Keith Raniere and Barbara Bouchey. Photo courtesy Barbara Bouchey.

Bouchey: The Facts Surrounding Mark Vicente’s Enrollment Into Nxivm

By Barbara Bouchey

I’d like to commend Mark Vicente on his courage and conviction to leave NXIVM when he did, and not go quietly into the night. He chose to inform as many others as possible, along with Sarah Edmondson, which resulted in hundreds leaving. They did so at great risk to themselves given the well-known legal retaliation practices of Keith Raniere.

Mark Vicente was initially contacted by Barbara Bouchey to enroll him into Nxivm.

I am proud of Mark’s role and efforts in bringing about Keith and his inner circle’s arrests – something that took strength, bravery, tenacity, compassion, and commitment.

I watched Mark’s testimony in court, and found him articulate, succinct, credible and doing an excellent job at revealing information about NXIVM’s inner world.  Mark paid a price for this heroism, enduring criticism, ridicule, shame, and accusations. And I believe his journey brought him enormous trauma, anxiety, loss, confusion, and suffering.

I am proud of his tireless efforts to stop Keith, bring NXIVM down, hold the inner circle accountable, and bare his soul in a public forum – in order to allow the truth to emerge, justice to be served, and, hopefully, for Keith to remain in jail for the remainder of his days.

Thank you, Mark Vicente!


By way of clarification, I thought sharing the facts and events surrounding Mark’s enrollment might be helpful. It will further demonstrate how Keith and his inner circle uses, abuses and manipulates people.

In August 2004, I enrolled the famous physicist and systems theorist, Dr. Fritjof Capra (author of the bestseller “The Tao of Physics”) to attend a planned 7-day NXIVM workshop for scientists to study Keith’s methodology concerning the mind-body connection.

Dr. Capra referred me to 15 of his colleagues, including Dr. Candance Pert (author of the bestseller “Molecules of Emotions” and perhaps the foremost scientist in mind-body connection). Dr. Pert also committed to take the Nxivm training – which was scheduled for November 29, 2004.

In October, I saw the movie “What the Bleep”, directed by Mark Vicente, William Arnz and Betsey Chasse, and was delighted to see Dr. Capra and Dr. Pert appear in the movie. I sent all three of the movie’s directors a letter informing them about this special Nxivm scientific training that Dr. Capra was attending.


Image result for dr. fritjof capra
Dr. Fritjof Capra

That letter was not written by Nancy Salzman, nor did she see the movie or know anything about Mark. Five days later, on a plane, flying to San Francisco to meet Dr. Capra, bringing Nancy Salzman along to meet him, and coordinate details of the training – Mark Vicente called me.  I offered to fly down to LA after meeting Dr. Capra and asked Nancy to join me.

After our meeting, Mark was interested in learning more and said he might like to attend the November Nxivm scientific training.

I then enrolled other scientists and arranged meetings with seven notable scientists over a three-day period, which included several who appeared in the What the Bleep movie.

Sara Bronfman wanted to learn how I enrolled people and asked to join me, offering to fly me on her jet. I agreed. I also invited Mark to join us, since he knew several of the scientists. He agreed.

Mark offered to arrange a meeting with Dr. Joe Dispenza who he knew from the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, to which they both belonged.  (

The day before leaving on this three-day trip which I arranged, Nancy and Keith sat me down to inform me that I should not go to these meetings since I had an “ethical breach with Keith” which really meant he and I had tension in our relationship. My “breach” was my continual confrontation with Keith as his girlfriend over his treatment of me which I considered disrespectful, inconsiderate, and punishing.

Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere, and Nancy Salzman. Photo courtesy Barbara Bouchey.

Also, being a businesswoman, I would debate, argue, or point out flaws in his business model (which I thought sucked) along with disliking such things as the rules/rituals, reading the mission statement, and using sashes.

At this meeting with Keith and Nancy, they advised me that my love of enrollment was really my “satiating” (their term for indulging) versus doing the best thing for my personal growth, which would be to stay home and “work my issues.”

