Bangkok: Dani’s Testimony Reveals Keith Was Insecure About His Manhood

By Bangkookery [AKA Bangkok]

Dani is very brave.

I also think that Keith is very insecure about his overall manhood (not necessarily his penis size, but his overall manhood).

Heidi has previously claimed that Keith was not ‘insecure’ about his manhood, and that his behavior towards women was only about ‘control’ but not insecurity.

Sorry, but every guy who seeks to CONTROL and HUMILIATE women (and to make sure they don’t have eyes for other men) is INSECURE about their own manhood in some form.

Yes, Keith’s behavior was about ‘control’. Duh.

However, that ‘control’ stems from Keith’s own insecurity about women not being satisfied with his physical abilities in bed along with his short & fat physical stature.

Keith is no ‘Brad Pitt’ and he knows it.

He’s a short, pudgy and ugly fucker.

He’s Porky Pig incarnate.

When women want to be with another man (i.e. a man that’s not Keith) it only reminds him that they’re not 100% satisfied with his short and pudgy body. That’s why he expects all women in DOS to be with only him.

When men seek to ‘control’ women it ALWAYS emanates from an INSECURITY they have with their own manhood in general (though not necessarily their penis size).

Manhood insecurity = Men who are ugly, fat, smelly or just average in bed.

I’m saying that Keith is likely insecure that his love making ability does not measure up to other, more handsome & fit men.

That’s why he feels an endless need for more and more collateral by every woman in DOS.

No amount of collateral can ever fill the ENDLESS LOATHING that Keith feels when he looks in the mirror and sees that short, pudgy and ugly fucker staring back at him.

Now that his aging body is giving him a flaccid and limp noodle, his SELF LOATHING is even worse now. Which would explain his fixation with getting more and more collateral from each woman in DOS, which serves as a protection mechanism against these women ever leaving Keith.

Keith is deathly afraid of women leaving him. Insecurity 101.

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  • He needs to control and to black mail women because he cannot have them. He needs a harem of manipulated underage women to bj him around the clock because hi cannot get it up. In fact he simply hates women so he needs to abuse, torture and reduce them to shambles to his sadistic satisfaction. This guy is a monster who needs to be put away for life! I wonder which or how many of the charges will stick in the end…

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