Allison Mack is a singer no doubt, but is she a victim?

Guest View: Allison Mack is/was a victim

Guest View: By A Defender of Allison  Bravo Frank…The level of your Frank Report is really really high by posting this story by Shadow State:  Shadow: Was Allison Mack a victim when she ruled female slaves? It’s so funny to read this loser Shadow State write and, of course, as always, add an extra layer of […]

Guest View: By A Defender of Allison 

Bravo Frank…The level of your Frank Report is really really high by posting this story by Shadow State:  Shadow: Was Allison Mack a victim when she ruled female slaves?

It’s so funny to read this loser Shadow State write and, of course, as always, add an extra layer of BS on Allison’s side of the story.

An example:

“Allison might get 36 months.

Her victims will be scarred physically and psychologically for life”

Why is it said only for Allison?

First off, it’s Keith Raniere who scarred those victims.  The worst that Allison did (and that’s from the court document) is to retain collateral.

She didn’t even threaten them with physical violence or anything!

Lauren Salzman did worse than Allison but Shadow doesn’t provide that extra info. Some people might believe Shadow that you are biased…. Oh wait, you are!

You are so obsessed with Allison Mack that you continue to repeat the same lies and it’s really getting old there!

Allison is a victim… a victim of Nxivm and, worse yet, a victim of your obsession!

Give her a rest. She’ll never care for a nobody like you and that’s normal! Who would want a guy like you?

As for the rest of your stupid allegations:

-Orgies… proof? None. It’s only a sick allegation that Frank made based on ”a source”.

As far as we know, Allison was not even in bed with Raniere until a LONG time passed and that is a fact!

-Branding… It’s not her job. She didn’t create this, she wasn’t the one marking and that is clearly known by the court. They never say, “she created” because they know it’s Raniere!

She “supervised”, as much as Lauren or any other did who were at the branding ceremony. But of course, for you, it’s only about Allison.

-Use slave as her own sex toys… That’s your sick mind. Nobody has ever talked about this, only you and Frank made this story for your sick perverted fantasies. I already told you: keep that for yourself!

-Paddling… There is a mention of it in the case but no victims.
As far as what has been REALLY said, the caging and paddling were only applied to punish Allison if the slave refused to obey.

It’s Allison that was witnessed to be caged… moron!

She didn’t abuse India… Stop believing the word of fiction coming from the mouth of Catherine Oxenberg.  She didn’t have contact with her daughter when she wrote the book.

BTW, I remind you that technically, India was CC2  [Co-Conspirator #2 in the original criminal complaint against Raniere].

I love India and I wish her good, but I need to make this clear so you stop using her as a bait for your sick agenda.

As much as India is considered a victim (and considered by a lot [including me] as brainwashed), so was the same for Allison.

Worse, Allison was groomed and abused WAY longer than India!

God knows how many EM [Exploration of Meanings, a Nxivm ‘therapy’ session] and other stupid programs they used to abuse her.

The crazy thing in this case is that everyone who got less abuse than Allison will get an “ooooh pooor thing”, but when it’s about Allison –“Burn the witch.”

If that’s not a double standard, I don’t know what is.

Oh and indeed she was a victim for the last one. But, of course, for your sick twisted mind, she was consenting to this.

The only “fact” you posted was the one about collecting the collateral. The rest is just BS, inventions of yours or stories.

But nothing surprising coming from a clown like you.

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  • Mack’s ‘daddy’ and her were meant for eachother. Such a weak woman thumbing her nose at her gender while the MeToo movement looks the other way.

  • Females being spared from criticism because they have vaginas. Allison Mack is a piece of shit, as are her weak vermin defenders. Nobody defends the Mexifags Salinas and Benecourt because they are males. They’re ALL cunts.

  • A find it interesting that Anonyme* likes to dismiss others’ takes on the story and what few facts and insider accounts we do have – including Frank’s sources, which have often proved reliable – and yet seems to have no actual knowledge other than from cultish devotion to following Mack’s fan blogs.

    For instance, how can what’s in Catherine Oxenberg’s book be so readily dismissed? Are we to think she made a claim about Allison’s actions that could have subjected her to libel charges – a favorite veiled threat of Anonyme – without having some factual basis, such as insider sources? It’s actually a typical tactic of cults or high control groups to go after authors and books by suing them under strict UK libel laws, and sometimes publishers wont even distribute books there that they don’t think could stand up to a challenge – but I see that the book is in fact for sale there:

    * If I have the correct one of the various ESL anons, this is one that has actually sometimes recently fallen into specifically French, rather than Spanish, usage, though it was initially hard to tell as both are Latin languages whose native speakers are prone to similar mistakes in English. Thus I’m referring to them by the French Anonyme.

  • I believe Allisons Mack has a strong desire to serve humanity, and a desire to perfect herself in the process. They are both noble goals that were waylaid by the revealing of the sexual practices of an unworthy teacher. God, I feel so sorry for her. There but for the grace of god…

  • Both Mack and Kook deserve to die in prison, but niether will do a day thanks to our system of justice for the rich.

  • Yes, I stopped reading anything by Shadow State because it’s too vicious and just Never Seems To Stop!

    In fact, I’d decided to stop coming to the blog a few days ago but clicked once today from boredom.

    Earlier posts by Frank detailed how Allison was pursued and groomed. They apparently flew her across country to be closer to Raniere. Lauren was alleged her “caregiver”. Allison was described as being groomed and fostered in every way.

