MK10ART's splendid painting of Kristin Kreuk (who introduced Allison to Nxivm) wrapping her body around Allison Mack.

Guest View: Allison Mack Was 100% Victim – She Believed in Kristin Kreuk Who Led Her Deep into Nxivm

By A Defender of Allison Mack

This is in response to Actaeon: Allison Mack ruined her own life – no one did it to her!

My view is that Allison Mack was groomed quickly. Her boyfriend Chad explained that. It happened quite fast and she was “under the spell” within the first months.

If, Actaeon, you are saying Allison was under no compulsion to stay (ignoring the whole situation, mental manipulation and collateral – Allison started to give WAY before the other DOS members), then you are saying that the other victims weren’t victims either – because their situation is the same as Allison’s!

First off, “Allison could have left” (and wanted to do until her best friend Kristin Kreuk came to convince her). And once again, the same could be said about ALL the victims!

Worse, when Allison was ensnared in Nxivm, she didn’t have the knowledge available (it was in 2006) about the worst aspects of Nxivm.

The “victims” arrived after the articles against Nxivm started to pop!

If you consider Allison not to be a victim because she could have left, the victims can’t be victims either and it’s a fact that they are victims.

You don’t allow someone to manipulate you in a cult. You seem to forget that we are talking about a cult!  A cult that was not known to be a cult when Allison arrived. She saw big names having participated. Her best friend Kristin was in Nxivm and, at first, it was creepy, but it wasn’t looking like anything criminal.

Actaeon asks, “Why, when Kreuk was talking up NXIVM on the Smallville set, why was Mack the only one enough of a fool to get involved with it?”

First, because Allison wasn’t feeling fulfilled, but also because Allison had an almost blind faith in Kristin Kreuk.  She was her best friend.  Also the age difference.  All the cast wasn’t the same age as Allison and Kristin.

Actaeon said, “My speculative answer is that Mack was perhaps naive, weak-willed, and ambitious”.

Naive, certainly. (It wasn’t the first time she wanted to believe in good when there was none).

“Weak-willed”? Maybe. Allison had her problems: low self-esteem and she was worried about not doing something with her life.

Ambitious?  Not the way you think.  She just wanted a meaningful life. That could be ambitious, but that’s about it.

Let’s be clear, Allison should have trusted her gut, but many other people were in the same position (including ALL the victims).

She didn’t do it of her own free will. She was influenced, manipulated to the core (that is hardly free will).

And you are analyzing this whole situation based on what we know NOW. Back then, there was no strong signal, just a small one.

If a great friend (someone you have faith in) tells you that there is no risk, most people would try harder and put their gut feelings aside.

Once again, I appreciate your analysis Actaeon (it is not fully biased and considering most of the situation). It’s refreshing.

Kristin Kreuk got out of NXIVM – Allison Mack did not. Allison faces years in prison.
Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island.

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  • Allison knew perfectly well what she got into ,she was part of the inner circle after 3 days she met the man and from then on did what she did she was not a victim she was never branded ,and she never had to do what these woman had to do as she was the one doing it she thrived of the power like all cults power is the key ,she profited of these people and should pay the price period there is no excuse for it ,do i think these woman are victims yes and no ,like all religions they are cults some less harmless than others and people need something to believe in any religion and yes this group is still classed as a religion as it pushes its believes on others to act in a way that we class as not normal and we call it a cult because of the sacrifice that happens from loosing money to anything in your life, these people was stupid to believe in this crap and the master and sub relationship clearly abused ,its the biggest con that has been happening for years and still is to this day ,it always starts off good then turns corrupt the more popular the person who created it becomes ,maybe it was a normal self help group when it started but the fact you had to pay thousands to get in the group then the inner circle you had to recruit thousands of woman and thats the key 1 man and millions of woman get a grip your prostituting these woman out for power and glory, allison would walk into people home thinking she owned the place did what she wanted that act is from getting the power from these woman being the master and forgetting to close that door in public so when confronted with get the fuck out, abusive behaviour will spark with those around her this cult was a ticking time bomb from the start and all those in power are responsible

  • Nope. Allison is big girl, a good actress, intelligent, and made her decisions with a clear goal and agenda.
    Saying anyone can control her is just insulting her, she was 2nd in command of the cult. Her initials are on the live bodies of women.
    It would appear her pleading guilty of her actions support the fact that she was a top player in this agenda.
    Kristin left the program turned cult, for her own reasons. She wanted to work on her producing and acting career. Recent reports said her dad protected Kristin’s bank account from the cult, stated by this site. Kristin wisely set goals outside this program and had a loving family who watched out for her. It should have been a happy ending for the two. Kristin a highly successful actress of almost 20 years or more,
    also talented and extremely intelligent, leaving the cult, should have been a big clue to Allison, that if Kristin can have a life outside NXIVM,she can too. If this had happened , I am pretty sure Kristin and Allison would have worked on projects together and maybe had great success.
    Who knows? But reality is, Allison will face her sentence this year. And after she serves her sentence it will up to Mack to change her life
    for the better one hopes.

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