting Bellavia implied is so necessary to emphasize over efficiency.  Panetta sounded as though Collins had written his script.

    Obama proposes defense cut after decade of growth
    By David Alexander and Jim Wolf
    WASHINGTON | Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:30pm EST
    (Reuters) – President Barack Obama unveiled a 2013 defense budget on Monday that proposes cuts in Pentagon spending for the first time since 1998, slashing military personnel costs and weapons purchases as it trims $487 billion in projected outlays over the next decade.

    Panetta outlined a new strategy that focuses on creating a leaner, more efficient military, starting to shift away from the Middle East and more toward rising threats in Asia. He contends that the Pentagon is “strongly unified” behind the new strategy.

    “We’ve got to reduce excess overhead, eliminate waste, and improve business practices across the department,” Panetta said in a prepared statement.

    “Business practices”? Applying some business practices to military spending? Then even trying to improve them? How long before Panetta or Obama is ever called here “a cold, sick technocrat who has no experience with military matters“, as Pundit called Collins is in the second last paragraph above? Too funny!

    Instead of all that talk about efficiency, leanness, and business practices, aren’t Panetta and Obama supposed to simply wonder whether the military’s institutions are adequately funded and staffed to carry out their duties? Or it’s only Collins who’s supposed to have that approach?

    Btw, it’s convenient that accuracy “hardly matters” now about all this because WGRZ concluded yesterday’s claim from the anti-Collins side was false.

    While it’s not unusual for a candidate to take liberties with comments made by their opponent, this was such a strong accusation regarding such an important issue to this region that we had to put this one to the Truth Test.

    Based on all of the information we reviewed, Bellavia’s characterization of Collins’s position is false and does not pass the Truth Test.

  • Let’s cut to the chase.  What is on the table is jobs driven by money and politics and less about Defense.  If Defense was the primary motivation Plattsburgh, Rome and Stewart would be still active installations!
    The case needs to be made on Military Value and why these facilities have higher value than others.  Regarding vet’s every installation under the gun will voice the same concern.  The bottom line is this will be  politically driven forced by the lack of money.

    • Are you kidding me? If DEFENSE were the primary motivation we’d have a military one tenth the size it is today.

      This is -entirely- about ‘free’ money handed down from the benevolent rulers in DC. Period. The fact that Collins is hitting it makes Alan and anti-Collins groups froth at the mouth.

      • Bellevia is  just shooting off his mouth, when he wasn’t even there. That is the way he will try to play dirty politics, but it won’t work against Collins. Bellevia does not even belong in this primary. He brings nothing to the table or the Republican party.