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4 Tips for Boosting Your Creativity

Does it feel as though you’ve been in a little bit of a creativity slump as of late? Does it feel as though you just haven’t been able to tap into that creative side of yourself that is filled with great and unique ideas? It can happen to anyone and at any time and can be rather frustrating when it does occur. This is even more the case if you happen to be in a career that depends on creative thinking. So, what can you do to snap out of your slump? How can you boost your creativity and get back to your usual self?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with these four tips that are sure to help you reset and get back to your usual creative self.

Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

Sometimes, boosting your creativity is as simple as getting more sleep. Experts recommend that adults get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, which is something many people just aren’t getting. Without ample sleep, your body and mind isn’t able to recharge, and you end up having a hard time thinking, focusing, and tapping into that creative mindset.

It’s a good idea to also ask yourself why you aren’t getting enough sleep? Maybe you need to adjust your bedtime, cut out sugars and caffeine in the evening, or maybe it’s time to upgrade your mattress to something that offers more comfort and support. 

Memory foam tends to be a universal pleasing pick when it comes to mattresses, as it offers the perfect amount of support and yet is comfortable and won’t cause sore spots. Just be sure to look for the best memory foam mattress for the money, so you’re totally satisfied.

Get Into the Habit of Using Relaxation Techniques

This is also a great time to learn relaxation techniques that help you to calm down, relax, and settle your mind. By doing this, you can, in fact, clear your mind and see things in a much simpler manner. 

As for what kind of relaxation techniques to use, deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation are all fabulous options. They are also approachable enough that beginners can give them a try and start to learn about them. Ideally, you want to be using a relaxation technique daily so that you never get to that point of feeling too stressed out.

Start Writing Things Down as They Come to You

It may also be helpful to start carrying a small notebook and pen or load a note-taking app on your mobile device. Every time an idea hits you, you can write it down before you get a chance to forget it. When you have extra time, you can then look at those ideas and start to expand on them. You can use brainstorming techniques to branch out from that initial idea.

Engage in Creative Activities

While you may be finding it hard to come up with unique and creative ideas, by engaging in other creative activities, it can help kick-start the whole system, so to speak. Creative activities can include listening to music, reading, drawing, painting, knitting, scrapbooking, and so much more. The idea is to do something that comes more naturally to you and start to take that pressure off your mind.

It Will Come Back to You

It can be very frustrating when you’re trying hard to be creative and come up with great ideas, and all that is happening is you are drawing blanks. The very best thing you can do in these situations is to relax, give yourself a break, try to take some of those expectations off your shoulders, and allow the process to happen in a more natural manner.

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