Heidi: For the Defense of Allison Mack

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By Heidi Hutchinson

There are some who portray Allison Mack as the female villain of the Nxivm tale, who acted independently, in her alleged hatred toward the female sex.

Certainly, it was Allison Mack’s initials straight on, not a sideways monogram of KAR’s, that rests on the pubone of his victims.


Heidi believes as do others that the brand is only Keith Raniere’s initials – seen sideways- and not Allison’s horizontally.

On the contrary, Allison’s warmth toward the other girls is underscored by witnesses such as “Jane” who, on Frank Report, appears to adore her. She did not classify Allison as one of the “mean girls” —whose prying eyes were to be avoided.

In fact, it appears Keith used Allison’s popularity among the DOS slaves to manipulate them. If the slaves failed to do as demanded, Allison herself — not her slaves, mind you — would be corporeally punished by her master  —mysterious to some, but known to Jane as “Keith” — who was the truly cruel (and impotent]  How would our GBD recruit, Jane, know that fact if she hadn’t seduced Keith or tried to seduce him once.

In fact, having to seduce Keith —or winding up naked with him near a camera — is the only cruelty it appears Allison may have inflicted on her downline slaves.

Allison mugs for the camera like a character actress, not a leading lady or any prima dona I’ve ever known.

She’s a “bottom” not a “top” in the parlance of the BDSM world. She offers her tongue, submissively…not unlike the other sheep in Keith’s fleeced flocked.

I haven’t seen a stitch of make-up on Allison Mack’s face in any photograph of her leaving or coming to court for an appearance yet.

Face it, she’s not all that competitive, manipulative or deceptive by nature — IMO.

She downplays her appearance, wouldn’t dare present a threat.

So what if she’s girlishly flirty with the older men — that’s a “Daddy” thing, IMO.

In a moment she feels helpless and clings, subserviently, to the patriarchy — not at all doing so as a “fairest-of-them-all” F-U to her own sex — who are yet helpless to help her, despite Jane’s awesomely courageous effort — and didn’t, doesn’t Nxivm try mightily to condition them — all of them, including the men — out of any urge to do so?!  To rescue a female?

Referencing the borrowed Mexican drug cartel snuff films shown to would-be DOS slaves, wherein women’s heads were chopped off — which, btw, I first caught sight of online with my sister Gina back in 1999, when Ana Fox — daughter of the Mexican President, Vincente Fox, mysteriously joined ESP, [Executive Success Programs] — a cult outfit from bumfuck Albany, NY suburbs — under the reign of Hillary Rodham Clinton at the time.

As to Allison: Keith’s Madison Ave. adman father said it once — Keith’s mother, Vera, was dying sick in bed while raising him alone. Quoting the GBD website: “you can accomplish a lot in bed, tee-hee,”

Allison’s groomers, included the infamous, dead, pedophile wing-woman Pam Caffritz; to whom Allison posthumously tweeted, “I miss you, Pammy” during a fireworks show in Albany, NY on July 4, 2016.

Not at all in character for a “mean-girl,” catty chick.

Allison had many close, female friendships before Kristin Kruek. It was Kreuk who led her into Nx’s net by her own example.

It appears to me Ally worshiped the ground KK walked on and blindly followed in her living footsteps to a point, no one seems to know, exactly where it ends.

There are many more character windows that show Allison was just not naturally the jealous type and cleaved to her female companions. She held slumber parties, she happily entertained her all-girl guests without a gent in sight.

Allison sought acceptance into the “female empowerment” leadership role — taking Pam’s banner — by venerating Keith, Vanguard, as much as Chloe Sullivan held Superman in awe but kept Kent’s Secret.

And here’s the twist:  Mark Vicente testified that Keith “arbitrated” Allison into claiming she “hated” his wife, Bonnie, putting Allison, [with the words KAR put into Allison’s mouth] “at-cause” for the problems with “Allison’s” company that Keith promised her — The Source.

Sarah Edmondson — at the prompting of her husband “Nippy” — describes in the CBC podcast how Keith indoctrinated Nx members in his own misogynistic views. How Sarah would point out the “obliviousness” of a bad woman driver, etc..

Keith tried to make girls hate themselves and one another as much as he loathed them. And most despicably, disguised it as mentoring and empowerment training — a way to help them fulfill their most joyous dreams by putting them through his worst nightmare.

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  • Why the fuck is anyone giving this Allison Mack stan a platform to infantilize and defend her?

    Heidi, you’re sad.

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