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Update On Trial Schedule & Testimony About Emiliano Salinas

Frank Parlato is attending the U.S. v. Raniere trial today – and has provided a brief summary of this morning’s proceedings.

Trial Schedule
First and foremost is his update on the trial’s schedule.

Today will be a full day with the trial expected to adjourn around 5:00 PM.

Tomorrow will only have a morning session as the prosecution brings its presentation to a close.


Monday will be an off-day for the jury but will likely include a conference between the judge and the attorneys for both sides to review the judge’s charge to the jury.


Closing Arguments
On Tuesday, both sides will present their closing arguments.

The prosecution will go first – and likely take up the entire morning session explaining why Keith Raniere should be found guilty on all seven charges he is facing.

Then, the defense will have its turn to explain why Keith Raniere should be found innocent on all seven charges he is facing.

And lastly, the prosecution will be given a brief period of time to rebut anything the defense has presented.


Jury Charge
On Wednesday, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will provide the jury with his guidance and instructions as to how it should proceed in its deliberations.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Given that the current version of the jury charge document is 140 pages, that will likely take several hours.

And once Judge Garaufis has finished, the jury will head back to the jury room – and begin its deliberations.


Timeframe For Verdict
It’s impossible to predict how long it will take a jury to reach a verdict – especially when, as in this case, there are multiple charges for it to consider.

But many courtroom veterans report that a disproportionate number of verdicts come in on Fridays.

So, it’s possible that Keith Raniere could be finding out his fate as soon as Friday, June 21st.


Emiliano Salinas
The other noteworthy event that occurred today is the number of times that the name of Emiliano Salinas has come up during the testimony of an FBI Special Agent who has been involved in the investigation since it began in the Fall of 2017.

Salinas seems to have been heavily involved in the effort to obtain financial records – and other personal information – regarding NXIVM’s “enemies” and other people (e.g., judges and potential witnesses in NXIVM-related cases; NXIVM’s own attorneys; public officials; etc.).

Emiliano Salinas

It seems odd that so much information is being put on the record about Salinas – who, prior to all the bad publicity concerning NXIVM, was considered to be a likely Presidential candidate in Mexico.

Especially since most of his alleged criminal activities did not occur in the EDNY.

You don’t suppose…?


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  • You don’t suppose.

    I like the presupposition. The sheep will think as they are told.

  • I think that Salinas’ involvement in spying, is an indication that he probably bought into Raniere’s conspiracy theories about enemies being after NXIVM – and we certainly seem him forwarding such notions, including that everyone like Frank who Raniere had tried to stiff was really “extorting” money, in the transcript of his conversation posted the other day.

    My take is that Salinas wasn’t indicted because he wasn’t quite as clearly involved in the conspiracy that is at the heart of this case as the others, and would have been more difficult than was worth the effort to try to get extradited for his role – plus since any crimes of his were more Mexico-based, it’s being left up to Mexico to prosecute.

  • Hey Frank,
    If the smelly one makes his own closing arguments, does that shut the door on his future lawsuit against his attorney for improper representation?

    • Krclaviger,

      At any point during the trial proceedings did Frank Parlato and Keith Raniere make eye contact?

      If so did Raniere acknowledge his better in any way?

      Perhaps with a frown something else reportable.

    • No…He was there as the publisher of Frank Report, Artvoice, and Niagara Falls Reporter.

      • funny i made my comment {awaiting moderation} just as your answer was approved timing i guess in divine order

  • Oh to have seen Vanturd’s face when Frank was in court! Please describe that moment Frank. PLEASE!

  • C’mon we’re not trying to prove Salinas is guilty. We’re trying to fry Keith! I hope this FBI agent’s testimony points back to Keith.

  • Frank, that’s so awesome that you attended today! Any more suggestion that Raniere might try to do his own closing argument? I’m wondering if that is even a possibility. As you note, it would allow him to speak without having to undergo cross-examination. In the words of one of the witnesses, that seems like “total bullshit.”

  • Question for the informed, have they provided evidence for the charges ?
    Most of the trial they dragged Vanguard through the mud.
    The Jury – This guy is bad, he must be guilty ?
    I don’t know what to expect.

    The array of crimes, according to the prosecutor’s office
    1. sex trafficking,
    2. extortion,
    3. identity theft,
    4. forced labor,
    5. money laundering,
    6. wire fraud and
    7. obstruction of justice
    8. child pornography.

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