Irish Mother: Clare Bronfman, the Six Million Dollar Woman

Editor’s Note: This note came by email from a brave mother in Ireland who rescued her teen daughter from the clutches of Allison Mack and the likely cruel brutality of DOS – in the nick of time.  The mother realized the grave danger her daughter was in, she said, thanks to revelations contained in the Frank Report. Her daughter is safe now. And Mack has been stopped from her overseas and domestic recruiting of other young women for DOS.  At the same time, Clare Bronfman exceedingly light punishment has outraged many people, most particularly her victims.  

By An Irish Mother

Good evening Frank. Just to let you know our national BBC television and internet service did cover Clare Bronfman from early Saturday morning our time throughout most of the day.

It then faded away by tea time on Saturday. All things considered, it did get a fair bit of coverage on our BBC internet news which is picked up on all smartphones.

As soon as I picked up on Friday that she was due in court at your time 4 p.m. [our time 9 p.m.] I knew what it was all about because it happens over here too. They like to shovel things under the carpet at holiday time.

As for Clare being a Bronfman, I assume she does not adhere to Shabbat – as she would have not picked Friday.

When I stay with my extended Orthodox Jewish family in Toronto, I’m the only one allowed to switch the lights on or even boil a kettle at Shabbat. They certainly would not be making court appearances. I shall say no more on that score.

I know you must be incredibly angry at “The Six Million Dollar buy off” and, while I’m on that subject, there’s a title for a byline: The Six Million Dollar Man or rather the Six Million Dollar Woman — that for sure took me back in time!!!

I want to try and give you some heart tonight. Of course, I’m angry with the sweetheart deal – and so is everyone else and I’m going to say this sincerely from my heart: So many times in my life, and particularly at the moment when things do not appear to be going the right way, or the chips are down, from out of nowhere comes the most incredible twist, something that you couldn’t possibly have envisaged and things turn right round.

I’m 63. I’ve seen this hundreds of times in my life. I bet you’ve seen it also. You saw it last year when they were arrested.

You have done more than any human being. No one had the bravery, the guts, or the chutzpah and the sheer bloody determination than you. So it’s tail shaking time for all of us. Keep moving forward and wait and see what’s going to come round the corner when you least expect it.

Little prayers from Ireland can do great things in America. Watch this space; my sincere love to you and yours: Onwards and upwards Frank — and Godspeed.

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