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Was Allison Mack Set Up To Take The Fall – By Keith Raniere?

Frank Parlato wrote an interesting post yesterday about how prophetic Keith Raniere seemed to be when he talked to Allison Mack about how she would feel if the New York Times newspaper ran a front-page story about her being a “terrible, terrible, terrible” person. The post featured a video that was filmed sometime around 2016 […]

Frank Parlato wrote an interesting post yesterday about how prophetic Keith Raniere seemed to be when he talked to Allison Mack about how she would feel if the New York Times newspaper ran a front-page story about her being a “terrible, terrible, terrible” person.

The post featured a video that was filmed sometime around 2016 – which is about the same time that Raniere and Mack were setting up the secret society known as Dominos Obsequious Sororium (DOS).

The video was a classic example of Raniere’s ability to use lots and lots of words to say absolutely nothing.

But it may also have been an early indication that Raniere always planned to have Allison take full responsibility for DOS if its existence ever became known.

Allison Mack, Fall Girl

After his first business venture, Consumer’s Buyline, Inc. (CBI), blew up in his face, Raniere tried very hard to never put his name on anything.

Not on bank accounts, not on income tax returns, not on legal documents – and certainly not on something as potentially volatile as DOS.


Keith Alan Raniere


Fast forward to the Fall of 2017 – which is when Raniere really started worrying about the possibility that he might be prosecuted.

Following the October 17, 2017 publication of the front-page article in the New York Times concerning the existence of DOS and the fact that its members were branded on their pubic region with his initials, Raniere grew concerned that for the first time in almost 20-years, he might be facing scrutiny from law enforcement officials.

By November of 2017 – which is when officials from the Eastern District of New York started interviewing potential witnesses and victims – Raniere decided it was time to flee from his home-base in Clifton Park, NY.

At first, he tried to move to Canada with his baby mama, Mariana Fernandez, and their baby, Kemar.

But when Canadian officials denied entry to Mariana because of her questionable immigration documents, the three of them headed off to Mexico.

It was there the Frank Report found them a short time later, pushing around a baby carriage in the streets of San Pedro Garza Garcia, an affluent suburb of Monterrey.

Related image


Over the course of the next few months, the EDNY investigation continued to expand as more and more people were interviewed by FBI agents.

Meanwhile, with his whereabouts having been exposed, Raniere decided to ditch Mariana and Kemar.

So, off he went to a $10,000-per-week villa near Puerto Vallarta – where he immediately summoned some of his inner-inner circle members to help him come up with a plan to save his ass.

Joining him there at various times were Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza, and Nicki Clyne.



Image result for allison mack mexico frankreport
Allison Mack stands by as Keith Raniere is arrested.
Image result for keith raniere frankreport arrested
Keith Raniere in a Mexican police car, moments after he was arrested on March 26, 2018.

On March 26, 2018, Raniere was arrested by Mexican federal police – and immediately escorted to the U.S. border. Frank Report even showed an exclusive video of some of his companions chasing after the police car that took him away.


Related image
Keith Alan Raniere poses for the New York Times Magazine prior to his arrest.

Before his arrest, Raniere was trying to figure out how he could avoid being charged with any DOS-related crimes.

Eventually, he settled on a two-pronged strategy: first, get a positive story about him printed by a nationally prominent media organization – and then get someone else to take total responsibility for DOS.

The first part of his plan was fairly easy to enact. He just needed Clare Bronfman to use some of her contacts and wealth to get a journalist to write a very positive story about him.

And, thus, Vanessa Grigoriadis, was selected to do the first interview with Raniere and other high-ranking members of NXIVM in more than 14-years.

Image result for vanessa grigoriadis ny times magazine nxivm allison mack
Vanessa Grigoriadis walks out of a Jness class with Sara Bronfman. Grigoriadis was given access to Nxivm leaders.



The second part of Raniere’s plan was also fairly easy to pull off.

Allison Mack, the woman that he had chosen to be the putative leader of DOS, was convinced to say that she was in charge of DOS – and that Raniere had nothing to do with it (We don’t know how many Explorations of Meaning – EMs – it took to get Allison to that point but, in the end, she agreed to Raniere’s plan).


Timing was extremely important if Raniere’s plan was going to work.

And so Vanessa was flown down to Mexico to meet with Clare Bronfman.

After she had passed Clare’s screening interview, Vanessa was allowed to meet with Raniere (According to her report, she spent numerous hours with him).

Soon thereafter, Vanessa was flown to Albany, NY where she was allowed to watch Nancy Salzman conduct an EM on a member of NXIVM. She also got to interview Sara Bronfman, who even made her eggs for her.

