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Wild Moccasins’ “Waterless Cup” (The Juan MacLean Remix) Premieres at KCRW

Wild Moccasins recently announced the forthcoming release of an entirely remixed version of their critically acclaimed new album, Look Together. The impassioned 12-song set tackles themes of repairing relationships, shedding insecurities, and fresh starts through vibrant guitar and synth lines layered under frontwoman Zahira Gutierrez’s soaring pop melodies. The remixed album is due out August 30, 2019 on New West Records and comprises reimaginings of the tracks by twelve different artists, including The Juan MacLean, JD Samson, Treasure Fingers, De Lux, DJ Candlestick, and more. KCRW premiered The Juan MacLean’s remix of album closer “Waterless Cup” today, praising, “The Juan Maclean transforms this rocking ballad, into a chill, indie lounge tack. The lyrics still lament their change of heart, however, the song is now more akin to an 80’s style melancholy, dance track. This is indie-electro at its finest and another classic remix ? The Juan Maclean.”

Produced by GRAMMY Award-winner Ben H. Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Deerhunter) and out now on New West Records, Wild Moccasins’ Look Together is a resilient and volatile break-up record co-written by Gutierrez and guitarist Cody Swann after their decade-long romantic relationship dissolved. Healing proved to be a burdensome task for the former lovers, as the band was charted for two years of extensive touring. Gutierrez and Swann would spend countless hours positioned in a shared tour van, painfully staring each other down on stage, and ultimately exchanging exaggerated he-said-she-said’s through songwriting. For most romantically intertwined bands, Look Together would have never happened. Dissolving the group would seem to be the logical conclusion of their romantic split, but instead, the former couple chose to reconcile their differences the only way they knew how – working towards a common musical goal. Songwriting has been habitually ingrained in the duo, and while being emotionally vulnerable with a former partner was difficult, it helped to construct the bridge between confusion and solidarity.

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