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Why Every Student Should Read The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a moral guide with a compelling story line, and it’s something no one can do without. Students that only equate The Great Gatsby with the Leonardo DiCaprio movie may find themselves wondering why it’s so popular. Even those who have read The Great Gatsby, especially for school or another assignment, may not have really enjoyed it at the time. Beyond just being classic, this is the work of art that everyone should experience at least once. “But” you may ask, “why is The Great Gatsby important?” Well, the answer is quite simple. It helps students in their early careers, learning about themselves or anything to do with employment. So read on!

Gatsby is a Classic

Millions of people admire Fitzgerald’s books, and it is a must to get acquainted with his works while studying. It’s something a teacher has probably told you: ‘This book is a classic.’ And, as anyone who has ever had to write an essay on the Great Gatsby can tell you, it’s one of the most popular and interesting novels to read and write an essay in a literature class. There’s a reason for that! The Great Gatsby intro is perhaps one of the most eloquent and best-written introductions of all time. Looking for memorable quotes? This book has them! Looking for a story to show whether you need to be upset if you do not have money? Read about it in the book!

Money Doesn’t Equal Happiness

If there’s one thing that money can’t buy, it’s happiness. And The Great Gatsby is one of the best examples of someone trying their hardest to prove that’s wrong. Gatsby is a rich man, but no matter how much he spends, he can’t get the one thing that he really wants more than anything ? Love.

So once you want to start a career, even if the job post doesn’t offer you big money, take it! You will receive a lot of money when you are an expert in the field. For now, it is better to look for the company that has great on-the-job-training for students to gain the experience even if it is underpaid or not paid at all.

Don’t Try to Be Something You’re Not

It’s a message that rings clear throughout the book. You shouldn’t try to be someone you aren’t. This is, no doubt, where Gatsby runs into his trouble, and what causes his tragic end. By throwing extravagant parties night after night in the attempt to win back his former lover, Gatsby forces himself down the path that will eventually end in his own death.

This situation is an excellent example for those who want to find a job and attend numerous interviews. Mind that you have to be yourself, emphasize your strengths and slightly mention the weaknesses so that both you and an employer are sure that you can tackle all the needed tasks successfully. But if you aren’t honest, the troubles will appear, and you will be stressed out and unsatisfied with your job, which can lead to the problems with physical and mental wellbeing, conflicts at work and burn-outs.

Re-examine the Great American Dream

This ties in with the idea that money can buy happiness. The American dream makes students believe that anything can be bought with the right price and through the hard work. However, that isn’t always the case. Learning what can or can’t be achieved through this method is an important lesson for young adults, particularly in today’s changing world.

Any good book will make you turn the lessons it teaches on yourself. The Great Gatsby succeeds in this regard. It provides introspection and a way to determine the flaws in yourself, as well as the best ways to address them. Gatsby fails tragically so that you don’t.

It’s a life lesson in the nature of humanity, and how people should and shouldn’t act.

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