In the previous column I covered for maybe the 10th time, why I believe there is Probable Cause (PC) to make a Racketeering Case (RICO) against Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee, the DNC, the Criminal Enterprise.

 “Should we do that”?

Answer this…if the Democrat Party, lead by Hillary Clinton, had the opportunity (evidence) to Indict, Destroy, Cripple the Republican National Party…would she/they? Well you just answered your own question, didn’t you!

The real Criminal Enterprise is actually the Hillary lead State Department but that’s too distasteful for us to do , and I agree ,but freaking Hillary Clinton, the most deceitful, immoral, underhanded ,thieving ,piece of crap this Nation has seen …had no problem trashing, decimating and “Criminalizing/Weaponizing” the State Department for her own personal gain .She had no problem putting America and American lives at serious risk by using a PERSONAL EMAIL for all her STATE Department communications, for her entire tenure and when caught, started a series of the most despicable acts any elected official ever committed. Regarding Benghazi she knew from the start that the attack was an organized, well equipped attack and had NOTHING to do with any video. Yet ,with caskets on the runway, she told survivor parents that a video caused their loved ones’ death…a no conscience, outright lie! She knew because she watched RPG’s in live time being fired.

When her email scam was discovered, she systematically began the most elaborate cover up scheme in the history of our Nation. She hired her “unauthorized staff of lawyers” to read and destroy 34,000 pages of State Department communications that were on her personal server that she had created specifically to hide her illegal activities. She had used the State department to elicit donations to a Canadian based charity to funnel contributions ,bundled, to her Clinton Foundation, to pass money to the DNC to pay for things like a Dossier, prepared by a Foreign Agent Chris Steele. Steele fabricated derogatory info about Trump and used fabricated information provided by 3 separate former Russian Agents, all to discredit and destroy, Donald Trump.  Hillary lied every time she spoke, about what she did. She directed her staff to destroy all her personal “blackberries” and personal devises with hammers, she hired contractors to “Bleach” hard drives….holy crap…what does take to make Democrat  Americans understand what this piece of CRAP did to their Party and their Country…INDICT  HER AND HER DNC, she owns it…she deserves it!!!

DOJ, the REAL DOJ that we now have, simply cannot allow an entire Administration, to get away with what they did. DOJ has to start someplace and Clinton and her DNC is easiest place to start and the most deserving of punishment. DOJ must wake up Democrats as to what is going on in their party. When given the truth about Trump’s innocence in a conspiracy, fabricated by top Obama executives, Democraps won’t accept the facts. When the charges are filed “standup” people like Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, Yates and Powers will beg to cut a deal and offer to “dime” Obama…I’d bet all I own on that!!

 So indict the people who really broke the law… Hillary and her DNC, the RICO crew ! Maybe then they will listen!

Regarding the AG Barr news conference, there seems to be no end to the depths that the news and Democraps will stoop to. The stupidity of the press is mindboggling. “Why did AG Barr render a Prosecutive opinion”, she asked? Because under our Rule of Law, the Federal Rules of Criminal procedure…it’s his job, as Barr said. Comey violated the law and all the FBI and DOJ Rules regarding prosecutive opinions by rendering his opinion on a pending criminal case, Hillary’s! Comey could no more offer his prosecutive opinion than he could appear before the court as a prosecutor, without appointment as an AUSA!

The stupidity of Nadler, Swallow, Shitty and  “Water on the brain”, is that it is DOJ’s exclusive duty to prosecute violations of Federal Law. Should any of the 4 stooges I named, trip over a dead body in a Government building, (that’s the only way they could find something…if they tripped over it) “they” could not prosecute even if they saw the crime…DOJ must prosecute and if DOJ says, “no”, there is nothing they could do!

In order for there to be Obstruction or Conspiracy to Obstruct…there has to be or have been  a substantive crime committed,so there’s an investigation to Obstruct! What’s the crime Geniuses? What is the Crime that the President Obstructed Mueller or the FBI from investigating? You say he Obstructed the Collusion investigation? Both Mueller and AG Barr stated there was no collusion…if  there was no collusion ,then there’s no crime!

You cannot Impeach anybody without there being dereliction of Duty , or a Crime. There is neither.

The President being concerned that corrupt officials from the Government are trying to ruin his Presidency is enough to anger and upset any President! He should have fired Attorney General Sessions who recused himself without consulting with the President,! But he didn’t. He was faced with Obama Administration leftovers like Sally Yates while his appointees were being held up by Congress turncoats like the hero John McCain, some hero. What did you expect when a Special Counsel is appointed who appoints a Democrap army to destroy him? I would have fired Mueller after less than a year!