Nancy offered to go in my place for these three days of meetings with scientists, and the inner circle pressured me not to go, which I reluctantly consented to, thinking my “personal growth” was a higher value.

At the time, neither Nancy nor Sara had seen What the Bleep and knew nothing about Mark. Nor did they know anything about the scientists I had arranged to meet. In addition, Sara and Nancy were not very effective in enrolling people. I was worried that the hard work I did arranging this Nxivm scientific training and these valuable meetings I set up with the scientists would not go well.

Before they left, I spent time with Nancy and Sara trying to educate them about the scientists (many whose books I had read) and prayed they would handle them well.

When Mark testified at court, he said these were Nancy and Sara’s meetings, with them inviting him on Sara’s jet, but he didn’t elaborate on the details or mention that I had set the original meetings up.

In hindsight, and knowing what I know now about Keith’s insidious ways, I think Keith and Nancy deliberately deterred me from my own enrollment meetings with these scientists in order to “gain control” of these powerful people. Most likely so that Keith and Nancy could control what was said to them. I also surmised that this is when Keith and Nancy began planting seeds of doubt about my character with Sara Bronfman and Mark in order to temper my direct, candid way of speaking, and my confrontations with Keith and his inner circle.

It’s quite possible from early on that Mark was told untrue things about me to discredit me, just in case I became a problem (which I did later). He may not know to this day what was true – or untrue – about what was said about me.

My concern about Nancy and Sara handling the meetings with the scientists came true. They were unable to enroll a single scientist. They also refused to inform and update me on any of the meetings so I could not follow up – something that puzzled and frustrated me. Again, in hindsight, I realize this strategy was to maintain “control” over important people I had enrolled.

Not surprisingly, the Nxivm scientific training did not occur.

Here is why:  Around this time, Nancy had been coaching Edgar Bronfman, Sr. personally for six months. He flew his helicopter to Albany, picked her up, and brought her to his home for one weekend a month. They had an arrangement that she would not charge him if, at the end, he would refer her to two famous directors.

Edgar had attended a 5-day NXIVM workshop in NYC in 2003, after seeing what he thought were positive results with his daughters, Clare and Sara. After his first training, he wrote a glowing testimonial about the workshop and Nancy.


However, towards the end of the six months of training with Nancy, he became aware that Clare and Sara lent Keith and Nancy $2 million – at the treasury bond rate.  Edgar was alarmed, fearing that NXIVM may be a cult who might take advantage of his daughters’ wealth.

How did Edgar become aware of this?

You may have heard about Mark’s testimony where he said that Clare had an “ethical breach”, having done something wrong, which was a mystery to him.

However, it is not a mystery to me.  Here is what happened: Clare and Sara were paying Nancy a large amount to personally coach them. Clare felt Nancy was giving Sara more attention and got angry. She told her father, Edgar, about the $2 million loan.

At the same time, Forbes Magazine was interviewing people at NXIVM for what we thought was going to be a positive article. However, it turned out to be not positive.  That’s the article where this $2 million loan was mentioned, and Edgar said of Nxivm, “I think they are a cult.”

After the article was published, Keith and Nancy told Clare that her angry outburst to her father, revealing this loan, is what caused the negative article, and it was an ethical breach she needed to heal.

Of course, the negative press against NXIVM only got worse from that point on, which meant that Clare had to continually make amends to try to reverse or fix “her ethical breach.”

I leave the rest to readers to consider all the various ways Keith and Nancy encouraged Clare and Sara to, if you will, heal their breach.

But, the clincher as to why the November 29, 2004 Nxivm scientific training was canceled was due to Dr. Fritjof Capra, the first scientist I enrolled to take the training. It was one of those “it’s a small world” occurrences.

