Kristin Kreuk Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt for Role in Nxivm

Kristin Kreuk was never charged with a single crime. There is no evidence she committed any crimes.

The Nxivm battle is over.

And Kristin Kreuk was not found guilty of anything other than a little virtue-signaling.

While it was annoying at times, especially considering she did nothing to speak out against Nxivm other than a single statement, which some consider deliberately and misleadingly downplaying her role in Nxivm,  her virtue-signaling is no worse than many actors and actresses in that left-leaning world where words are easy and actions are usually fake.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM
Kristin Kreuk’s tweets about her role in Nxivm. It certainly understated her role and is misleading about when she actually left Nxivm.

As for the veracity of her tweet, it is perhaps more true than false. While she may have been misleading about when she left or even lied by omission as to her role in Nxivm [she was, after all, more than a student, she was a coach], I do not believe she was ever in the inner circle and she did not likely see anything that she truly believed was nefarious, in my opinion.

If she tried to protect herself and her career, even if she lied to downplay her role in Nxivm, it is understandable and is now no longer a matter of much concern to me.

She is definitely out of Nxivm. She’s been out for several years. Her career is intact.

In this world today when one politically incorrect slip up can leave a person destroyed, it is good that Kreuk has held onto her career.

Based on the evidence I reviewed, she left Nxivm pretty quietly. It was a gradual pull-out, starting around 2013. She seems to have stayed on in some capacity for the next couple of years. And I have solid evidence that as late as 2016, she was still part of Nxivm, though in a diminished capacity.

None of that matters now. She left before the scandals, before I broke the DOS story.

And by the way, she certainly was never in DOS.

As far as I know, Kreuk committed no crime.

I interviewed a lot of ex-Nxivm members, some of whom did commit crimes. No one would say with certainty that she ever slept with the odious one, Keith Alan Raniere.

Ruthlessly Vulgar Picture Below

There is no evidence that Kristin Kreuk ever shared the fate that Allison and so many other women in Nxivm did – to be bedded by the inglorious one.

Kristin Kreuk

Even if Kristin did have sex with Keith, it is not a crime.

Unless someone comes up with rock-solid information about her that shows she did something nefarious, there is nothing more to write.

With one exception:

As we study cults and how they operate, a fact-based analysis of the role she had in Nxivm [and how the cult leaders used her to promote their cult] is of interest.

Part of the history of Nxivm was that she was used by its leaders to promote and recruit.

There is a good chance that she honestly believed Nxivm was good. Many women [and men] were fooled this way. Just because she’s an actress does not mean she necessarily has greater discernment. She allowed Nxivm to use her image and her name to bring others into Nxivm. She probably thought it was a good thing – for a while.

Later, around 2013, much like she said in her tweet, she kind of pulled out and Nxivm stopped using her to recruit and promote. She may have stayed in quietly but something I think made her want to distance herself a little from Nxivm publicly.

It may have been James Odato’s series in the Albany Times Union – The Secrets of Nxivm and, in particular, the article in Raniere’s Shadows, which revealed for the first time allegations of his pedophilia. These stories came out in Feb. 2013.

While she was in Nxivm, she rose to the rank of coach. For some years, she worked to help Nxivm grow.

If she believed that Nxivm was worthy, then her intentions were obviously good. If she thought it helped her, then it is likely that she thought it would help others.  I have seen no evidence that she knew about the dark side of Nxivm prior to 2012 and, even then, she may not have believed it.

I have heard that Raniere and some of his minions sought to get Kreuk to invest her money with him since, after all, he was the smartest man in the world. And I was told by sources in the know that her father discouraged her and Kristin had enough discernment to listen to her dad and not the Vanguard.

I have had people call me to say Kreuk was a wicked pervert and a part of the sex cult aspect of Nxivm. But no one could corroborate any of it. Numerous inner circle members of Nxivm told me they did not believe she was involved in the sex cult part and several told me she was quite straight-laced.

As for discernment, she was smart enough to get out before things went really dark and were exposed as such.

While MK10ART’s recent story about her, excellently sums up the worst-case scenario for the actress [MK10ART: Kristin Kreuk Had Much Larger Role in Nxivm Than She Admits] and perhaps cannot be discounted, there is much to be said for the inner circle women all saying they do not believe Kreuk had foul intentions.

There are those who think the use of this artwork to depict Sultan of Six is somehow racist or offensive. But it was Sultan who chose his own name. All I did was find an image of a sultan in traditional attire and use it. If Sultan does not want to appear as a sultan, he might consider using another moniker. As for Sultan of Six, Kristin Kreuk’s loyal defender, he should, if he desires, be allowed to defend Kreuk without being mocked about his alleged sexual desires for his favorite actress.  It may have been funny at one time, and I laughed at stories that suggested Sultan had excessively amorous but unrequited desires for his lady fair which forced him to express his ardour alone and closeted.

Mathematician computes devotion Sultan has for Kristin Kreuk

Mathematician makes further, enlarged computations on Sultan’s devotion to Kristin Kreuk

However, that time is past.

The Nxivm convictions are in. The only thing left is sentencing. It appears there will be no further charges against any of the Nxivm members past or present. And Kreuk was never charged with anything.


