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Haley Reinhart @ Asbury Hall!

With a powerhouse voice somewhere, somehow between AMY WINEHOUSE and JANIS JOPLIN, 28-year-old Chicago-born singer / songwriter HALEY REINHART’s music feels just as at home in the fifties and sixties as in the Snapchat age. The expansive scope of her range and eclectic talent comes into full focus on her fourth, self-produced album for Interscope Records – Lo-Fi Soul – released in spring 2019.
“It’s a mixture of all my favorite things,” Reinhart explains. “It’s where pop, rock, and a hint of jazz all come together. I want to show the fun side of who I am. I want to show the vulnerable side. I want to show the flirtatious side too. When you hear these songs, you’re hearing every side of me.”
The most recent single and video from the record – the dreamy and richly orchestral “Honey, There’s The Door” (see below) invokes easy comparisons to iconic, generational bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Briggitte Bardot, both playfully referenced in the lyrics.
“There’s an ‘Old Hollywood’ feeling to the song, but a cheeky and funky flare to the lyrics,” she continues. “It’s flirtatious and playful, but also shows my sense of humor. It’s another aspect of my personality. I’m essentially saying, ‘I love you, but if you don’t treat me right, your ass is out the door’. It goes back to this idea of feminine self-worth and fierce female mentality.”
In many ways, Haley Reinhart began working towards Lo-Fi Soul as a child. Mom and dad shared a band, and, unsurprisingly, their daughter could sing before she could talk. Haley spent countless hours engaged in rhyming games with her mother or locked into calls-and-response with her dad. Her fascination with all things vintage and classic continued as she became a fan of everyone from The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, to Janis Joplin and Sly & The Family Stone.
The platinum-certified, now Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter exudes a level of charisma and confidence earned by a quiet, decade-long grind. Along the way, her dynamic presence has powered three solo albums—Listen Up! [2012], Better [2016], and What’s That Sound? [2017]. Meanwhile, Reinhart’s take on the Elvis Presley classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” received a platinum plaque from the RIAA and has generated over 150 million Spotify streams, and 70 million YouTube views.
As a sought-after talent, Reinhart not only regularly collaborates with regular Buffalo NY visitors Post Modern Jukebox, but recently dueted with legendary film-star-oddball-turned-swing-band-leader Jeff Goldblum on two tracks from his chart-topping jazz standards collection, The Capitol Studios Sessions, joining him for an unforgettable performance on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!
In 2019, Reinhart continued pushing boundaries by lending her voice to electronic duo Vicetone’s hit “Something Strange.” Expanding her oeuvre, she voices a character on the NETFLIX hit F Is For Family, created by comedian Bill Burr.
Haley finally found a way to incorporate the myriad of influences into her own music on Lo-Fi Soul, gluing it all together with a dash of doo-wop. “I recently started listening to a lot more fifties music, which has taken a big role in the record,” she continues. “I listen to AM radio, specifically 1260AM in L.A. When I get home, I have these melodies in head and make songs out of them.”
With such ideas in mind, she envisioned a new style initially teased on the 2018 single “Don’t Know How To Love You,” and crystallized on the 2019 title track “Lo-Fi Soul.” Over tambourine and sparse piano, her nocturnal croon takes hold: “He’s got a lo-fi soul.” Balancing a coo that would likely raise Marilyn’s eyebrows, and with fierce, feline ferocity, Haley delivers an artistic statement.
“Since I’ve always been told I’m an old soul, I wanted to create a different way of saying that phrase,” she says. “So, I thought of Lo-Fi Soul. It mixes two ideas together. I’m an old soul living in this analog realm where things are tangible, grainy, raw, and sultry.”
By showing every side of herself, Haley Reinhart welcomes a connection that will last on Lo-Fi Soul and extensive touring in 2019 and beyond.
“When you listen to Lo-Fi Soul, I hope you can tap into your sense of self,” she concludes. “I want you to leave feeling totally alive—like you’re living on a new vibration. There are various states of mind. It’s whimsical. It’s dreamy. It’s rock ‘n’ roll. It’s ambient. It’s a rollercoaster, just like me,” she laughs.
This is HALEY REINHART’s first appearance in BUFFALO as a solo artist with her band. Don’t miss it!

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