Edgar Bronfman’s wife, Jan influenced the cancellation. She was part of the six-month coaching that Nancy did while at their home, and she did not care much for Nancy.  Jan was close friends with Dr. Capra’s wife and she shared her concerns with her. This caused Dr. Capra to write a letter saying that due to the “controversial media” regarding NXIVM and his own good reputation, he could not risk associating with NXIVM – although he was intrigued, and wanted to take the workshop.  He requested that we not contact him again, and, in his letter, there was no mention of the two wives knowing each other.

Jan and Edgar Bronfman

At the time, I was unaware of the close friendship between the wives – but Clare and Sara knew, having heard it from their father and Jan. They told Keith, Nancy and the inner circle. However, none of them revealed this critical piece of information to me.  I didn’t learn about it until a couple of years later.

In the meantime, Keith twisted things, blaming me for Dr. Capra canceling, claiming it was due to my inability to work through my “ethical breach with him”, that somehow this was my karma, and the cause!

I thought that was a bunch of hogwash and told them so, but they really punished me over this.

It wasn’t until two years later that I ran into Dr. Fritjof Capra at an event. It was then he shared with me that his wife knew Edgar’s wife and this was the cause of him canceling. That was quite a shock. We maintained contact for a while, and, after I resigned from NXIVM, I sent Fritjof a heartfelt letter to apologize, and inform him that I left Nxivm.

Did anyone ever confront Keith Raniere?

In general, most did not. As Mark testified, if anyone did, they were labeled “suppressive” and/or the community was told they had an ethical breach against Keith.

However, it was well known that I confronted Keith regularly about all kinds of things, which, over the years, caused problems for Keith and his inner circle. I became a thorn in Keith’s side. Two years before quitting, I stepped down from the board, stopped enrolling people and attending committee meetings. I was boycotting and attempting to use this as leverage to get them to address ethical issues that I “could see.”

One year before I quit – in March 2008 – I ended my intimate personal relationship with Keith stating I would only stay at NXIVM under two conditions: One, that he and I figure out how to maintain a platonic relationship because I still believed in the community and the work we were doing. And second, that he remove Nancy as president since she was ineffective in that role, in my opinion. I thought Nancy was an incredible teacher, trainer and therapist but lacked business skills to be president. She was also punishing and showed favoritism, among other flaws.

I did NOT ask, or want to be president, and it was a dilemma to me as to who we might appoint.

Keith said that Nancy needed to learn how to be a good president, and we should support her in this role. I thought differently. As you can imagine, Keith was not pleased about my breaking up with him.

This began the months of my silent treatment, with Keith sending in his inner circle daily, attempting to convince me that this was my ethical breach, trying to conform me. It didn’t work. I held to my convictions.

Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman
I also told the Bronfmans that I wanted to “fire them” as my clients, as it was clear that Keith and Nancy had turned them against me, making my role as their financial advisor very difficult.

Unbeknownst to me, at that time, Keith saw the “writing on the wall”. He knew it was only a matter of time before I connected enough dots and would leave NXIVM.

He feared if I did that, I might try to bring the whole organization down (when I did leave, I did try to do that). The following month [April 2008], Keith and Nancy brought Mark Vicente into their fold of people who were against me, convincing him that I had “taken the fall” (AKA I was a suppressive or sociopath), that I was a pathological liar, that I had a huge ethical breach with Keith, harming him (This was a mystery to Mark since he knew nothing of my intimate relationship with Keith and no one told him), and that I was going to try to destroy the company.

Keith and his inner circle can be persuasive in their reframing, twisting and weaving tales. It appeared Mark believed them.

The following month, mysteriously, Sarah Edmondson changed field trainers from me to Barbara Jeske. Why? Because Keith knew my organization was large, with Hollywood people, and they feared, if I left, I would influence them to leave too. They needed to carefully begin turning key people in my group, like Mark and Sarah, against me to preserve those people.

Soon, others within the community started to distance themselves from me believing it was my troubled state and the confrontations were me just “being a troublemaker” and that I was “crazy.”

All the while, Nancy, Mark and the inner circle were putting up a front, trying to convince me how much they loved me, that they didn’t want me to leave, and that they planned to address the ethical issues I raised out of my concern with the direction Nxivm was taking.

