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Buffalo celebrates it’s role as the Dyngus Day Capital of the World with the 13th Annual Dyngus Day Parade

The thirteenth annual Dyngus Day Buffalo parade will take place in less than three weeks Monday April 22nd starting at 5pm. Judging from the social media buzz and the ever-growing number of venues involved in the post Lenten springtime extravaganza. This years promenade through historic Polonia, promises to be better than ever before. According to Nancy McCarthy Dyngus Day USA VP and Creative Director “we started getting calls in September about participation in the Dyngus Day Buffalo parade. People from as far away as California and Arizona were planning trips to Buffalo at Easter specifically so they could take part in the parade”. The parade that started out as a way to shed some positive publicity on the poverty stricken area surrounding the Broadway Market and surrounding neighborhood has turned into a focal point for many looking to reconnect with ancestral roots, in what was once the most densely populated area of Buffalo. Not only has the Dyngus Day parade and festival reawakened familial yearning it has also sparked a new found appreciation for the areas historical significance and economic potential. Eddy Dobosiewicz Dyngus Day USA president says “the people that come to the parade or any of the parties in the Church halls and family owned taverns are able to walk the streets of the historic Polonia district and experience a vibe that a few short years was unimaginable. Albeit it’s one day on the calendar we know for a fact that many come back throughout the rest of the year. Whether it’s for a Friday fish fry, a Mass at one of the beautiful churches, some grocery shopping at the Broadway Market on a Saturday morning or an urban exploration on a bicycle during the summer, we know they are slowly but surely rediscovering what this area once was and what it can be”.

 Over 150 different units have registered so far this year, which is dozens more than participated last year and quite a bit different from the first years parade in 2007 which consisted of 30 units attracting about a thousand spectators.

The first unit of the parade will kick off at the intersection of Clark and Kent Streets affectionately know as Superman corner, at the steps of Corpus Christi Church with a blessing from Father Michal Czyzewski the pastor of the parish and caretaker of the magnificent Medina sandstone house of worship. “It’s my fourth Dyngus Day here in Buffalo and although I have known about Dyngus on the Monday after Easter in Poland when I was a boy, I now understand it is done differently here. It’s a sight to behold”

Following the parade nearly thirty different venues will be hosting celebrations featuring local and national polka artists, authentic Polish cuisine, and traditional folk dancing all connected by a fleet of shuttle buses transporting party goers between parties throughout WNY. This year’s headliner on the main stage at Memorial Dr. and Peckham streets will be 18 time Grammy winner Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra. He and the dozens of other polka bands throughout the festival make this the largest one day gathering of Polka bands anywhere in the nation. To register for the parade or more information and details visit

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