The picture the government is using of Lauren Salzman in exhibits .

Guest View: Lauren Salzman’s Testimony Is Mainly a Pity Party for Herself

By Shivani

In the article Lauren Salzman’s Sensational and Damning Testimony, Frank Report observed, “The prosecution seemed more intent on her describing her life with Raniere.”

What else does Lauren Salzman have to describe? Hers is the testimony of someone who subsumed herself, handed herself over to at least a 20-year sentence in cult hell at age 21, with her ambitiously hideous mother’s full approval and urging. She’s got nothing else to talk about besides her entire, so-called adult life being spent acting as a martyred, starving, busy-working, groupie-guru sucker, desperate for a sadist’s attention and approval.

She devoted herself wholeheartedly to her own misery within the groupie troupe. As if Lauren had no choices, she even agreed that her feelings of (justifiable) unhappiness were to be seen as self-indulgence. She hammered the nails into her own coffin of fear, willing to evaluate herself as full of inferiority and unworthiness. Then she kept worshiping the creep who wanted her to feel inferior and unworthy.

She was one of many women with Raniere who felt this way and yet still kept working for Raniere, doing ménage á trois jobs, pimp jobs, financial scam jobs, as if shell-shocked from their deity and his self-sabotaging version of groupthink, alongside the Vanguard self-blame edicts.

Lauren has given the exact date of the first time she had sex with her “Master.” April 1, 2001 still appears to be a day that goes down in history (herstory) because Lauren began her hallucinatedly monogamous sexual relationship with the slick, smelly sperminator on that day.

Eighteen years later she sits on her backside in court and still gives the impression that she thinks this pathetic sexual exchange was somehow sanctified, sacred. Yet it is memorable only in her delusory, milquetoast mind, nowhere else. She was just been another exploitable hole, guilty pleader and slave plus slave master. Now she boo-hoos as if it’s a soap opera, and she’s just soooo hurt.

Is there a sash for that?

Forget that she has acted criminally and pleaded guilty. She seems to be offering, as the overall theme of her testimony, that it is mostly an unreconciled pity-party for herself. Maybe she is hoping her own perpetrator shit will slip through the cracks of her victimhood.

To paraphrase, “the devil made me do it.”

Lauren looks to be still all tangled up, crying in court about never having had any babies with her Master, after 20 years of Raniere successfully running his number on her and her group of peers. Her comprehension of criminal activity and intent seems buried beneath her ongoing emotional avalanche.

Her remorse doesn’t seem to go much past her own nose, and she has spent at least 20 years with her nose lodged up Raniere’s rathole as one of his primary ass-kissers.

Good for the prosecution for letting the damage speak for itself and as testimony, from the mouth of Lauren Salzman.

Maybe Lauren will let herself get mad as hell at her fallen god when she continues her witness performance on Monday?

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