Keith Raniere with his followers in the heyday of Nxivm. [Photo courtersy Barbara Bouchey].

Guest View: Some Questions for Barbara Bouchey

By Tom

This is in response to Barbara Bouchey’s article Bouchey: The Facts Surrounding Mark Vicente’s Enrollment Into Nxivm.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for your honesty. The tragedy of ESP/Nxivm is that it had noble intentions but underneath, it was motivated by power, narcissistic adulation, delusion, greed and lust.

I don’t understand why you and others stayed so long.

Didn’t you realize there was something wrong with someone claiming to be the smartest man in the world? Everyone knows such a thing does not exist and should have been a warning sign with someone with a narcissistic messianic complex.

Wasn’t it concerning to you that the financial structure was a pyramid scheme with the goal of enrolling people being more important than knowledge and true personal growth?

Why weren’t you concerned about the negative review in Forbes? Forbes does their homework very well.

Didn’t you see you were being kept on a string by Keith and he kept others on a string as well?

Why did you put up with that for so many years?

What fantasy did you maintain about Keith that kept you so locked in?

The story you tell about Dr. Capra and the physicists is heartbreaking. You put so much work in, but you got blamed for its failure. Didn’t you see it was a pattern of Keith and Nxivm to project their own internal difficulties on to others and blame them for mishaps?

Why did you stay in light of that fiasco?

And, what about your financial relationship with the Bronfmans? Didn’t you benefit handsomely from that?

Was that a reason why you didn’t act until that relationship fell apart?

I have no doubt that Keith is totally messed up. He’s narcissistic, arrogant, self-centered, malicious, abusive and has committed criminal acts. You deserve credit for helping to make the world knowledgeable of that.

However, I don’t believe you, Mark Vicente or anyone else should be elevated to hero status for doing only what should have been done much earlier. You made mistakes with believing in Keith and ESP/Nxivm when you shouldn’t have. These are your mistakes and it would be more truthful if you owned them. Ten years is a long time to discover and speak about something you now characterize as evil.

Furthermore, although Keith, Nancy and Clare deserve a large share of responsibility, everyone involved with Nxivm that did not leave early on or speak up early shares in that responsibility. Everyone contributed to the lie, to defrauding others, often for their own benefit, whether consciously or unconsciously.

It seems disingenuous to charge only a few people with a crime when so many played a role in fostering and enabling it.

What do you say, Barbara?

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  • Most of us have been bamboozled sometime, by a family member, a lover, a politician, a boss, a friend, a teacher, someone. It’s easy to see when it happens to someone else, but hard to see when it’s you yourself.

  • I agree with this everyone I talk to asks that question why did these people stay so long

  • Great questions.
    Wanna bet she won’t respond?
    I would like to know why so many stayed when Keith spouted his logic for pedophilia being a good thing.

  • Tom,
    Your post asks important questions. Some have been asked before.

    If you have been a follower for the Frank Report for any time, you should know by now that Ms. Bouchey will not answer such questions.

    Ms. Bouchey will give anyone a big Thank You for saying nice things about her. She still has so many unanswered questions from past posts that readers of the FR would like to know.

    Many have often wondered just how many of the 1700 would have been saved the trauma of Salzman and Raniere if Bouchey had done the right thing and used her influence to shut down NXIVM by being honest about Raniere’s manipulative sexual relationships, his loss of her millions, and his lying to her before he had the power of the Bronfman’s money.

  • “I don’t understand why you and others stayed so long?”

    What does it say about the members of NXIVM that they were too spineless to get up and walk out the door?

    What does it say about a Jewish woman like Nancy Salzman that she would just sit there and take it while Raniere claimed she was the reincarnation of Hitler?

    Since most of the members of NXIVM are Liberals I have to conclude that Michael Savage is right:


    • Shadowstate, I’m not sure if Nancy is Jewish. Salzman is her married name.

      IMO, both liberals and conservatives can be bamboozled. There is no political viewpoint that is immune from this. Sadly.

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