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Heidi: Keith Staged Sorrow & Surprise Over Death of My Sister Before Barbara Bouchey

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

This is in response to Barbara Bouchey’s article The Facts Surrounding Mark Vicente’s Enrollment Into Nxivm and to raise some questions about the death of my sister Gina Hutchinson

Hi Barb;

Thank you much for sharing your critical perspective on these events mentioned in your article. I know you have much more to tell and for us to look forward to.

Something I really only first fully grasped through information you shared with me years ago during the Bronfman v. Precision Development trial that I think is important for any, especially “truth judgers”, to remember is just how compartmentalized Keith Raniere is in his various “relationships” with different individuals. With very few was he ever “authentic” judging from widely disparate accounts.

I knew Keith Alan Raniere long before he became “Vanguard.”

In fact, KAR was so secretive (or paranoid) —as it’s been reported — he kept tabs on a number of individuals within and without Nxivm to ensure, in part, that there was no cross-referencing going on — not to say that this was his entire motive, or there weren’t other entities or individuals involved in these unlawful “spying” activities.

You’ve consistently stated — for example — that some months after my sister Gina Hutchinson passed in October 2002, Keith, Pam, and a couple of other inner-circle orbiters who were close with Gina aired their grief and trauma over Gina’s death in your presence.

I may never convince you otherwise, but I strongly suspect that this display of grief over Gina by Keith,  Pam, etc. was calculated and staged — and I don’t mind if you share those recollections from your POV. In fact, I pray and trust that you and others have done so with the FBI.

A couple of details you shared with me this past summer with Frank included one inner circle member tearfully lamenting that they “hadn’t done enough” to help cure Gina’s disintegrations.

You described Keith’s wails of sorrow over allegedly not staying close to Gina for some length of time prior to her death or he, Vanguard, surely could have and would have saved her.

Per my notes and recordings with your permission, you said this mournful reaction was presented to you as Keith, Pam and other’s first, “spontaneous” reaction to receiving news of Gina’s death, after which you logically concluded came as a complete shock to them all.

You said you were there “the moment when they first got the news about Gina” and witnessed first-hand how overcome they all were with grief and horror, and that there was no way any of them could have been involved with her death, let alone suspected she was ever suicidal.

You also adamantly shared that you know these reactions you witnessed to Gina’s death were authentic because your own best friend committed suicide shortly before you joined Nxivm.  Nancy Salzman was the therapist who saw you through your grief over that tragedy.

Well, as we’ve often rather emotionally tried to discussed (I laugh now at how quick Frank was to remove the knives from our table at the Marriott, as the yelling match escalated), I said that what you witnessed could not have been a spontaneous first reaction, because another friend of Gina’s delivered the news of Gina’s death before you were there to witness it. Gina’s friend delivered the news to Keith straight to the door of #3 Flintlock Lane within days of Gina’ death and invited Keith and the others to her funeral.,

No one from Nxivm, conspicuously, attended the funeral, or ever expressed their condolences.

You witnessed the grief of Vanguard after they knew about Gina’s death and not when they first heard about it.

What this illustrates for me, at the very least, is that such staged theatrics — whether or not you agree – means you were set-up to be a witness to their apparent replete innocence regarding Gina, or perhaps you still believe what you “witnessed” was real. They played you and others and this was a powerful tool Nxivm used in their successful efforts at covering their tracks as they went along perpetrating crimes without arousing suspicion.

What say you, Barb?

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    “Around 2013, Ms. Kreuk left Nxivm and maintained only “minimum contact” with those still involved, according to a statement she posted last year on Twitter.”

    Wrong. She did not stop coaching after 2013. She was in Toronto filming a television show up until the end of 2015. Not being in the same location is not “minimal contact”.

    “Her manager did not respond to requests for comment.”

    Wonder why…

  • IIRC, didn’t someone say that Keith jokingly mock cried, when he heard about Barbara Jeske’s terminal illness? This utterly inappropriate reaction by Kieth, tends to support Heidi’s version of things.

    Wasn’t there also something early in the NXIVM training, where the students were asked to imagine what benefit they would experience, if their romantic partner were to die?

    • There’s also a “Suicide Module,” Dianne — that’s the actual title — a course they unapologetically kept in the NX program despite Gina’s death and Kristin Snyder’s disappearance. Gina helped develop, wrote up some of those “Rational Inquiry” modules with her NX “friends” in the late ‘90’s through her death — when she and I were unwittingly made part of their gaslighting, mind control experiments.

      Btw, is the little “d” in your handle intentional? Thank you for your excellent reporting on the trial. What’s up with the apparent all-media kabosh on the transcripts?

  • StroppyMe’s Vid gives your article a nice feature as thumbnail and a sweet shoutout to the frank report minute 11:36 its worth checking out:

    PS Heidi you are a good sister and tenacious as hell

  • Heidi,
    I’m so sorry regarding the loss of your sister. I was in what was called ESP in 2002 but I never met her.

    I do remember hearing of a young woman who had committed suicide near Woodstock NY that some members knew.

    Lauren Salzman was head training an intensive I was at during this time. She had mentioned it to me. I found it odd that she was so matter of fact about the loss and seemed devoid of an emotional reaction.

    I checked in with her a few time and finally, she put my concern back on me as a “projection” of my own resolved issues around loss and grief. Later that day Barbara Jeske showed up attempting to sell me more course work due issues around this girl’s suicide.

    In retrospect, I think they were attempting to get me to stop talking about it.

    I think you’re spot on regarding Barbara Bouchey being set up. In reading other parts of her stories, it appears Raniere and Salzman had managed to pull the wool tightly over her eyes for many years. It’s very clear they used her for their patsey to cover up their unacceptable behavior.

    How Bouchey played along with Raniere’s scam for ten years is beyond me. Losing my life savings would have been the end of any relationship for me.

    I left after that intensive, there were too many red flags for me to stick around.

  • In NXIVM and its actors there were enough lies and deceptions and they were used
    purposefully. That must be clear to everyone at least now. If some still believe that
    what they have seen and heard is true, and still have no doubts about what they have
    experienced, then people are cheating themselves. Everyone should go into himself
    and ask themselves whether it was not different after all. But that presupposes
    overcoming. Nobody wants to be the deceived one, and nobody wants to admit himself
    how far one was deceived.

  • Heidi, thanks for this. I appreciate your inviting Barb to try to reconcile your differing experiences and recollections, in search of the truth.

    Reading a couple of things like this recently, I’m starting to wonder if Raniere’s long walks weren’t to ponder his Machiavellian maneuvering, such as manipulating people with what they were or weren’t exposed to, more than to muse about his philosophy.

  • Heidi,

    I am so sorry for your sister and you to have ever come in contact with such evil people. If there is a hell they deserve to burn in it.

    I am glad you chose to share this additional information. People should know how dark Keith Raniere and his inner harem are.

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