Kim Woolhouse was one of the Nxivm 9.

This series of events continued, which ultimately led to my influencing, one year later [April 2009]  eight key members (aka The NXIVM 9:  Susan Dones, Kim Woolhouse, Angela Ucci, Sheila Cote, Kathy Ethier, Ellen Gibson, [Name Redacted], Jan Heim) to meet me and discuss all the issues within the organization. I then revealed to them my past intimate personal relationship with Keith, along with telling them about a few other women I knew for certain had intimate relations with Keith.

I then convinced Keith to meet with us, which he agreed to. These meetings, where we “confronted” Keith, lasted 10.5 hours, and were filmed (I own a copy of the video of the meetings, which I have safely protected and have not shown to anyone).

Keith Raniere [r] being interviewed by Barbara Bouchey [center] while being filmed. This is the same video where Raniere tells her he has had people killed for his beliefs.
It was during those 10.5 hours that I got to observe Keith for the first time without his ‘sheep’s clothing’ and was horrified to watch him deceive, lie and manipulate the other eight women, claiming I was misleading them, telling them untruths. He continually denied things and didn’t accept responsibility for most things. It was like having an out-of-body experience to observe Keith become rattled, his face beet red, sweating at times, sometimes looking fearful or angry, talking garbage, making no sense; not his typical calm demeanor. He was blatantly lying, hoping to persuade them to be on his side, deeming “me” the problem, wanting them to talk to his inner circle for more of the “true facts.”

He almost did convince Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse, convincing them to keep a “secret”, after he pulled them aside, telling them how special they were, and wanting them to “mentor him.” This was so that he could use them to disseminate false info about me and gain their confidence.

Fortunately, after hours, Kim “got it”, seeing this was PRECISELY how Keith manipulates, divides and conquers by using secrets. Once Kim got it, then the others did – and finally – Susan got it.

For a brief time, during that time, I did feel like I was going crazy, as these eight women could not totally grasp what Keith had cleverly done.  Thankfully, due to their personally experiencing it, and seeing this deceitful, evil side of Keith – it was at that moment that we, the NXIVM 9, decided to resign.

After I quit NXIVM in April 2009, I got a call from someone close to Mark Vicente who confirmed the precise day about a year earlier [in April 2008] when the “smear propaganda campaign” against me began – with the hierarchy labeling me a suppressive that they needed to deal with before I destroyed the company.

Within 18 hours of my quitting – like dominoes – that smear campaign went into full force which dissuaded most members from speaking to me. This was a form of shunning, and yes, Keith successfully inspired hundreds to shun me.

As Mark testified, when Proctor Ed Kinum left, speaking to the media unfavorably, Keith created a module on “shunning” to indoctrinate the community better into why, when, and how to shun someone.

I imagine that Mark, and other NXIVM members, may not know what was falsely propagated about me while I was involved with NXIVM, and that propaganda lasts to this day. I hope someday they might learn.

Anyway, I am proud to have been one of the NXIVM 9 resigning in April 2009, which opened the NXIVM Pandora’s Box – something that continues to this day.

I am looking forward to Mark’s continued testimony in court on Monday and have great confidence that he will become a key and compelling witness in the trial against Keith.  I applaud his taking the stand to speak what he knows and help further present evidence against Keith. I pray that Keith remains in jail the remainder of his life for the harm caused to many.

I don’t believe he can be rehabilitated.

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  • There’s a lot of interesting insight into the inner workings of NXIVM. Thanks for that Barbara.

    It’s not surprising that an attempt to get actual scientists into an NXIVM training ended up falling through. Though Dr. Dispenza is just a chiropractor (peddling never-proven pseudo-science*) who was involved along with Vicente in Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, which is based on J. Z. Knight’s supposed channeling of the entity, and has also been called a cult, so it’s not surprising that he might have fallen for it.

    Also, the references to “enrollment” remind me of what I’ve heard around Landmark (originally “est”), which was another source for NXIVM.

