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DFS Football Cash Games: Strategy Guide In Picking A Player Per Position 

Cash Games or head to head in one of the categories you can bet at Daily Fantasy Sports football. When you play this, you create a football fantasy league and find other players you can challenge with. Depending on the amount required to bet, you can earn double if you win or the other way around. 

While this year’s NFL campaign has passed through halfway, the fantasy games are getting bigger. There is no room to rest if you are a fantasy player who wants to earn big in the coming days. Remember that fantasy football games allow you to build a roster of your dream team, and you should make sure you have the best talents in the field. 

The money you can earn when wagering in DFS NFL Cash Games is better compared to GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool). You only challenge one bettor at a time, and it’s an all or nothing chance. 

The key to winning this fantasy football category is picking the most valued player on a weekly basis. Regardless of what week you gamble in DFS football, here are the best techniques to follow in picking a successful player per position. 


Quarterback holds the most significant position both in real and fantasy football games. In the Cash Games, you should keep in mind that these players are the best people you can tap to generate excellent scores. They lead the team and other key players in the field, so it’s always a must that you put the highest priority in selecting your quarterback. 

When finding QBs for the DFS Cash Games, look for someone who does great rushing upside. It means that they can score better when rushing than passing.  If a QB has a better rushing skill, he can score more in touchdowns, which can surely skyrocket your fantasy points. QBs like Mahomes, Jackson, and Murray are the few best picks to consider. 

Running Backs 

Another position in the fantasy football games you should take heed to win at Cash Games is utilizing the most impressive running backs in the league. They carry the heaviest role in the offensive line for your teams and make sure to pass the football without going against the rules. 

For many years that DFS football has been brought into the betting market, leveraging the top RB scorers in the league is also a technique you can apply in Cash Games. Looking for an RB who has the most impressive Spread can offer a pound for pound game, which ensures gaining more fantasy points. Moreover, they should also have excellent passing statistics to prove their worth. 

Wide Receivers 

There is a small room of opportunity to earn reception points in NFL DFS, and this is a task that your wide receiver should mind most of the time.  Not only that, but gaining more targets and yardage totals can also contribute to a more successful fantasy football Cash Games. Keep an eye for a WR who plays big spikes and yields sufficient targets. 

Remember that WRs should work directly with the QBs to make well-estimated passes to score a touchdown. A wide receiver who knows how to get out of himself in the red zone and makes passes possible for the QB to make a goal is a good pick. Not only that, a wide receiver must be a consistent performer as he takes the second heaviest responsibility to make your fantasy football games successful. 

Tight Ends 

Tight ends are a hybrid position in football tournaments because they either play as the wide receiver or the offensive lineman.  When it comes to DFS football cash games, tight ends with the most susceptibility of receptions in the red zone are excellent choices. They can work under pressure, especially that they carry the most volatile proposition than other fantasy positions you are looking at. 

When picking tight ends, the real value does not rely on the player’s salary but on how they work with other positions in the field. Regardless if you’ve got a rookie or veteran TE in your fantasy football roster, you only need to ensure that they cooperate well with other positions in the field. Connection is the key, and it is where you can get the best value out of your DFS football cash games. 

Defense Teams 

It demands the hardest work when creating a reliable DFS football team. When you look for this type of fantasy player, ensure that he can rival against the offensive player of your opponent. They must have better sack rates, turnover scores, etc. 

The key to picking defense teams is more likely to look into the leading scorers in the league. Risking for a sleeper is not bad at all, but the real secret of earning big at DFS cash games is leveraging a defense team who has proven their worth in the past. 


DFS Cash Games can give you a bigger opportunity to take the cake when wagering for fantasy football games. Your focus to make your dreams come true of earning big is minding your rivals and forming the best line-up possible. Taking advantage of the points above on how to pick effective talents in your DFS football games will surely make you successful.


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