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5 Helpful Guides In Finding Successful 2020 Preakness Stakes Bets 

Now that the Kentucky Derby successfully concluded a few weeks ago, with Baffert’s Authentic nailing an impressive performance at Churchill Downs, the Preakness Stakes is underway. It will serve as this year’s last punch to the U.S. Triple Crown Series, which will take place at Pimlico Park on October 3, 2020. 

The horse racing community was rooting for Derby’s favorite, Tiz The Law, to win the race.  However, he landed a place behind Authentic. That said, there won’t be a Triple Crown winner this year since no horse has won consecutively in the Belmont Stakes and the Derby. But these horses can still prove their worth as they vie for the final racing segment. 

Like the Derby, the Preakness betting brings many opportunities for the bettors to wager on horses. The prizes at stake are still huge, and there should be no reason not to get thrilled, despite no Triple Crown winner to expect this year. To learn more about how to pick wiser bets in the upcoming 2020 Preakness Stakes, here are some tips to ponder. 

Derby Winners 

Since the U.S. Triple Crown Series has a unique schedule this year, the Preakness Stakes will close the show. It was preceded by the Kentucky Derby, which took place in the first week of September. Horses who nailed excellent finishes in the Run For The Roses are great deals for the Preakness Stakes.

When picking your next Preakness Stakes bet, find those horses who won the Derby. These horses are still up for a challenge and will surely give an impressive performance to prove how they will likely end their Triple Crown journey. The horses who placed in the top five were Authentic, Tiz The Law, Mr. Big News, Honor A.P., and Max  Player. 

Field Conditions 

The Preakness Stakes has the shortest racetrack distance of all the races in the U.S. Triple Crown. The final result of the Derby can influence the movement of the Preakness Stakes odds and lines. It’s because horses who managed to show toughness, despite the mud that’s distracting them, are indeed good bets. 

Remember that the wet season in America begins from July to November, and you must expect that the Preakness Stakes might happen on a tough day. So, whether how strong a Preakness Stakes hopeful can look like, if he does n’t saddle well in a muddy and sloppy track at Pimlico, he’s not an ideal bet. 

Trainers And Jockeys

There’s nothing wrong with glorifying the horses who’ll win the Preakness Stakes as they show the best talent they have. However, the horse can’t develop a speed and running style if no one guides him. So, when picking your next Preakness Stakes bets, don’t forget to know the jockeys and the trainers. 

After Authentic won the Derby, his trainer Bob Baffert tied with the current title holder for a trainer who has the most Derby wins. You might consider his horses to wager in the Preakness Stakes. On the other hand, the jockeys are responsible for maintaining a strong connection with the horse when in motion, so make sure to find a Preakness entry with the most competitive jockey.

Horses Previous Performance

Preakness Stakes hopefuls do not only compete in the U.S. Triple Crown races. Some of them had participated in many stakes races before taking a flight on the Preakness Stakes. Other horses have even started ten racing games and have achieved significant placements, making them worthy of betting. 

To find a good Preakness Stakes bet, do not hesitate to review each horse’s racing form and previous performance. It’s your only key to compare which horses have earned flying colors before competing in the Black-Eyed Susans. Not only that, but you can also know which colt can challenge the big favorites in the field. 

New Preakness Hopefuls 

Not all horses who participated in the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby will contend in the Preakness Stakes. Others might proceed to retire while some might want to participate in other racing games. With these, there are new names to look forward to who can serve as dark horses in the field and might upset the big favorites. 

Thus, you must learn to scout and study the horse’s ability and form. Take your time to compare these new Preakness hopefuls on how well they can edge the Derby or Belmont finishers. If you find out that they’re stronger than the favorites, wager for these colts. 


Now that the 2020 Triple Crown Series is about to conclude with the Preakness Stakes underway, the horses who worked hard since birth are looking to cement an incredible horse racing journey. If you’re one of the bettors who want to earn substantially when this event settles, the tips mentioned above in picking the right Preakness Stakes bet are a great help. 


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