Regarding the completion of Muellers’ Special Counsel investigation of 2 years, plus, your questioning the AG’s authority to decline prosecution, as the Chief Prosecutor of the United States, there is a clear sign of your ignorance of our Rule of Law. You are ignorant of two important facts…Number One; The AG of DOJ is the Chief Prosecutor of the United States…as such, it’s his freaking job and Two- you are surrounded by complete and total idiots, like Adam Shitty and Eric Swallow who have no concept of what the truth is, our Laws, Our Due Process, which Agency has what responsibility, and what is legal and what is not and who law breakers really are. The fact that the Speaker of the House supports people like that gives cause for serious concerns about your sanity along with your “walls don’t work “declaration, simply put…you’re an idiot yourself, with all due respect, you don’t deserve!!!!

How many “witnesses” did the House subpoena and how many failed to honor your subpoena? What did Nancy the almighty Speaker, who needs no help, do about Bryan Pagliano, for example? Is he in jail?? How many witnesses like Hillary and Brennan, Clapper, Powers, Comey, Rice and on and on, lied to your committees under oath and you did nothing about it? Is it because there’s nothing you can do?

Yet when someone Trump just sneezes ,you want him charged with felony sneezing.

The American people understand what you and your Democrap colleges are up to, including Senator Chucky “Me Too”. You have been trying to undermine, unseat, impeach, arrest disrespect our President at the expense and safety of “we the people”. There isn’t an intelligent person in the world who would agree with you that walls don’t work…just look at the Fortresses you and your buddies live in with your armed guards! Do you not realize that Hillary really violated many laws and James Comey cannot, by law, render a prosecutive opinion on any pending Federal Investigation? Do you really think we are that stupid?

You and your loser friends will cry like babies when this AG starts indicting the scumbags you have endeared yourself with for the past dozen years.

Allow me to give you a list of those who I know violated our laws and who I believe will be Indicted….Hillary Clinton, Uhma Abedine, Cheryl Mills, Sullivan, Podesta, Susan Powers, Sally Yates, John Brennan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Mr and Mrs Bruce Ohr, Rosenstein, Bryan Pagliano.

 Watch what happens when the first Grand Jury subpoenas are issued and those “Loyal” Democraps realize “it’s for real” and they are facing serious charges like Treason or Espionage and not votes by Congress to be “held in Contempt”!

Hillary Clinton ran the DNC like a Racketeering Enterprise and committed several RICO Predicate Crimes as did many I named above. RICO has a 10 year Statute of Limitations. But the best part is when Loretta Lynch ,Brennan and Clapper are looking at Treason Charges, they will hand up the First Black President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama aka, Barry Sortero,  etal!!! We’ll have to fingerprint Obama and send his prints to Interpol to find his true identity…but we will!!

We really want you and the Socialist Left, you’re afraid of, to stay the course. You are going to make 2020 the Best year the Country and Republicans have ever had!

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J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .

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