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Are Lawsuits Coming for Legislators Practicing Medicine Without A License?

By Teresa Reile

Legislators across the country are jumping on the bandwagon of Big Pharma’s push to inject everyone with carcinogens under the clichéd and hackneyed mantra of, “For the Safety of the Children”.

Feckless Senator Richard Pan in California has been at the forefront of this godless assault against humanity and has positioned himself as an authority. Perhaps it is because he himself has harmed countless numbers of children with inoculations.

Could his specious fight to ‘protect all children’ by injecting them with cancer causing toxins be simply his way of making himself ‘right’ for the irreparable harm that he has leveled against children while being a ‘practicing’ pediatrician?

He ‘practiced’ on his patients and when the guilt got too much to bear, he became a politician so that now he can legally justify and supposedly rectify his actions through legislation – as if that, somehow will exonerate him or free him from guilt.

Sometimes people will admit to the most egregious of acts but have no responsibility for them.  Such is the case with Pan.

What have innocent little children ever done to him?  Why is he on a mission to injure them?

Our sources tell us that it all about the money.

People across America are demanding that Richard Pan step down from office and that his medical license be revoked.

You can file a complaint against Richard Pan here:


Legislators in States across the country are following his lead, but without the moniker of “Doctor” beside their name are crossing a very fine line of appearing to be practicing medicine without a license.

Why would someone put their career in jeopardy like this?

The fact that legislators are doing this raises a very interesting question as to who they work for.  The Vaccine Lobby is the largest lobby in Washington, DC with an endless supply of money behind them from Big Pharma.

Elected officials work for the people who voted them into office.  Big Pharma did not vote them into office.

You did.

Millions of parents across America are joining together and organizing across the US to vote out of office legislators who go against their wishes.

Why are they sacrificing their careers for Big Pharma?

THIS raises the question as to how much they are getting paid from Big Pharma.

It must be quite a sum.

How many readers know that Vaccine manufacturers are not held liable for ANY injury that may be caused from a vaccine?  They are not held accountable at all.

This is because of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.  It completely exonerates the vaccine manufacturers.  The only recourse that parents have is a secret court called Vaccine Court.  Most people don’t even know about it.

One devastated parent who sued in vaccine court and won said,

My son’s life is ruined as well are our marriage. Both of our families have been affected terribly.  Our lives are ruined, and our son was given a Death Sentence and we watch him die daily.  He suffers badly. What the families have to endure is horrible.  The settlement doesn’t come close to account for the suffering.”

There is SO much money involved and the vaccine manufacturers have nothing to lose so they feel that they can run roughshod over all the people in America and USE the politicians to do it.

Legislators who allow themselves to fall victim to Big Pharma are putting their careers in jeopardy as  people across the country are availing themselves of the ability to file complaints against elected officials.

In NYS, for instance, one can file here:


Just pick the legislator that is in violation and file your complaint.

Our sources tell us that people in NYS are filing complaints against Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz and Senator Brad Hoylman and Senator David Carlucci –  legislators who walk the precarious line of practicing medicine without a license through the co-authoring of a bill which would force a parent to put their child at risk without a choice.

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Teresa Reile

Teresa is a strong leader having worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, business and entertainment icons, political and religious leaders the world over.


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