Sara Bronfman 

Along the way, Vanessa also got to interview Lauren Salzman, India Oxenberg, and Barbara Bouchey. Even Bouchey, who has borne the brunt of numerous legal battles since she left NXIVM, had some nice things to say about Raniere.

Finally, Vanessa got to interview Allison Mack in her apartment in Brooklyn, NY. It was Allison who explained all the details about DOS to her.

According to Mack, DOS was “was about women coming together and pledging to one another a full-time commitment to become our most powerful and embodied selves by pushing on our greatest fears, by exposing our greatest vulnerabilities, by knowing that we would stand with each other no matter what, by holding our word, by overcoming pain.”

It was also Allison who volunteered that she was the one who came up with the idea for branding the members of DOS.

As Vanessa reported, “I was surprised to hear Mack take full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. She told me, ‘I was like: ‘Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.’ She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts”.

And, thus, the second part of Raniere’s plan to escape blame for DOS was set in place.


Unfortunately for Raniere, publications like The New York Times Magazine utilize a laborious vetting process before they publish articles.

Editors review for style. Fact-checkers confirm every detail. And lawyers make sure that there are no inherent legal liabilities in the article.

And so, despite Raniere’s carefully constructed plan, the article written by Vanessa languished for several weeks before it was finally published on May 30, 2018.

By then, Raniere had already spent more than two months incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.

And by then, Allison Mack had already been arrested, had spent several days at MDC herself, and had then placed under home confinement in her parents’ home.

Thus, the brilliant plan of the smartest man in the world was blown up by the bureaucracy of The New York Times Magazine.


Allison Mack recently pleaded to one count of Racketeering and one count of Racketeering Conspiracy – and is expected to be a key witness against Raniere and Bronfman at their upcoming trial.

By now, she’s had plenty of time to figure out that she was set up to take the fall for Raniere so that he could continue on with his life of crime and debauchery.

And by now, she’s probably more than a little pissed at how life has turned out for her.

“Heav’n has no rage like love to hatred turn’d”.
William Congreve, The Mourning Bride (1697).

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  • If Raniere set her up, he did a lousy job. His own comments to the journalist were pretty incriminating; the problem for him, and the whole organization, was that nobody including Raniere himself thought they were doing anything illegal or even immoral. There was a certain paranoia and secretiveness, sure, but they weren’t being careful in the way the Cosa Rostra was.

    I suspect the branding idea was Mack’s. It was a stupid thing to do, looney and cruel. It cost them hundreds of members, according to the NYM article, and got the Feds on their case. It’s what brought NXIUM down. I can only imagine the electronic trail these bozos left for a search warrant to uncover. When this stuff gets brought out at trial, I bet it’ll be explosive.

    The article points out Mack’s jealousy at the younger women coming into Raniere’s sweaty grasp. So then she comes up with the idea of having them branded. Mack said it was her idea and she had motive for doing it: enough to convince me that it really was her bright idea.

    • To Actaeon – Do you come peddling an agenda? Are you new? Or are you just easily convinced of hogwash?

    • I must say that is how it feels to me too. It is also a classic women’s fantasy. The collateral idea all seems part of a female sisterhood, gruop mentality thing that teenage girls or young women might come up with. However I have not read the evidence or listened to any phone call recordings/seen emails so I might be wrong.

      Raniere however seems set to be the fall guy given so many of the women are doing deals to get off lightly, and all of them ought to have known when they went beyond the law and if not sure to have taken legal advice at the time. The fact the women are doing this probably indicates Raniere is not as controlling of the women as in other cults.

  • KR Claviger:
    Ms. Mack also plead guilty to one charge of extortion.
    In fact through her collection of blackmail materials Allison Mack might have been guilty of practicing extortion against dozens of women.
    Somewhere in the midst of taking hundreds of photos and videos of naked women it never occurred to Ms. Mack that extortion is against the law.
    Some might consider Ms. Mack to be a Fall Guy.
    I consider Ms. Mack to be a Gangster who got caught.

    • While Mack admitted she engaged in a variety of criminal activities – extortion being one of them – she only pleaded to two crimes: one count of Racketeering Conspiracy and one count of Racketeering Conspiracy. Although she is not facing any prison time for admitting to the uncharged criminal activities, the judge can certainly take them into consideration when he sentences her.

    • Actually, I believe there were published text conversations between Mack and Raniere in the indictment where Allison told him what she had received by way of collateral and he insisted on her getting more. He was directing her. Do you really think an actress would cared less about raunchy pictures of other women? Seriously?

  • Seeing that photo of an evil pervert pushing such an innocent being in pram makes me sick to my stomach.

    Also, if the mothers of his children are still brainwashed, what on earth are they going to hear and witness and what are they going to turn out like? Beware the spawn of Vanguard. I hope the mothers are seeing sense

  • Mack was quoted in the ladies room, of the court house, as :taking one for the team” and indicated this was the usual.
    Thus Ms. Mack knew full well what her role was and she played it well.

