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JAGWAR TWIN Releases “Long Time Coming” Single & Video

“Los Angeles musician Roy English, the mind behind Jagwar Twin, wants nothing more than for the world to find its light…. the vibrant, inspirational tracks [on] Subject to Flooding encourage a necessary vision of shared humanity.” – Paper
“…the excitement surrounding Jagwar Twin already feels palpable..” – Ones to Watch
“Roy English, the man behind the sound, is trying to hit us all right in the feels.” – Alternative Press
“Catchy, meaningful, and connective…. Jagwar Twin’s music is inclusive, indulgent, emotional, and highly expressive…and counters self-doubt and insecurity with love and positivity. This is just the start of a very exciting, promising artistry full of wonder and potential.” – Atwood Magazine
Drawn magnetically to a shared human spirit, Jagwar Twin releases debut album Subject to Flooding today on Atlantic Records. The new video for lead single “Long Time Coming”arrives alongside the album, a fitting introduction to the collective consciousness and worldly alternative sounds of Roy English, the driving force behind Jagwar Twin. Soaring and explosive, “Long Time Coming” sets the stage for Subject to Flooding amidst Roy’s distinctive vocals and a propulsive drum pattern courtesy of Travis Barker.
Offering a perspective that leaves room for everyone where egos are set aside and a “we, not me” mentality reigns, Jagwar Twin‘s music immediately garnered early attention. “Loser,” a track that breaks down the walls between us and serves as a reminder that we are all the same underneath, made an instantaneous splash after premiering worldwide on Zane Lowe’s Beats1, racking up more than 3 million Spotify streams, receiving support across Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, and garnering early Alternative Radio airplay.
Produced by S1 (Kanye West, Beyonce, Lorde) and Linus (blink-182, All Time Low)Subject to Flooding sees Roy English emerge as a spiritual monk warrior with a powerful voice and prophet-like poetry paired against a landscape of 60’s style guitars, gritty hip-hop break beats, and flipped MPC samples reminiscent of Dark Fantasy-era Kanye West.
Subject to Flooding is the result of a uniquely collaborative process that will have you seeing the world through a new lens. Life’s duality and the search for this balance and self-discovery is what powers Jagwar Twin – just as one can be flooded with love, flooding can also bring destruction. There are two sides to every story that ebb and flow on a continuum moving ever closer to equilibrium. We are at war with the world; we are at war with ourselves. In letting go, we often find ourselves. As a self-taught singer in high school, Roy was bullied for his vocal tone. Early on he realized that he could channel that negative energy into art and dove deeper into self-exploration through songwriting and production. After a journey of ups and downs in the industry, Jagwar Twin eventually connected with producers S1 and Linus, whose creative energy fused with Jagwar Twin‘s vision changed the project for good. With ego removed entirely, this creative and free environment led to highly collaborative, democratic production process which ultimately welcomed contributions from Jeff BhaskerTravis Barker of blink-182, children’s choirs and more, in addition to mixing by Adam Hawkins (Twenty One Pilots). In letting go, Jagwar Twin discovered that the world is more powerful and inspirational as “we.” With the fragile state of the world emotionally, physically, environmentally, and politically, Jagwar Twin exists to find energy and spirit in our shared humanity.

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