Kyle Rittenhouse pictured with an assault rifle. Pic: Adam Rogan/The Journal Times via AP
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Jawdropping Video Shows Police Telling Armed Vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse Who Murdered Two Protesters “We appreciate you being here” Just Before The Shooting

From the Washington Post: Two people were killed and one was seriously wounded by gunfire Aug. 25 at a protest in Kenosha, Wis., over the police shooting of Jacob Blake Jr. Videos reveal the movements of the suspected shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, including his interactions with law enforcement. The video shows police offer Rittenhouse water shortly before the shooting and they thank him for being there.

In the video Rittenhouse is also seen on his phone after the murders telling a friend he just killed somebody and then fleeing the scene.  A crowd follows him and the video shows Rittenhouse open fire on the crowd with after he’s knocked to the ground and then calmly walks toward police vehicles with his hands raised in surrender. However, no officers get out of the vehicles to apprehend Rittenhouse and instead continue advancing toward protesters. Rittenhouse then fled the state and was considered a fugitive. He was arrested later Wednesday back in his hometown and charged with first-degree murder.


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  • He didn’t murder anyone. He defended himself… period. And anyone who has seen all the raw video knows this is true.

    He was at his place of employment, guarding the property at the request of the owner. Thee rioters set fire to the place the night before. He was prepared to also render aid to anyone in need (including protesters)with his training and med kit… And water for dehydrated folks.

    He tried to evade his attackers and even ran from them, but was overtaken. The first attacker tried to take his rifle and made statements he was going to kill him.

    Three others attacked him while he was trying to render aid to that attacker. He showed no malice and genuine concern.

    He again tried to run and avoid conflict, but was chased down and overtaken by several persons. One of whom was firing a Glock 19 at him as he ran(which is attempted murder)… 16 shots in all

    He was kicked and hit with a skateboard (a deadly weapon) both to his head. He defended himself as he was being attack with a deadly weapons and another who tried to take his rifle and the guy who emptied his pistol shooting at him while he was tried to avoid the attacks.

    These thugs attacked him. They tried to kill him. He defended himself. He showed a lot of restaint and no racism. BTW, all his attackers were white and almost all had violent criminal records including one who sexually assaulted a minor among other crimes.

    Bottom line, these enraged rioters (because they wanted to loot and burn businesses) were nothing more than thugs looking for trouble who tried to kill him and he acted in self defense.

    People should really watch the videos and stop perpetuating lies. These “protesters” have killed more than 40 people across the country, most were black and children. Clearly, black lives… Or any other lives, don’t really matter to these people.

    His attorney is going to have a field day in court. Criminal and civil.

  • Labeling Rittenhouse as a murderer in both your headline and the body of your article will earn you a lot of interest from his attorney, Lin Wood. Wood successfully represent Nick Sandmann in defamation suits against the Washington Post and CNN. I trust that you and your insurance company have deep pockets.

  • He did not “flee” the state, he went home and turned himself in to local police. He did not “open fire” on any croud, he fired upon the specific individuals that were threatening his life. He was not carrying an “assault” rifle, it’s an AR15, semi auto rifle. He did not “murder” anyone, he protected himself.
    If you can’t report the facts and not put a liberal spin on your reporting, get another job, you suck at this one.

  • What A True Piece Of Shit !!!
    He deserves to stand in front of A Firing Squad Of The family members of those he shot !!!! And get his !!!! And Of course he gets special treatment because of his skin color !!!?
    All Those law enforcement guys that ignored him like nothing was wrong and past by with a white man with a gun strapped around him “SHAME ON YOU !!!!” If it was someone with any other skin color it Most definitely would of played out differently!!!
    “They would of been in a body bag”
    Sickens me to my core ???

  • Kyle Rittenhouse is a Hero, he was helping to protect Businesses during a Democrat sanctioned Riot. He had to defend himself from a Violent mob of Criminals.