    Perhaps the screaming, it s reported Mack did at night, alone, in her room, was the result of the disconnect between whatever may have still existed of a moral code in herself and the behavior she now exhibited branding, enslaving, pimping, blackmailing, etc towards other women.

    NXIVM is like Chinese water torture. Slow and insidious.

    • No. Her screaming was probably the experience of “will fight” which occurs to people who are being socially engineered against their will, know it, but are unable to stop it. It’s also quite common in cases of infidelity, where one spouse knows the other is out cheating, but is unable to stop it. It’s the result of helpless frustration.

  • I doubt the plan would have worked, had the New York Times Magazine printed the story sooner. The FBI was already looking into the situation and a media report would have had little to no impact on that investigation.

    • Agree, Scott. Raniere probably does actually hold a record – the most overrated intelligence of all time.

  • “Finally, Vanessa got to interview Allison Mack in her apartment in Brooklyn, NY. It was Allison who explained all the details about DOS to her.

    It was also Allison who volunteered that she was the one who came up with the idea for branding the members of DOS.”

    You need to put things straight and clear here!

    Vanessa clearly stated that Allison didn’t wanted to do the interview but was pushed by Raniere to do it…

    She pointed something about when she was 8years old as the mean to convince her.But to me , it sound more like Raniere reminded her about a little thing called collateral (that a lot of people forget Allison had on her).

    And before we come with the “willingly given by Allison”…No, it wasn’t as the one the FBI talk about are 2 years after the first collateral that the monster started to ask her.
    She was reluctant back then and probably got stuck by it afterward.

    As for being the fall girl, i feel like Raniere was sincerly planning to get also India to fall for it .
    But he didn’t had as much “power” on her (a fact as she got back to reason faster than Allison) as on Allison and probably worried about her saying something wrong.

    It was stated that Allison recorded the interview and something tells me it’s Raniere that didn’t trusted her there.He was partly right because the interview isn’t as incriminating as some try to make it sound.

    Lauren wasn’t controlled mentally at all (she was giving the NLP and others with her mom), India and Allison were . So Lauren would never accept to take the fall.

    India being unreliable, he got for Allison.
    And now, it seems likes it’s time for payback and hopefully, Allison will help to make sure this monster is locked for a LONG time

    • I also believe that India and Allison were set up to take the fall.
      IMO, the only difference between where India is and where Allison has found herself, is the response of their families to the obvious peril their daughters/relatives were in.

    • Excellent point about setting up India Oxenberg. Her mother actually made the point in her book.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he planned to use Allison all along. If he did and if Allison was party to his machinations, I hope she reveals it during the trial.

  • Does anyone know who filmed the video of Keith’s arrest in Mexico , and who posted the video online ?

  • The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that Raniere probably designed the DOS logo intentionally to make the ‘AM’ more prominent than the ‘KR’, to enforce the idea that Allison was in charge. Kind of like a DOS equivalent of how he had women put all his businesses in their names to have them assume the liability. Curious to hear what Allison has to say about it at trial, assuming she testifies.

    • I agree, Max. KAR & Salzman have the blame game down to a science from the “no victims” set-up to “taking the fall.”

      Look at the pattern — it’s even apparent with men like Joe O’Hara, Yuri Plyam, Frank Parlato, even Doug Rutnik — lured in with high pay but never meant to walk away with any money, credit or their balls intact.

      Allison Mack may not even be bisexual — sexually attracted to females — but KAR, Nancy and Clare ET AL needed her to play that role to take the blame for the monogramming. (Ally was shamelessly flirting with dudes not chicks at the courthouse, had a boyfriend before KAR, etc.).

      What would Ally’s “motive” have been for branding other girls?

      Were it for her own sadistic, sexual pleasure — she only got around to branding two girls in 13 years with NX?

  • Krclaviger,

    Vanessa Grigoriadis’s magazine article was a propaganda fluff piece and I personally believe Vanessa received some form of recompense.

    Originally, when I read Vanessa Grigoriadis’s article in the NY Times Magazine article, it made me question the credibility of the first New York Times news paper article as well as the credibility of The Frank Report.

    Ironically I read Vanessa Grigoriadis’s second just as you did and I still found it slanted and lacking journalistic integrity.

    At the end of the day Vanessa Grigoriadis either did no true journalistic research on NXIVM for her article or she lied her face off.

    Vanessa Grigoriadis is an intelligent journalist…… Why did she write that fluff piece?

    Then again Vanessa Grigoriadis has stuck with Mattress Girl’s narrative that has been proven to be untrue.

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