Clare Bornfman leaves court today with Mark Geragos after she fainted. The hearing is postponed until tomorrow
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Court hearing: Clare wants to keep Geragos – Avenatti fired

The Curcio hearing today was largely uneventful.

The upshot is that Clare Bronfman wants to keep Mark Geragos as her attorney – despite the possibility that he might be in trouble for his role in the Nike extortion case as is his partner, Michael Avenatti.

As far as Avenatti is concerned, he will not be representing Clare. Over and out.

The sum total of Avenatti’s representation, the court was told, was to help secure a Third Party Cooperation agreement whereby Clare could “buy” less prison time in a plea deal through Avenatti getting the government someone who has valuable information for them to use on another case.

This is one way the wealthy can purchase justice rather than have to pay the full price for their crimes like poor people do.

Avenatti met with the feds – to offer to bring someone in for the feds to use – possibly the Nike whistleblower – in return for the feds giving Clare a better plea deal.

I can imagine Clare paying big bucks to Avenatti for this, if he could pull it off, and I can see Avenatti getting most of the money – and giving the actual whistleblower a pittance.

It was also revealed in a court filing that Clare has other attorneys, most notably John Sandweg of Arizona and a jury consultant from Geragos’ office.

In addition, it was revealed that Avenatti was retained by Clare in a civil matter – evidently concerning myself. More on that later.


Village Diane, who was at the hearing reports:

It was uneventful, kind of technical today. Judge Garaufis cited examples of how attorney conflicts of interest may or may not occur.

At the hearing was Benjamin Brafman, [Geragos’ criminal attorney in his own legal matter in the Nike extortion case.]  Marc Agnifilo, [Keith Raniere’s attorney] was also at the hearing.

Judge Garaufis asked about Clare’s health. She was looking better today.

The judge said he wanted to make sure she was well because he was concerned for her, and also because he wanted to make sure she was able to absorb everything discussed at the Curcio hearing.

Bronfman said she wanted to keep Geragos as her lawyer and he quipped, “It is good to have a client who who is that satisfied with me.”

Geragos is charismatic. I could see why he became so successful.

The judge asked Clare if she really did find Geragos from an internet search and she said yes, but she also indicated that prior to her being in the market for another lawyer, she did have a conversation with Teny Geragos [one of Keith Raniere’s attorneys and Mark Geragos’ daughter ] and she spoke about her father.

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