Heidi Hutchinson

Heidi: Clare Bronfman plea deal an outrage to justice

By Heidi Hutchinson

The delightful news that Keith Alan Raniere will be crucified at trial by his most loyal disciples on Good Friday morning was entirely eclipsed by the Court’s horrific revelation at the hearing later in the day of a too-short prison term and too-small monetary penalty for heiress Clare Bronfman — which may set a lower bar of punishment for defendants other than Keith Alan Raniere — including his politically well-connected, decades-long business partner, Nancy Salzman, if not for KAR himself.

The vast discrepancy in justice re: RICO charges being passed over for ONLY the privileged defendant Clare Bronfman is also deeply, darkly disturbing.

Frankly, I fear for my son, myself, my family from Clifton Park and the Albany, NY area, especially — who have previously been threatened by Clare’s “flying monkeys” — as Catherine Oxenberg aptly calls them in her book — and Mexican Espians connected to the PRI party and Mexican drug cartels.

Yes, I’m afraid for my fellow cult freedom fighters, for un-freed Nxivm [DOS] slaves and scarred, unhealed victims, and for those who have dared to speak out against Nxivm and what it stands for.

I’m afraid, because I know one of the predominant reasons these perpetrators violated the law and exploited so many so flagrantly is that their money and privileged status has and continues to protect them from consequences.

So they persist in their crimes undeterred in the belief and the fact that they will not face the same consequences as the less privileged.

In fact, many NX and Mexican Espian members who are known to have perpetrated crimes — albeit perhaps not within the jurisdiction of the EDNY Federal court — have not been charged with any crimes and face no consequences at all.

Hell, reading what happened to Clare Bronfman, I fear for the fate of our youth to become as morally destitute, bereft of justice and ultimately of opportunity and freedom as any other corrupt system of government overtaken by dictatorship — firstly, by the principles of greed, injustice and inequity that empower these monsters and put them into power.

Clare Bronfman’s sweetheart plea deal and lack of restitution to victims is an outrage and another bitter disappointment for we whistleblowers who’ve sought justice for so long.

Instead, we are, and likely may continue to be, punished due to the undeterred escalation of NXIVM’s criminal methods, corrupt associations and brash, inhumane acts.

“Liberty and Justice FOR ALL” is the alleged pledge of America. We must keep that promise in order to keep America great and ourselves safe to live freely.

Please pray that we can rally good people together to redeem this outrageous injustice with Clare Bronfman and bring justice and freedom through prosecution of outstanding NX crimes in the proper venues.


In the meantime, Clare’s payoff was grotesquely self-serving.

Of course, she didn’t need or want more money but with NX she could buy the image and status she craved among the pure blue blood side of the Bronfman family and portray herself as being an “ethical” world leader, more powerful and richer than her father, Edgar Bronfman, whom she may have been taught to compete with and despise by her commoner mother.

Or just maybe Clare’s a psycho herself walking around with more DNA from her bloody-minded gansta Grandpa Sam — maybe she is more of a pure blood than any of them?!

Salzman, brainwashed though she may have been, Clare Bronfman gleefully gained from NXIVM, and the fact that she continues to feed the sharks defending Keith Raniere and covering-up for, colluding, with the Mexican-Espian elite shows she is entirely unreformed and unrepentant and will more than likely “revert” to her criminal ways.

A month ago she conspired with nearly convicted multi-felons like extortionist Pimp Micheal Avenatti to bribe the DOJ — leaving another, Gregaros, on her payroll still — and who says we’d know about it at all if not for NIKE?! And Karma.

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