    * Actually, after over 120 years, one recent study did show that chiropractic may be moderately effective for one thing, lower back pain – though it may cause nerve pinching due to the manipulation in a few cases, and is not necessarily any more effective than just massage or physical therapy (which don’t run the risk of nerve damage).

  • Barbara,

    I get the feeling after rereading you article that you are still on the Cool-Aid.

    I think that Nancy Salzman and Sara Bronfman screwing up the recruiting of top scientists was probably a great thing to have happen.

    I am glad that you did not get a chance to recruit respected scientists.

    I do not understand Barbara your line of logic when you mention how regrettable it was that you were not allowed to recruit the “top scientists”.

    Barbara you sound like Rudolf Hess.

  • It wasn’t uncommon for Barbara Bouchey to be left out of things such as meetings with important VIPs.

    Barb had a need to take things over and be the ‘Queen’ of conversations and there was more than once Barb ruined events.

    Barb was good at recruiting one on one and did enroll some good people into ESP. She also could be persuasive but to the point it was abusive if you did not agree with her.

    That Barb did this her post proves she needs to be the center of attention. A small part of Mark Vincente’s testimony was on his enrollment. Babs had to go into great detail to correct court testimony.

    When Barb’s picture appeared on the court screen, she sat straight up in court as “Yes, that is me” pose.

    When not given proper tribute, Barb wrote a letter to the editor that goes on and on about what a wonderful person she is and such a great job she did in NXIVM.

    Let’s not forget that Barb knew within the first year that her boyfriend, Keith, had other girlfriends. She has said she didn’t but that’s not true and not the Sisterhood way.

    Let’s not forget even though her boyfriend lost her life savings, promising to pay it back, which for eight years he never did.

    Babs stood by his side, upholding his honor, telling people how noble and ethical he was to enroll them and or keep them enrolled. Knowing full well he had lied to her about her life savings and being in a monogamous relationship with her.

    If he lied about money and sex, how ethical and noble of a man could he be? Why did it take 7-8 years longer to leave? Why did she lie for him?

  • Please, Barb, can you tell us who drafted Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s testimonial and is there a signed version anywhere? I don’t see a signature in this version. What makes you think, as you say, that he wrote it or ever even saw it?

    Also, you say the “scientist” NX training was “pre-planned” — was that Keith’s idea, your idea, who pre-planned the event you contacted Capra and, later, the others with regards to?

  • Excellent, informative post. Proud of all of you, but especially the brave souls who pioneered the way and took so many abusive arrows for years before any government agency cared one bit.

  • Barb come back and lead the proctors. If you are watching the trial you know that Keith is going to be acquitted.

    • Hola, Yolanda!
      How’s it going?
      Is there a chance that the Salinas family will make you Vanguard of NXIVM USA?
      You are so loyal to them you have earned that honor.

  • Another opinion.

    Please Don’t Poop on my Dinner
    January 5, 2019 at 1:09 pm
    Sorry Frank, but you’re WRONG bro.
    Bouchey is cosmic diarrhea.
    She deserves to have the shitty life that she currently has.
    If anybody here wishes to forgive her, then you may as well forgive Keith and Clare bear too.

  • So since there are so many good noble, ethical people in NXIVM when the cult is purged people like Barb and Mark can return and take their rightful place in Carlos Salinas’ new improved NXIVM 2.0.
    It was only that Luciferian Keith Raniere who gummed up the works.
    Nicki Clyne says so.
    Glory, Glory Hallelujah!

    Pea Onyu
    January 4, 2019 at 11:17 pm
    Barbara caused a lot of harm and yet when she was with us she did a lot of good. Keith I know wishes her well. She is not as bad as Joe O’Hara Toni Natalie and the evil one Frank Parlato. These three are of Satan and are Satan’s children. Barbara could come back and Keith will forgive her.

    • Barbara Bouchey does not own the videos.

      It was filmed on my camera.

