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Ya Just Don’t Mess With Momma Bear. PERIOD.

BY Teresa Reile

Parents across the nation are uniting, organizing and mobilizing in what is quite possibly the biggest push back against Big Pharma and corrupt politicians this country has ever seen.

Legislators across the country are being pressured by vested interests to mandate vaccines without parental consent, to do away with religious and medical exemptions and to force one to be injected with known toxins such as Glyphosate , aluminum, and mercury as well as animal DNA and aborted fetal tissue.

With New York State legislators Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz, Sen. Brad Hoylman and Sen. David Carlucci leading the movement to end the Religious Exemption for vaccines, parents across the state are mobilizing and organizing with the vow to hold accountable anyone found to be complicit in practicing medicine without a license, playing God, taking money from big pharma to advance an agenda and any other unethical conduct.

Prior to any medical procedure, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service (“HHS”) explains that the “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”


Coercion invalidates informed consent.

Infringing this right by eliminating vaccine exemptions and curtailing criticism is not only unethical, it is un-American.

The group is comprised of a combination of very savvy professionals, lawyers, doctors to blue collar workers all with one thing in common: DO NOT MESS WITH OUR CHILDREN OR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO OUR RELIGION AND OUR BODIES.

Some people in positions of various degrees of power seem to have the attitude that parents do not know what is best for their children and that their inalienable rights to their own bodies do not pertain to them.

This issue has awakened a sleeping giant that is far bigger than anything Big Pharma has ever seen, much less the unsuspecting corrupt politicians who have continuously been taking money from Big Pharma and literally practicing medicine without licenses by mandating things they have no right to mandate.

According to one of the state organizers of this movement, “Any politician who is found to be complicit will be voted out office, and lawsuits will be filed.  We will not be silenced and WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.  We are watching.”

Another mother who just so happens to be a lawyer stated, “If they think for one minute that we are stupid, they have another thing coming.”

It is time that these politicians wake up, because the populace has and they are not going away.

In fact, they are just getting started.

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Teresa Reile

Teresa is a strong leader having worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, business and entertainment icons, political and religious leaders the world over.


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