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NYS Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Gives Finger To Parents of Vaccine Injured Children

By Teresa Reile

This morning, [May 28, 2019] NYS Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz gave his constituents the middle finger as he strode into a press conference where he is championing taking away NY State citizens the right to their own bodies.

Dinowitz is a Democrat who represents Kingsbridge, Norwood, Riverdale, Van Cortlandt Village, Wakefield, and Woodlawn.

Standing outside of 250 Broadway in NYC, his photo was taken by one of Diniwitz’s constituents who was with a crowd of people protesting a Nazi-like bill that Dinowitz has been championing since 2014.

This bill would take away the Constitutional Right to Religious Freedom with regard to opting out of injecting poisonous and cancer-causing substances into one’s own body.  In other words, this bill would force NYS citizens to inject themselves with KNOWN carcinogens.

Dinowitz is using a trumped up ‘measles’ outbreak to bring his bill back to life.  Back in 2014, there was no ‘outbreak’ therefore his bill died on the vine.  However, now with a few cases of the measles which is not fatal, he saw fit to jump on the bandwagon to get his bill passed.


Jeff Diniwitz has a not-so- subtle message of his constituents who don’t like his brand of governmental intrusion into families.

Parents are wondering who is paying Dinowitz to take such a communistic stance.

Dinowitz wants everyone to be injected ‘for the safety of the children’.  We have heard that mantra before.  It always comes right before people are being led to slaughter.

When Rep. Dinowitz’s office was questioned as to why his stance changed from one of ‘everyone must get vaccinated now’ to one of ‘if you show a good faith effort, you can get caught up with in a year’ his office stated that they are operating off of an existing Dept. of Health regulation that states that.

Parents want to know that if it is so UNSAFE to be around someone who is not vaccinated, then why is it ok to wait a year?

The illogic that comes out of government is astounding.

Last night, in a pathetic and desperate attempt to thwart the millions of parents across the nation who have vaccine injured children, NYS lawmakers and vested interests put out a ‘call for a child or Teen cancer fighter/survivor to attend and speak’ at the press conference in support of taking away the right to our own bodies.

They blatantly are exploiting a sick child.

See the evidence here:

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