      NXIVM attempted in their lawsuit against me to claim it was theirs. The Judge ruled the video belonged to me since it was filmed with my camera by me.

      Barbara Bouchey has been served paperwork that if she attempts to show the video (which I gave her a copy for her personal use), she will be sued.

      If the FEDs want to get a copy, they would come to the rightful owner of the video.

      • That video was agreed by all that we would all have copies…and only filmed in your camera so that Barb didnt need to rent one…she organized the meetings!! You offered to tape and give everyone a copy and then had trouble making we agreed it was most important for Barb to have her copy and let it go.any one of the nine I’ve spoken to are well aware of how that went down..we videos everything..I for one would like you to stop making this false claim. Really??? It dosnt even make sense that she wouldn’t have a copy!!

        • Really, Anglea Ucci?

          I have several times attempted to work this issue out with Barbara personally. She’s the one who brought it to the Frank Report along with personal information about our time together that isn’t fully accurate.

          I guess the gloves are off and information could be made public that Barbara would prefer to remain untold. So much for Barbara’s attempts to be loving, noble and upholding humanity. There of her post she could have left out.

          Now, as to your comment on the videos. How important are they to you? In nine-plus years, not one text, email or call from you asking for a copy. Nor has anyone other than NXIVM who was at those meetings asked. You went to day one of the meetings. Is that what you’re asking for?

          Barb shouldn’t say she owns the videos which she did in this post. She has a copy of the videos. Having a copy is one thing, Angela, owning the videos is another.

          She who shoots the video with her own camera owns the video. There is footage of me walking up to the camera turning it off and walking away from turning it on. I still own the camera.

          It was ordered in a court of law when NXIVM tried to claim the same thing saying it was theirs. Because I did the above, the Judge ruled that I am the legal owner. The law states it has to be shot on your camera by you.

          If Barb understood videos or my camera, she’d know my camera has a hard drive, not tapes. To make a DVD from that, you need software to compress the raw data to make DVD copies which I did for her and which I paid for. I also paid for the hard drive Barb’s attorneys turned over to NXIVM without permission from either of us.

          So, Barbara has DVD copies, not the raw data. She doesn’t own the videos as she is claiming. If someone gives me a Starwars DVD, it doesn’t give me ownership over the movie even if it’s the filmmaker.

          This means if any movie, TV show, legal team, etc. wants a copy, they have to come to the owner, not Barbara Bouchey or anyone else who has a copy. I’ve put Barbara Bouchey on notice in writing and will do it again here publicly: if she or any outlets use any footage from the three-day video other than in response to a valid subpoena, I will file a lawsuit against Barbara Bouchey and that outlet.

          Dont F***k with this cowgirl

      • Yes, Susan’s correct and I’ll attest— there are court orders. Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara and I helped research the law on this during Susan and her partner’s case.

        NX was mad-after that video — wherein KAR admits he had people killed — but even crooked Crockett couldn’t pry it out of the hands that held the camera while it was being shot under the law in NY, WA and Federally.

        Barb does say above that hers is a “copy.” Susan makes a good point that if the tape is part of the investigation certainly if it is going to be used as evidence or admitted it would probably have to be authenticated by her and need to be an original to be examined I would think.

        But the important thing is one of you please get it the FBI investigators in whatever form is legally appropriate and viable. Like, soon! Please.

        • Yes, there is a lifetime court order that NXIVM was able to obtain forbidding Susan Dones from “further dissemination” of her copy of the video. The reason this was granted was because at the beginning of the NXIVM 9 meeting with Keith, he asked that we keep what was discussed confidential, and we agreed. But, Susan violated that agreement about a year later by releasing a 7-minute segment in an email to a dozen people, and within a day, it appeared on the NY Post website. To my knowledge, Barbara never violated the agreement, nor has any court order ever been issued to Barbara or anyone else with copies. Whether or not Barbara’s copy is an original is irrelevant. If the government wants a copy, I’m sure they know how and who to get a copy from and will be able to authenticate it.

