NYS Teachers Pension Fund Tied to Vaccine Manufacturers

By Teresa Reile

Several legislators in NYS, namely the rather crass Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, (who recently gave the finger to his constituents but said that he was itching his nose), Sen. Brad Hoylman and Sen. David Carlucci have taken it upon themselves to lead the NY charge to strip people of the inalienable rights to their own bodies.

Specifically, they are pushing legislation that would end a parent’s right to opt out of vaccinating their children using a religious exemption.

But WHY?

In an article by Ken Girardin April 19, 2018, it was found that government unions spent more to influence state and local officials than real estate, trial lawyer, tobacco and hospital interests combined.

‘New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) spent $1.4 million, ranking fourth in isolation, according to the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) annual report.  Add to that the lobbying spending of NYSUT-affiliated United Federation of Teachers, United University Professions and the Professional Staff Congress (its CUNY local), and total education union spending came to $3.5 million, easily exceeding the $2.9 million spent by the Greater New York Hospital Association, which ranked first.

NYSUT and other government unions—those representing public employees almost exclusively—together spent at least $8.5 million to lobby state and local officials, based on reports from 75 of them.’

According to the March 31, 2019 NYS Teacher’s Retirement System Domestic Equity Holdings report, The NYS Teacher’s Retirement fund is heavily invested in three of the top five vaccine manufacturers:

GlaxoSmithKline with 57,300 shares at a value of 2,394,567

Pfizer with 9,201,092 shares with a value of 390,770,377

Merck with 4,216,222 at a value of 350,663,184

According to Crains NY Business on April 11, 2019, the United Federation of Teachers spent 1,303,679 on Lobbying and the United Teachers NYS spent 1,299,082 on lobbying.

This makes them the 7th and 8th largest lobbying groups in NYS.

Is it any wonder that vaccines are being pushed so heavily?


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