At one time, Sultan was so angry with me that he published images on social media of someone [presumably a man meant to be Sultan] shooting another man [presumably meant to be me. ]

A lot of stories about Kristin Kreuk were prompted by her ardent defender, Sultan of Six. Someone would comment about Kreuk and Sultan would jump in with a vociferous defense and this was certainly fodder for debate. While intending to protect his lady fair – he actually prompted more posts about her than any other single person. Someone would write a rebuttal and it would be good for two posts on Kreuk or more, when Sultan again replied.

Sultan released on social media an image of him killing me and when asked why he killed me, he answered ‘Kristin Kreuk.’

Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a club. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely used by Nxivm to recruit members. However, there has never been any evidence to show that any young girl who joined Girls By Design ever joined Nxivm.

As for Kruek’s role in Girls By Design, I have published numerous articles on the topic. While Girls By Design was an odd website, and at times, it seems, age-inappropriate, I never found anything other than circumstantial evidence that she or her partner, Kendra, had any intention of luring young girls into Nxivm’s perverted founder, Keith Raniere’s bed.

The evidence I’ve seen leads me to believe that Kreuk and Kendra wanted to mentor young women and grow a fan base. Maybe make some money.  Maybe share with them what they believed were good lessons learned from Nxivm.

I know it seems suspicious: Kreuk is a member of a group led by a man who perversely wanted teens and preteens. And at the time she was most engaged in Nxivm, she starts a business meant to attract teens and preteens and posted online suggestive topics [like Sexy Seven] that seem right out of Raniere’s playbook.

This is circumstantial evidence. No one has come forward – after all the stories I have written about Girls By Design – to give any evidence that Kristin introduced a single girl to Raniere.

Was it because Girls By Design was a flop and never really recruited that many girls? Possibly.  But nothing happened and it may be because Kreuk never had any intention of finding young girls for Raniere [even if he had that secret intention for Kreuk].

Perhaps the most persuasive witnesses are Sarah Edmondson and Kendra. I interviewed both and walked away feeling they were honest and sincere. They said Kreuk was not that kind of woman who would do such a dastardly deed.

So what do we have with Kreuk?

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island

She became a Nxivm coach with not one, but two stripes, which means she took a lot of courses, spent a lot of money [I estimate more than $100,000] and recruited some people. She recruited Kendra and, of course, as everyone knows, she recruited Allison Mack.

A lot of people want to blame her for bringing Mack into a cult that destroyed her.

But Mack was an adult woman. Maybe Kreuk could have done more to help Allison get out of her morass, but, at the time Kreuk recruited Mack, I believe Kreuk thought Nxivm was a good program.

She was not recruiting Allison to join a sex cult or racketeering enterprise. She recruited Mack to join a life-coaching program which she believed was founded by one of the world’s smartest men.

Mack took it too far, to her immense shame and loss of nearly everything. While Kreuk got out, unscathed, for the most part, she did not participate in the activities that the feds charged as being illegal.

Kristin Kreuk [r] and Allison Mack at a Nxivm gathering
Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.

Severely Ugly Picture Below

All children run from this beast.

Keith Alan Raniere sought virgin girls for his bedroom. It was, of course, an odd coincidence that two Nxivm members started Girls by Design, which sought to have a club comprised of teen girls. However, there is no evidence that Girls By Design ever recruited anyone into Nxivm, let alone to Raniere’s perverse private mentoring.

Isn’t it possible that Kristin Kreuk really wanted to mentor young girls?

Of course, there are going to be commenters who are going to rebuke me for having written about her in the past, raising all kinds of circumstantial points about her role and now declaring that there is no more to say on this topic unless new evidence comes in [which it has not so far after several years].

Most of these articles were published when the battle with Nxivm was still waging [and Sultan prompted most of them by sparking intense debate, out of which I had hoped some sources would come forward with evidence, if there was any evidence.].

I will admit that I was disappointed in Kreuk not helping to take down the cult.

There were times I felt slightly annoyed with her virtue-signaling. And her roles on TV were in stark contrast to the real-life role she chose in not helping in the takedown of Nxivm.

That is all over. Maybe she was right to duck and lay low. Her career continues to proceed without any ostensible damage, despite her role in what became known as a sex cult.

She has been barely touched by it and maybe that is fair. Not everyone is called to the front lines. She had a right to bow out quietly. And until there is evidence that she did anything more than promote what she thought at one time was a good thing, the story on her is over.

Regardless of what I wrote in the past when the battle was ongoing, the battle is over now and she deserves the benefit of the doubt.

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  • Some of your post of Kreuk was downright mean and not professional from name calling to accusing her without facts. I would have read your post more if you had stayed with facts backed by reliable sources. Your post was more tabloid than journalism. And why is it all on her to expose NXIVM, it was like you and your minions ganged up on her when she left before the shit storm happened. Instead of of focusing on Mack, Raniers and current NXIUM leaders you were really FISHING for some nefarious acts on Kreuk. Even now your post still seem doubtful of her non participation with Raniere and Mack and maliciously waiting for someone to some day “expose” her. So you can glee on her downfall? You’re sorry excuse for a “journalist”!

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