Former Nxian: Clare Bronfman and Brandon Porter Won’t Acknowledge the Truth About Keith – Their Inner Worlds Would Collapse

By Correspondent

EM TECH is a former Nxivm member who I have interviewed in the past. 


I’ve known Clare Bronfman for five years or so.

She is a sweet person, but gullible and not terribly mentally strong.

She is, unfortunately, very poorly educated, and she admits to a long history of mental illness, so it’s tragic.

Clare genuinely believes what she is writing in her letter, but what she doesn’t realize is that the pain she projects onto Keith is her own invention. Clare can’t wrap her head around the notion that Keith doesn’t really feel anything for her, that his every sentence to her has been yes, to help her through her issues, but to also help ensure that she dedicates her life to him and never questions what he asks her to do.

Even having wasted millions of her inheritance — and blaming her father for market manipulation when the truth is Keith is a really shitty options trader — Clare refuses to see the truth. It’s like her brain can’t take the step to acknowledge that because if she acknowledged the truth, her inner world would crumble, and she couldn’t handle that.

Ex-Dr. Brandon Porter gave up everything for his Vanguard – including his medical license. He still adores his Vanguard,

Brandon Porter is going through a similar experience — if he were to acknowledge the truth about Keith, it would mean he put his career and his entire family at risk because he was unwilling to grow his conscience and see that his willful ignoring of his medical code of conduct for Keith’s experiments was truly damaging to his wife and family.

In order for Brandon and Clare to keep their inner worlds intact, they have to reject the possibility that Keith’s conviction was in integrity with his actions — but they can’t go there mentally.


MK10ART. Keith Raniere and Brandon Porter – two scientists studied reactions to illness at V-Week 2016 and, unfortunately, for Porter it helped NY State officials to decide to revoke his medical license.

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