    The Charges will be dropped but like the McCloskeys the media just lies for the Democrats

  • Police need all the help they can get getting these people off our streets I think its about time these protesters see the real middle American man stand up an take this country back from these people who think its ok to destroy our nation its not ok to destroy the nation i defended

  • Them rioting fuckers are against the police and Because of it there’s a militia out there trying to protect peoples property nothing wrong with that but when the rioters attack the person with the gun And he defends himself by killing a couple shooting another who did they go crying to the fucking police so either against the police really want to help from the place where they want them stupid fucking rioters need to all get shot That kid is innocent if he goes to jail for that if he gets convicted I should say that’s bullshit

  • Only question on your false reporting is what are you selling your soul for? All the videos of him defending himself, even running away are on SM, people like you are attempting to divide this great country.

  • I’ve seen the unedited video, and as usual, the state run communist liberal media has once again shown how they’re are NO real journalists left.


  • Terrible leftwing bullshit reporting. This kid is not a militia murderer. He was being attacked & fired in self defense. Shame on you for pushing this bs.

    • Man if he won’t out there he wouldn’t have been attacked it wasn’t his job to be out there period he was look for this shit

    • This is an obvious case of poor parenting what mother would take her kid to a riot and let him have a gun with him not only does that not protect him but anyone else .I can see the civil lawsuits flying at this point. His own mother said he was dealing with mental problems. He had the mentality of the Columbine killers. Rejected by Marines, revoked driver’s license. Those people also had a right to defend themselves from some idiot carry an AR-15. For his own protection the police should have stopped him ask him for ID snd questioned motives.

    • Jenn I think you should look again, you are so mislead open your eye’s there’s still hope for you ?

    • This is a rifle. It’s called an Armalite Rifle. “ASSUALT” is an action. The term “assault rifle” is ignorant propaganda. ALSO, it’s not illegal to possess a rifle in Wisconsin between the ages of 14-17 with the proper training which he clearly has.

    • He didn’t have an assault rifle, which by definition is a machine gun (fully automatic)… And he was running from violent thugs seeking to do him harm.

      Either watch all the raw video of the attacks and before… or drink a big cup of STFU.

      The “murderous thugs” were clearly his attackers, no matter what you heard. See for yourself. Stop being a lemming.

      Ask yourself why the DNC funded studies on what issues could insight a civil war. Then take a good long look around.

  • Militia murderer? Bias a bit I see. How about young man defend self from angry mob. Two attackers dead one wounded.

  • I understand the full story is not being reported. Might he have been defending himself from the mob? What is the full story from beginning to end?

    • You are so right. Denfing another white person shooting another unarmed person. You defenders of this shit are all fascists. Embrace your facsism and admit it.

  • Why jaw dropping. The kid was helping the community and local businesses where they couldn’t. Whennyou want to defund the police. This is the alternative

  • Real Americans appreciate this young man who stood up for freedom. These terrorists have no one but themselves to blame for their deaths and injuries. I pray that the justice system protects Kyle.

  • Self defense, show all the video from the angle u want , if u were in his position u would have done the same thing!!!

  • Kyle was in Kenosha as a volunteer helping clean up the mess the rioters and vandals were making night after night. Yes he was armed as were others because the bands of troublemakers in Kenosha were made up of some pretty violent criminals. The three people that were killed or wounded were all criminals with violent rap sheets, with charges on their records like sexual predator, assault etc. Trying to make it out like the kid was some white supremacist out trying to shoot people for fun is completely ignorant or disingenuous. He was attacked, smashed over the head with a skateboard, and rushed by a guy with a handgun. Leftists may want to keep their powder dry until the facts actually come out in this case.

  • It’s articles like this that drive a wedge between the American people. Who said he was in the militia? What does Trump have to do with any of this?

    You are not a journalist you are an opinionated bobblehead.

  • The cops must loose there jobs pay RESITUTION to the family cops never shot him and he committed murder in front of the cops they didn’t shoot the murder just blacks get killed we must retaliate if those officials are not in prison for murder

    • If your defending your self or a cop is trying to arrest a Thug that won’t obey commands.He deserves to to be shoot. The only sad part is they are trying to justify what that piece of shit brought on his self. #Don’twakethe3%

  • Get r done my young white friend, if we had more young and older citizens like this young man this Bs wouldn’t be going on the way it is and has been for months

  • What a bunch of crap. He was defending himself from violent attack. I watched the video showing this brutal thug attack. The thugs got what they deserved,.

