Part 3: Ghana Scam: African Lonely Hearts Scammers Try to Make Victim Robinson Jealous

The story of Ronnie Robinson [not his real name] and the Ghana scammers who used photos and videos of a Canadian model to fleece my friend out of tens of thousands of dollars is not over yet.

Ghana Fraud: Man Victimized by African-Based Lonely Hearts Computer Scam Spends Tens of Thousands

Ghana Fraud Part 2: I Contact Nancy to Expose African Internet Scam of Lonely Friend

After showing Ronnie that Nancy was willing to come to me and be my girlfriend, if I sent her some money, I thought I persuaded him that this was a scam.

It did not work.

Instead Ronnie thought I was trying to steal his girlfriend and he continued to send money to Ghana, while telling me he had stopped.

I showed Ronnie that Nancy was not in Ghana and that the pictures he had gotten, supposedly from her, were actually pictures of nude model Lana Brooke of Canada.

He seemed convinced, but I was wrong. He continued to send money to the Ghana scammers, despite never talking to Nancy and only texting and watching a short silent video which he believed was Nancy Skyping with him live.

During my second or third intervention, I had some phone discussions with a man, with an African accent, who called himself George Boakye. He said he was a Ghanaian “businessman,” who was helping Nancy get to the USA in order to be with Ronnie.

An arrangement was made where I would speak with Nancy.

“No Nancy, no more money from Ronnie,” I said to George.

At the appointed time, a woman got on the phone. Ronnie listened in.

The connection was bad. It did not sound like a young white woman which Nancy was supposed to be, but rather a black woman whose English was far less fluent than the proficiency Nancy displayed in her thousands of texts to Ronnie.

The woman on the phone had a thick African accent, and, oddly, there was a baby making noise in the background.

We could barely communicate because her English was so poor. After awhile, the baby started crying and Nancy had to go. She said she was at an internet cafe and her time was up.  But why was there a baby crying in the background?

Is that how you thought Nancy would sound? I asked Ronnie.

He said, no, and I thought I finally persuaded him to stop sending money.

I was wrong.

I showed Ronnie that his innocent Nancy was actually nude model Lana Brooke.



After this, I forgot all about Nancy for several years, until another friend of mine, who had been staying with Ronnie, told me that he was in contact with people in Ghana. I knew at once what was going on.

Nancy’s story to Ronnie was that she was born in Cape Town, South Africa and went to Ghana with her parents to visit  her grandmother.  Unhappily, during the visit, her parents went shopping and got into a fatal car accident. Without her parents, she had to stay with her old Grandma in Ghana, but then, sadly, Grandma died from a disease.

Poor Nancy, stuck in Ghana, was reduced to selling ice water at the roadside and at the market but then her refrigerator, out of which she used to sell the ice water, was destroyed, and she had no income.

She had one major asset, however, aside from her good looks. She had $1 million in gold and she wanted to give it all to Ronnie when she came to America to be with him forever.

During the time I had not talked to Ronnie about Nancy, he told me that he sent George several thousand dollars, and it was arranged that Nancy would fly to America with George and the $1 million in gold.

Ronnie told me that this proved it was real: That she had come to New York City and was ready to come to Ronnie with the gold and be with him forever. However, when they arrived in New York, some stark news came. George told Ronnie that they needed $3,000 more to pay the import fee on the gold, otherwise they could not leave Customs and come to Ronnie.

But Ronnie did not have the money, at the time. He had tried to borrow it but could not. He was crestfallen when he learned that Nancy and George [and the gold] had to return to Ghana.

So close and yet so far.

I heard about all this after the fact.

When I again got involved last month, the latest story they told Ronnie was that Nancy was in the hospital with malaria and she needed $600 to get out and then another $2000 or so to fly to America to be with him. She would come with the gold.

Ronnie asked if he could borrow $600 from me to get her out of the hospital.

I told Ronnie to get George on the phone. He did and Ronnie listened in.

I told George that I was Ronnie’s uncle and that Ronnie would not be sending any money. In fact, he had another woman, Lola, from Nigeria, and that he would be marrying her and leaving Nancy.

No need to ask for more money, I said. Ronnie is in love with Lola.

George said he understood and that Nancy would be heartbroken.

I thought this would work and they would leave Ronnie alone.

I was wrong.

Within a day, Ronnie got this message from Nancy emphasizing her love for him:

“My only love Ronald i didn’t knew you can do this to me to go and take another lady and George came to the hospital and gave me his phone to write you this email message but let me tell you that i still loves you and George said you have a Nigeria lady and make sure she loves you or not because that Nigeria ladies don’t love peoples and they are mean and no lady will love you like how i really loves you and i will come to you when i get the money  discharge from the hospital you will see me soon at Niagara Falls trust me.”

George also wrote to Ronnie emphasizing the gold:

“Hello my Brother Ronald so upon all what me and you and Sister and my friends has done for Nancy you are saying that you are going in for a different lady from Nigeria and all what i can tell you is that be careful of what you are doing and if you and that Nigeria lady didn’t work out can you contact me again as well if you can try and help we need 600 dollars and when she is discharged from the hospital and i will bring her to you with the [gold] kilos and the [gold] chain so that we can do the foundation as well and when you are ready i can give you sister address for you to send it.”

Ronnie did not reply. He did not send the $600 either. He did not have it.

Then they escalated the pressure. Ronnie got the news that another man, Tomi Jadresic, was about to steal Nancy away.

Tomi wrote by email:

“Hello Ronald i want go to Ghana for my business i will go and search for Nancy and help her so that i can take her to Australia because they will have elections in Ghana soon and i want to take her to Australia and marry her because she is such a beautiful lady so that i will enjoy her pussy and her 2 golds and i will show her to my family because she had a gold bar and gold chain and as for now i know that you have taken her for granted and she is nothing to you and after i arrive in Ghana i will help her to buy her a ticket because the lawyer Frank told me that she already had passport and Visa and i will take her to Australia and live with her … Thanks for understanding me.”

Ronnie did not reply.

Tomi wrote again:

“Hello Ronald, i heard that Nancy has been at the hospital for last month so i want to try and see if i can take her here to Australia because the corona virus is not here much as well.”

And Tomi wrote again:

“Hello Ronald tell me the amount Nancy owe you because i want to pay you and go to Ghana now because i can be in a flight and bring her to Australia because i knew all her passport and other documents are ready and i will pay her hospital bills too and take her to Australia in Sydney so reply me now and i will sell her gold chain and all the gold bars too and enjoy her pussy too because i have heard that the corona virus it trying to enter Ghana so after i sell all her gold i will be among those rich men in Australia here.”

Ronnie was going almost mad with heartache. After all the money he spent, Tomi was going to get the woman, her pussy and the gold.

Ronnie had no money to send. None of his friends would lend him money since all of them knew about Nancy.

He had already financed his car and sent that to Nancy. He could mortgage the house.

Tomi send yet another email to Ronnie:

“Hello Ronald or whatever you call yourself listen i am planning to go to Ghana because the virus has been reduce killing peoples in my city here so when i get there don’t try to do anything stupid let me go and get the gold and sell it for me to become rich.”

Ronnie was upset, if not frantic and he came to me.

Once again I intervened.

Stay tuned for part 4.


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