Mexico, as a State, would solve many problems! We could stop the drug trafficking with the full force of our Military, in a very short time and put an end to MS 13 gangbanger’s as well!  That we would do BEFORE they become a State! Mexico would have to declare war on the Drug Cartels and ASK for US Military help to eradicate the Cartels as a condition of the total deal! No need for a wall anymore. We gain their labor force, oil and other natural resources as well as agriculture base!

As Republicans, we would gain a large voting base because as soon as they learn to read, write and speak English and understand the Republicans are responsible for their US Citizenship and NOT the Democrap Party, there’s no way any sane Mexican will vote Democrap! They would soon realize it was the Democrats who were the Party of slavery as well as the Party that totally screwed up the Immigration Laws in the first place.

 Bill Clinton and Hussein Obama are totally responsible for the chaos at the Border …research it and you’ll clearly see it was laws passed by Clinton and Obama Administrations that caused all the family problems, catch and release and insane “hearings” aliens are entitled to! Just google a time line on Border Immigration and it’s as clear as the nose on Bill Clinton’s face, which is substantial!

Let’s talk about the idea… It would require an Amendment, for Mexico’s State hood. The Mexican President would or could become the Governor of a very prosperous State and be rid of the corruption, gun battles in the streets, and live in the lap of luxury with no more fear of the drug lords. The Southern Border of Mexico is much easier to protect and we would have to especially with the Venezuela situation. Mexico’s oil reserves surely would compliment what we have and the expansion of oil drilling, refining and American technology will get Mexico on the way to prosperity for the people in no time at all. Add some casinos, resorts, manufacturing and Bingo, we have some Social Security contributors!

We would have to phase in any of those who would qualify for Social Services because we could not possibly support half the country. There would have to be a time factor and an Amendment to modify the 14th Amendment for new citizens to qualify for Social Benefits, just like the age and number of quarters for Social Security!

Venezuela right now has more problems than benefits …they do have oil…lots of it and a need for American help…lots of help. I hate to see people suffer the way some of the South Americans suffer just because of Socialism, crime and corruption. Think about that!

And think about this…as is typical of Socialist, Communist and Tyrannical Governments…Russia, China, Iran, Cuba are ALL taking advantage of the chaos and making serious major moves on Venezuela, and dumbass Congress needs to take action… soon! The last thing this country needs is Russia or China or Iran guiding and “helping” Venezuela, and moving Nuclear weapons there! If the United States doesn’t get involved we will be fighting all three or whichever Commie nation moves on Venezuela. Since we are in the closest proximity and Russia, China and Iran are now stepping on our geographical toes, we should do what Russia, China and Iran would do if we did that to them and move in close with superior power and issue a very forceful and unmistakable directive that they will withdraw all military munitions and boots on the ground or we will attack!!!


With two Venezuelan Presidents claiming power, Juan Guaido and Nicolas Maduro; President Trump, based upon information available to him from his vast sources, decided it is in the US and the people of Venezuela’s best interest to recognize Juan Guaido as President.

This is not much different than what Republican President Eisenhower did in 1953 in Iran when he “backed” the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq and replaced him with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the shah of Iran, who for 26 years was an ally and friend of the US until 1979, when the uninformed, Democrat  President Jimmy Carter replaced the shah with the Ayatohla Komeini, a move that the WORLD recognizes as the creation of the Biggest Sponsor of Terrorism in the world to this day…Iran!

There are problems picking between two leaders, in Socialist Countries, with corrupt leaders, which seems to be the “norm”.  Many want to lead and our President must decide! No matter what this President does, people like Nadler and Pelosi will always find fault, never support and only criticize. These same people will never fault a decision by the likes of Carter, Obama or Clinton, even when you can’t find a correct decision between the three of them!

I believe Trump is a lot smarter than Carter, Clinton and Obama  and truly believes in defending America, you and me . He has the authority to decide who he recognizes to deal with on foreign affairs and has made the correct decision in Venezuela.

 So now we need to support Juan Guaido  with Congress and move before Russia has Nuclear missiles in Venezuela …pointed at you!

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J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .


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  • The U.S. should had annexed ALL OF Mexico in 1848! We wanted to push the (lower 48 States) U.S.-Canada border further north than it currently is; we should had pushed the southern U.S. border down to Guatemala! DAMNIT!! We had nothing to lose and ALL to gain and yet- we let half go! We could have and would have benefited $TRILIONS$ more than we did, and STILL would to this day and day to come.

  • Chris, If you’re a democrat…compare that to ,”The world will end in 12 years”…”Global warming is our #1 crisis”…”if you like your Doctor and Health Care, you can keep them”, Shall I go on?…okay. I will…”It’s only free if you use it (Sanders)”…”I may be a Muslim but I don’t hate Jews (Omar and Tilahb)”…”we must do away with all fossil fuels and rebuild every thing that uses fossil fuel”…want more?…this is fun,”Hillary, if anybody else committed obstruction like Trump ,they would be in jail”… how’s that for the freaking whopper of the century?…by the person who destroyed 34,000 emails THAT WERE UNDER COURT ORDER & SUBPOENA, TO BE PROTECTED FROM DESTRUCTION!!!! If you’re a Republican…pull your head far enough out of the dark place you have it stuck, so at least, you ears pop free!

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