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The Wrath of MOM – Coming SOON to a Legislative Office Near YOU!

By Teresa Reile

Father Time’s clock’s a tickin’ and the cuckoo is about to be knocked off his perch.

Don’t fool with MOTHER NATURE and don’t mess with MOMMA BEAR because she will attack you with all she’s got.

Mother Nature and Momma Bear have joined forces and are PISSED OFF.

They are sending a very clear message to FATHER TIME that his TIME is up.

Parents across the nation and right here in NYS are not sitting on the sidelines of this game of medical Nazism anymore.

They are right in there pitching. They are kicking ASS and TAKING NAMES.

They want the ‘Good Ole Boy Network’ in Albany to know that legislators who vote in favor of the controversial vaccine bill that will do away with the constitutional right to Freedom of Religion and the right to one’s own body, or who don’t have the guts to stand up for what is right by abstaining from voting  will be attacked and they will be attacked HARD.

Do not underestimate the fury of a woman scorned.  And do NOT underestimate the raw power of a woman who sees her child in danger.





Legislators who feel that pressure from their party, from leadership or from Big Pharma is more important than living with their conscience and the blood that will be on their hands from the number of children that could potentially be harmed by this bill need to think of one thing: they won’t be in office forever.

That much is a fact.

However, their exit will be unceremoniously sped up, should they vote on the wrong side of this issue.

The Momma Bear Coalition is rearing its ugly head and with the backing of Mother Nature they are going to strike with hurricane force winds and a bite that you wish you never knew existed.

Everyone knows what happens when a momma bear gets backed into a corner trying to protect her cubs.

Legislators who push to bring this bill to the floor, who vote in favor of it or who take the cowards way out by abstaining on the vaccine bill  which will do away with Religious Exemptions will have front row seats to the Upcoming Show, ‘The Wrath of MOM’Coming soon to a legislative office near you.

Parents are organized.

They are pissed.

They are not going away.

And, they know who you are and they hold the admission ticket to your next term in office.

About the author

Teresa Reile

Teresa is a strong leader having worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, business and entertainment icons, political and religious leaders the world over.


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  • Mom can express all the “wrath” she’s entitled to via The Constitution, but until or unless she has an MD next to her name she’s not who I’ll ever turn to for medical expertise.

    That’s just kind of…that.

  • Great Article. If a parent were to take just 1 of the poisons in vaccines (Formaldehyde, Mercury, Thiomersal, Aluminum, etc.), and inject their child with it, they could be charged with attempted murder. However, Big Pharma and the CDC (owners of over 28 vaccine patents) are paying off government officials to use it on our kids!!!

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