  • Well said Barb, I am thankful to you to this day for organizing ” the meeting to share information” that transpired in April 2009 that led to our resignation ! Myself having been involved for 11 yrs and a head trainer, I am still amazed by the people who went along with Keiths abuse of members , their sex, their money, and tortuous use of the legal system . My decision to leave was based on information and experience of unethical, deceptive, and manipulative actions of Keith, Nancy, Lauren, Sara, Clare ,and other inner circle members. When people say that everyone is a victim of Keith i have a hard time with it. In my 11 years I never did anything illegal or harmful to another individual. Even when Keith took me on “the walk” early on and gave me his” conditions of satisfaction “,I had no interest as I firmly believe that mentor-student relations are inappropriate and wrong.

    I do not believe in brainwashing and do not believe that everyones victim-hood is the same. Those who have been indicted and many others chose to go along and carry out mean, abusive, and criminal acts against us and other innocent human beings. Our group of nine women did not participate in any such abuse or illegal activity and chose to leave and inform others of the deviant behavior we became aware of. Not only did it mostly fall on deaf ears, but people we knew and called our friends knowingly perpetuated criminal acts against all of us. Barb obviously endured the brunt of this…her strength and endurance still amaze me.Although I an happy to finally see Kieth exactly where he belongs and hope he remains there to live out his days, I believe the plea deals for Nancy, Lauren, and Clare are far to lenient. They were fully aware of their own deception and abuse of others. That was their choice..just sayin….

  • Barbara you rock! Thanks for explaining so clearly. Have you read about narcissim and smear campaigns and best ways to deal with them? Keith seems to be a typical narc or luciferian.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. you are very strong. keep fighting

  • Well said Barb!!! It makes a lot of sense knowing all this now.. we were made to believe you were bad… and not to talk to you or any of the others.. it was also said you and others had left because you could not go past the EM level 1…

  • Capra, for Nxivm – as if.

    I’m sure if the wives hadn’t had a conversation, his PA or doctoral students would have given Nxivm a cursory once over, and snorted with laughter, before kindly disappointing you all.

    Capra’s a real scientist, with a firm interest in improving the daily lives of people in general – not just his own discipline, Physics. I know him through The Center for Ecoliteracy which was most helpful in providing materials and help for a year 10 project on sustainability. They are very polite, helpful people, as is frequently mentioned and freighted with some sort of mystical wonder in this article -Scientists!!! – not charlatans, not fools.

  • “I’d like to commend Mark Vicente on his courage and conviction to leave NXIVM when he did, and not go quietly into the night. He chose to inform as many others as possible, along with Sarah Edmondson, which resulted in hundreds leaving. They did so at great risk to themselves given the well-known legal retaliation practices of Keith Raniere.”

    Fucking hell…. ??

    It took him until… 2017. Don’t use the words “courage” or “conviction” do describe this soy boy coward. He doesn’t get to spent all these years doing what he did in the cult and… finally, to save his own ass, take a fucking plea deal so that he won’t face punishment and then get to be called courageous. Disgusting. How many people left after the 2012 Times Union expose? Not little Marky. Sick of the cotton wool bullshit.

    • You have no idea what you are saying!! It just shows you were not a part of this… so to that point I understand your incomprehensive comment…

    • I agree. Vicente had the opportunity to open his eyes and leave. He didn’t want to see reality. He was blind with the NXIVM teachings. I was inside the organization and saw lots of things Vicente did, and learnt how to manipulate people, the same way Keith did it. Now Mark is like a big hero rescuing people from the inferno. He applied what he learnt, made money about it, and after several years, realized he was mistaken and understood his fault. He open his mouth to the Feds as he knew the problem that will happen and took a plea deal. He is trying to save his reputation, his life. But Mark Vicente deserves prison, that’s for sure. My applause to Barbara. Nobody believed her. The only thing I heard from her is that some people left the organization due to a confrontation. Then, they spread the rumor that Barbara made a fraud. And money stopped to circulate. No payments, no nothing. Now we know the truth.