As far as Nadler and the other stooges finding something that Mueller or Barr couldn’t…there isn’t a one of them, who could find their own ass with their own two hands and even IF they did…who’s going to prosecute….their interpretation of the evidence doesn’t matter…it’s DOJ’s interpretation that matters? They said ,”NO”!  Get over it …you lost!

You want to do something Nadler, try doing your freaking job and introduce legislation to fix the Immigration System…that’s a crisis, not anything else that you are working on!

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .


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  • BEWARE, This is a Russian bot! They were successful at getting the a lying piece of shit whose only success is covering 80% of his head with 30% of his hair. They convinced Americans to elect this mafia don-wannabe once, we must not let it happen again!

  • DickSnot Runith DownMyCheek , You need to keep you mouth shut when that happens as it’s fucking up your brain! I’ll just address 1 or 2 points showing that you “know not of what you speak”. First, there are many types of Obstruction… The U.S. Attorneys’ Manual breaks down the three elements of an “obstruction charge”: “(1) there was a “proceeding pending” before a department or agency of the United States; (2) the defendant knew of or had a reasonably founded belief that the proceeding was pending; and (3) the defendant corruptly endeavored to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which the proceeding was pending .Virtually ALL of the Obstruction violations are founded in an “Investigation of A Crime”. If there is NO crime , there is no violation of Federal Law, there can be no Obstruction to interfere in a Criminal Investigation…because there was no Crime. I understand that is difficult to comprehend with a name like that. Did your mother or Father give you that name? The Right Side

  • You need to stop drinking the Kool Aid ! If you actually read the report or knew anything about the law, you would know Trump is the biggest criminal to ever be elected (with aid from the Russians, because he asked them so kindly) as president.
    You are 100% wrong about obstruction of justice charges and how they work. Just because Mueller couldn’t collect enough evidence to charge him, his children and campaign doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. With Manafort keeping his trap shut and everyone else erasing their texts,using encrypted communications they (other than Manafort) got lucky the bar to charge conspiracy is so high. One of the main reasons why people get charged with obstruction of justice occurs when they have obstructed an investigation so much that a crime can not be charged. It doesn’t even have to be the crime being investigated, they could just be worried that other illegal activity would be uncovered. AS it reads in the report Trump, a.k.a. ‘Individual 1,’ must have felt that way or he wouldn’t have said ‘Oh My God…This Is the End of My Presidency. I’m Fucked.’. That’s not something an innocent person says! Also related to your kool Aid smile, you must stop believing everything Individual 1 says, he’s made over 9,500 false statements since being elected. He is the biggest conveyer of lies and the only way that works is to convince you Kool Aid smiling,brainwashed sycophants is to convince you that the news is the liars. Do yourself a favor and and compare his own statements, it’s all you need to see that he’s a freaking liar. Even FAUX news has said that Mueller is registered Republican, just like all the people he’s brought into the White House that have told the truth which makes him the liar! Once they won’t lie for him he kicks them to the curb. Why don’t you take all that hate you have for HRC & the Dems and focus it towards learning the truth. Read the mueller report and everywhere it says trump replace it with Hillary. After you do that let it soak in for awhile, hopefully after that you will come out of this Trump Troll mode. If you can do that you will see that D.J.T. is the number one threat to the national security of the USA! You ‘re still upset about HRC using a private email server right? Well how about Ivanka & Jared they use their own private email only difference is HRC got her security clearance through the proper channels, I & J got theirs only because daddy is the president. If anyone is to believe your premise that HRC was a national security threat that can only mean that Ivanka & Jared are too but that hails in comparison to national security threat that D.J.Trump poses. How is it, you’re not outraged and up in arms with #45’s use of a unsecured private cell phone that he uses every single day ???? Even after he’s been told that the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, ……. are intercepting every text message and tweet along with listening to every conversation that he has on it. Everyone understands that it’s hard to admit that he (with Russia’s help) duped you into making Trump your republican candidate for president and further duped you into voting for him to be president. No one wants to admit they were wrong even when faced the facts, you won’t admit it , not even when they smack you upside the head. Will it take Russian troops landing on the beaches up and down the east & west coast before you will admit you made a real big fucking oopsie? Unless your rich #45 hasn’t done much for you. It may take awhile but in the years to come you will eventually see the horrendous damage that idiot did to our country. We are no longer the beacon of light and single super powers in the world. China & Russia are spreading their power and political influence in all the places we’ve abandoned, soon we will have no influence abroad. Go look in the mirror and ask yourself am I a fool or a useful idiot (for your vote) the truth will be twofold the options provided. This countries only hope is people like yourself will see the truth and turn your anger towards Trump and his GOP enablers who are allowing this criminal to remain in office!

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