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Turning Dead People into Memorial Diamonds is Here to Stay

If you or a loved one wishes to be cremated after death, have you thought about what should be done with the ashes? Sure, it sounds grim. But it’s a question that you should be answering. Maybe you’re okay with ashes sitting in an urn on a mantle. I know I’m not. For those who wish to pay tribute to the deceased, cremation diamonds are right up our alley.

Generally speaking, cremations, are becoming more and more popular. However, traditional burials are still the norm. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more expensive to have a burial. And in this economy, many funeral companies are worried. Many of them have consolidated or have opened their own cemeteries in the last few decades, driving prices up.

In 2015, the Cremation Association of North America estimated that the cremation rate was about 49% around the country, while the burial rate was estimated at 45%. In 2016, an all-time high number of Americans opted for cremation over burial, and it’s only expected that more and more people will choose cremation.

Turning ashes into diamonds is an affordable way for many people to keep their deceased loved ones close to them. In fact, on average a casket alone costs more than twice the cost of a cremation diamond! And then you have to pay for the burial plot, embalming, and more. Of course, the pricing of a cremation diamond depends on factors such as the size, color, and shape of the stone.

Plus, making cremation diamonds is less harmful to the environment that a traditional burial. Making diamonds from ashes uses fewer resources such as land and burial items, and so memorial diamonds are more eco-friendly.

Top it all off, we all live such busy lives. It can be difficult to get everyone in the family together for a burial service, which I get. But a dead body waits for no one, at least when it’s going to be buried. Cremation makes it possible to have a memorial service later on.

You can see why cremation ashes made into diamonds seems like a better choice.

But why in the world would anyone want to be made into a diamond? Well, diamonds are forever, and it’s the hardest substance on the planet. Plus, they are beautiful and mesmerizing. What better way is there to pay tribute to someone?

Cremation diamonds make wonderful family heirlooms. You can pass them down from generation to generation, ensuring your loved one’s immortality.

And it’s not just people whose ashes are being turned into diamonds—pets can also be made into diamond jewelry. Any pet owner knows how important their furry friend is in their life, and when they die, it can be devastating. I had to say goodbye to my 20-year old Maine coon Gibson a few years ago, and it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.

When a beloved pet dies, you need as much support as possible when deciding how to honor their memory. Grief is a personal experience, and turning the cremated remains of a pet into a gorgeous diamond helps to work through your grief. After some time has passed, you might even look at your cremation diamond and smile.

Cremation diamonds do more than sparkle as a pendant, earrings, or bracelet—they give you a sense of peace and solace after your loved one is gone. You’ll also feel closer to them at all times. And I can’t think of anything better than that.

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