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Sayer Makes New Noise Debut With “Relentless”

Approaching dance music with a punk aesthetic, Oakland producer Sayer executes a rapture of sound on his “Relentless” New Noisedebut. Infusing waves of techno and unexpected twists, Sayer’s technical finesse speaks volumes, transporting listeners to another dimension.

Hailing from the Bay Area, Sayer is the latest addition to the Dim Mak family. After experiencing sudden sensorineural hearing loss, Sayer believed he may never be able to make music again. Feeling deeply rooted in his passion for music, he fought hard against the odds and found ways to work on his beats despite his struggles. Making a full recovery, Sayer is now determined to crank out his best work on each track he produces. “Relentless” is the product of his non-stop work ethic and showcases an unparalleled combination of rousing percussion and synthesizers for a face melting, innovative track.

Heavily influenced by his punk and metal background, Sayer has spent his entire life creating and evolving from music. He’s carved out his own space between bass, trap, and grime in the electronic landscape, making some of the most unique dance music to come out of the west coast. Fans can expect lots of new music to drop from Sayer over the next few months, including the forthcoming REZZ collaboration, which has become a mainstay in her recent sets.

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