      • “I was inside the organization and saw lots of things Vicente did, and learnt how to manipulate people, the same way Keith did it.”

        Details please, details…

  • Good information, thanks for providing it. Interesting how Raniere dropped the facade and lost his cool, he truly seems a manipulator and a phony.

    I’d like to point out that Dr.Fritjof Capra’s views on science and metaphysics are controversial at best, laughable at worst. It’s pure woo-woo stuff, promoted by organizations like the Templeton foundation that blatantly seek to get real scientists to endorse their brand of spirituality. NXIVM’s all-out effort to enroll Dr.Capra to its corrupt cause is an example of exactly this. I find it disheartening to hear that the good doctor shied away from involvement with NXIVM not because it’s an obvious scam and a Raniere a con man, but because he felt his reputation would suffer if NXIVM came to be perceived as a cult. He seems less interested in the truth than he is in his reputation, and he must be very gullible if he was “intrigued” and wanted to take a workshop.

    • A story from February 2016
      Mark Vincente: ‘a really cool scientist, Keith Raniere’

      So just three years ago Mark Vincnete thought Raniere was a really cool scientist versed in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
      My father and his twin brother were both scientists with PhDs in Biology.
      It pains me to see so many half educated people fall for scientific Voodoo.

    • Thanks, Actaeon. He’s got mixed reviews on the internet which is, of course, always right. Lol.

      I’d never heard of him but since Gina’s death I avoid “woo-woo” like the plague.

      Plus, what is so astounding about the “revelation” there is a mind-body connection? Anyone who’s ever had a “wet dream” (I can’t think of a better analogy off the top) knows one’s thoughts can and do provoke a physiological response. Or, ok, anyone who’s cried at a Lassie movie knows this as well. But probably more people have had a wet dream than cried at Lassie movie.

      “Mind over matter” is a saying that’s been around forever, too. Who knew it would someday become a whole industry of woo-woo?!

    • Good point about Capra.

      I wonder just what it was that Bronfman’s wife told Capra’s his spouse, that put him off of the project. Was it just that he was warned that they had concluded that Raniere was a disreputable con man, or even knew that he was not really what he claimed to be? In my experience, it would have been in keeping for people like the Bronfmans to have had someone they had doubts about investigated, so by then they might well have been in possession of a rather damning dossier on Raniere.

      And, interesting point about Templeton. And even more interestingly, they’re one of the cases of organizations that is involved in things that people might think indicated a liberal bent, but actually turn out to be a bit more conservative-leaning, if anything, as Wikipedia indicates:


      Like all 501(c)(3) organizations, the Foundation is prohibited from engaging directly in political activity. However, a number of journalists have highlighted connections with conservative causes. A 1997 article in Slate said the Foundation had given a significant amount of financial support to groups, causes and individuals considered conservative, including gifts to Gertrude Himmelfarb, Milton Friedman, Walter E. Williams, Julian Lincoln Simon and Mary Lefkowitz, and called John Templeton, Jr., a “sugar daddy” for such thinkers.[84] The Foundation also has a history of supporting the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, as well as projects at major research centers and universities such as Hernando de Soto’s Instituto Libertad Y Democracia and the X Prize Foundation, which is described as “a nonprofit organization that designs and manages public competitions intended to encourage technological development that could benefit humanity”.

      In a 2007 article in The Nation, Barbara Ehrenreich drew attention to the Foundation’s former president John M. Templeton Jr. funding of the conservative group Freedom’s Watch, and referred to the Foundation as a “right wing venture”.[85] Pamela Thompson, former Vice President of Communications of the Foundation, replied that “the Foundation is, and always has been, run in accordance with the wishes of Sir John Templeton Sr, who laid very strict criteria for its mission and approach”, that it is “a non-political entity with no religious bias” and it “is totally independent of any other organisation and therefore neither endorses, nor contributes to political candidates, campaigns, or movements of any kind”.[86]”

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