    If he didn’t defend himself he would be the dead victim. Then the thugs would have been cheered by the main stream media as being justified because of there long standing oppression.

    Better get your ducks in a a row because this is just the start of violence. When the media plays favorites and not the unbiased reporting as true journalism is to be. Blood on the hands of these fake news morans that’s carrying the water of the elite to control our population for their immoral gain.

  • He was dialing 911 not calling his friend. And Kyle got attacked by members of the BURN.LOOT.MURDER. mob. He was defending him self. Just remember tho. If it was a black boy that did this no one would talk about it!! I contributed to his go fund me and i hope he beats this case!!!!! Free Kyle !!!!!

  • This is proof that this country is full of racism. Our president showed us that at his impeachment and then again at his state of the union lynching. By giving Rush Limbaugh the freedom medal, he was telling all of us that he really doesn’t have any respect the for presidency. And true to form, everyone that we have elected to protect us just sat there and let him and Mitch shred the racist constitution and prove that he is above the law. Further more, those same people sat there and let him disrespect a decarated veteran and the other “Black” honoree’s by giving Rush Limbaugh something he doesn’t deserve. And did not hold him accountable. Now here we are near election, and like every election, it has to be about black and white people. If everyone who has been elected by the people for the people are going to sit around and debate right out murder of its black and brown citizens at the hands of rouge police and white citizens whom you allow to arm themselves but not the black and brown community. You all need to go to church, fall down on your knees, and pray for forgiveness, for letting the American people down. You all should be ashamed to call yourselves American, far too many people have been slaughtered because of your unwillingness to do what you was elected to do. For anyone who has half a brain should know, American history has been a farce. The constitution was not and still not written with the African American in mind. It still considers us as property, so No BLACK LIVES Don’t MATTER. Place the Constitution of the United States of America under arrest. If we are to live by it’s Creed then that makes it a living document there by making it responsible for all of the killings,lynchings, bombings and discrimination towards the African American citizens. If no one is in agreement with this assessment then burn all the law books and whatever else you hold near and dear, and let nature take its course. God bless each and everyone of you.

  • Reporters are a joke these days. He did good defending himself and the only vigilantes were the people protesting over something they dont understand themselves

  • Burning ,looting and assaulting people who have absolutely nothing to do with injustices in this country will stop one way or another. Nobody has the right to vandalize other people’s property that they worked for.

  • Dear Me Colin: those people who were shot were white and they were attacking him go back and look at the video but even if it were brown people who got shot it is right for him to protect himself against such people no matter what and he is a minor.

  • This story is spreading hate and lies it is not telling the truth as it happened this truly a shame and a sham story from a sham news organization.

  • Big Deal! They told him that BEFORE he killed anyone.. Smh! Get a f*cking life! People like you,, the instigators, are most of the problem that causes these riots! Something else, it will backfire and when it does… Troublemaker’s like these idiots who tries to create volital situations will have to pay the piper, one way or another. So you keep up with this bs you idiot!! TICK TOCK!!! TICK TOCK!!!

  • You no if the protest will stop then we can start with change but you can’t keep destroying cities and peoples businesses and Americans are tired of it. They want justice BLM needs to stop or its just going to get worse.

    • Have you ever walked, talked or felt what it’s like being a black person in America to have to deal with racism your entire life white people have been kneeling on black people’s neck for so many centuries just because of their skin color not because of destruction to material things what about just marching down the streets and getting attacked white people need to and should have been stopped their resentment and hatred towards BLM

  • This is what the president is about. The illegal killing of Black and brown citizens is condoned.


    • He told protesters back away from our business, and he defended their business. POLICE CAN’T BE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
      mess with the bull you get the horns

    • You obviously know nothing about God or anything more about the shooting than CNN is telling you. Sit down study both a little more you you don’t sound so ignorant in future comments

    • Because the media dont want you to see the truth. He was defending min self. They ran up on him. Kicked him in the face. Hit him in the head with a skate board . then he opened fire. Every video that was posted has been taken down to make it look like Kyle is the bad guy when he is not

      • If he had his young behind at home none of this would have happened.2 lives gone for a building,that’s going to get government funding

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