Former Nxian: Keith Raniere Lies to Each and Every Person

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The following is a second post from EM TECH, a person I know to be a former Nxivm member.  See Former Nxian: NXIVM Was an Amazing Company and the EM Tech Worked, Though Keith Is a Criminal.  This writer is good and seems to understand Keith as well as anyone.


“I, Keith Raniere, would rather risk my life than threaten another’s [sic]” [Keith wrote in his letter to Mariana]

The data in reality?

Keith actively set up people to take the fall for his decisions, especially around immigration but also for sex, manipulating people psychologically that to have sex with him was a gift, and to earn his attention or have his baby was a superior decision than other partners (including married women).

Keith has threatened many people’s lives, and there are many people lined up awaiting his sentencing as a result of his lies and deceptions. Keith doesn’t see it this way though – he sees it as, “Everyone chose fairly of their own volition.” But, Keith lied to them to get them to make their decisions, so is it really free will and free decision making? I don’t think so.

Nicki Clyne decries the “moral policing” but, in reality, Keith is out to have sex with women no matter what the cost, and the more creepy (3 sisters at once) or non-traditional the situation, the more he craves it.

Keith Raniere

Worse, Keith lies to each and every person – and manipulates them to do what he wants and to place him above their own selves for purposes of control. Ultimately, Keith wants a large group of people to do what he says without questioning it in order to gain sex. That is his only goal – not the well-being of others, but control.

And his style is to form “movements” that people devote their “lives” to in order to capture their “commitment.” People who do not give up their families and careers are not fully “committed” to Keith. In reality? Those are the people (like me) that are actively balancing their priorities and weighing decisions against their conscience.

Keith is looking to destroy conscience and replace it with his control – but his devotees can’t see that. They think he’s doing the opposite. That’s the mind game he plays.

This Whole Forgotten Ones Dancing Situation Is Pretty Sick

Keith covered up at least two rapes within the NXIVM community that I know of by meeting with all parties and ensuring no law enforcement or legal action was taken through his psychological tricks. He’s also known to have been in a sexual relationship with at least three children that have been documented.

Nicki Clyne twerks for her Vanguard.


Michele Hatchette out on the street ready for twerking for her Vanguard.

And Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchette twerk to this guy and complain about the moral police?

This is so many shades of batshit crazy it is difficult to get your head around.

It’s sad to see Marc Elliot and Suneel Chakravorty and Eduardo Asunsolo supporting this, but they are so mentally dedicated to Keith that they probably can’t take in the possibility that Keith has lied, stolen, and now threatens people going to jail because of him.

Marc Elliot dances for his Vanguard.


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