    Why? Because some acting role she did apparently conformed with an agenda to “promote Keith Raniere” as one of the smartest men in the world: A secret mental superman!

    So how natural they would want Allison as a Chloe type to be around him, attract attention to him and his work, and to possibly promote Keith Raniere to the generation that watched Smallville.

    Having been in a cult and having studied in great depth the effect of cult grooming methods, I am far more willing to give Allison the benefit of the doubt. All the women in this case were victims of the social engineering methods used, whether they admit it or not.

    I know Frank has to keep the clicks coming. But let it go! There is zero pleasure or joy in reading an unrelenting character attack on a foolish but well-meaning actress. There is nothing to learn. There is nothing to be gained. It’s a waist to time that makes you feel like crap for the rest of your day!

    If people abandon this blog, it’s not for lack of interest in the subject of Nxivm.

    • Anonymous,

      Your spot on with your following statement:

      ” All the women in this case were victims of the social engineering methods used, whether they admit it or not”.

      People have a evolved to be socially pliable to be able to work in groups.

      Humans are not the most successful species on earth solely because of are intelligence, but rather are ability to work intelligently in groups.

      Cults and Cult leaders like Nxivm and Raniere manipulate human social engineering.

      Anonymous you hit the nail on the head. Cults.

      Nxivm basically addressed all of Maslow’s
      Hierarchy of Needs.

    • Thanks for this. I agree that the constant vilifying and trashing of Allison Mack in article after article after article is over the top and out of control. Why some here choose not to focus more on Raniere, the driving force behind all these people’s downfalls, escapes me. While not blameless, I don’t think a single one of them would have gone on to criminal enterprise had they not met him. Certainly not Mack.

      There seems to be a real desire to especially trash Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk. Why? Because they’re actresses with a modicum of name recognition? Their actions, when viewed in the context of those done by others, do not seem to be the most heinous – not by a long shot.

  • Mack is an interesting case. I followed her blog for a while, she had some interesting things to say about acting and her venture into directing, plus she had a curiosity about “philosophical” deepity. Seemed like a smart person who regretted never having gone beyond high school, a curious mind. And then there was that bizarre stuff about NXIUM, JNESS, and about her mentor and guru Keith. She even did an online book club. The book was called “Shantaram” (it took me days to dredge up the title of that book from memory) and it’s godawful. I’m willing to bet it was suggested to her by Raniere. It’s precisely the kind of book a person who would join a cult would read.

    So from having read her blog and sampling her taste in (ahem) literature, here’s my half-assed take on Allison Mack. She seems extremely naive, a bit insecure (aren’t we all) and eager for a shortcut to Life Wisdom. Capable and quite smart. And she really, really liked a book written by a guy who is plainly a boastful liar. Did I mention she seems terribly naive?

    So yes, I’d say she’s a victim. Kind of. She was manipulated by Raniere, obviously. But she let herself be manipulated. We’re all responsible for our actions even though the things we do are seldom entirely of our own making. She was an adult when she began her involvement in this NXIUM scheme, recruiting people into something that looked like a pyramid scheme and a self-improvement racket. She wasn’t forced into it by economic necessity, she had a successful TV career, 10 straight years with a network show. So if she was a victim, she was also happily victimizing others, enthusiastically recruiting people into the racket.

    Little warning bells ought to have been going off in her head. She thought ESP was helping her career. Why? Her acting career stalled, predictably, after Smallville ended. She was making money I presume, profiting from her work for NXIUM. She had made a deal with the devil, and was quite happy with it. Hardly a victim.

    When she was first getting involved with the cult, people warned her. Pointed her to the evidence. She chose to ignore it. Victim? hardly.

    When the branding of women and the blackmailing of DOS members began, the alarm bells should have been deafening. She was a perpetrator by then. Fleeing across the Mexican border to avoid arrest. Victim? Not a bit of it.

    Well, she’s a criminal now, by her own admission. Odd as it sounds, it seems her descent from well-meaning naif to felon snuck up on her bit by bit. That’s why I find her such an interesting case.

  • Hearing this is absolute proof everyone was victimized. Each trying Not to be responsible for a friend being hurt, somehow thinking they could help prevent anothers punishment, each making sacrifices while this POS gets to live, I hope he gets the chair!
    If the judge had a shred of decency, he should be compelled to take Clare & Sarah & Nancy’s money and immediately turn it over to ALL the Albany DOS victims excluding Lauren lifetime Saltzman. That loss would STOP them in their manipulative tracks.
    This level of manipulation is truly beyond comprehension.

  • Well done, Frank. We actually got to hear from someone who has some experience with the cult and was willing to share some information.

    At the expense of YOUR credibility, maybe keep letting shadow post lies, fiction, and hate. It could continue to prompt people who are not full of shit to post.

    • The writer never said they were in NXIVM.

      Frank doesn’t have to worry about his credibility, as Mr. Shadow’s stories, or any story not written by Frank, is essentially a “letter to the editor.” Frank just publishes it for clicks, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      We don’t know enough to know whether Mr.Shadow or this “Defender of Allison” is closer to what really happened.

      It’s just entertainment, get a grip. LOL

    • Nutjob,

      I feel like you do, but at the same time we should all remember how successful Frank Parlato has been at bringing the truth to light and Raniere to justice.

      I do not like the parts but I am happy with the outcome, and the parts as a whole.

      The outcome being justice.

  • Good article. Mack certainly needs to do some hard time, but this shadow poser is a certified crackpot,

    • Anything written by shadow I try to ignore as I know it’s just a bunch of loon talk. That guy/girl/it sucks.

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