First, they were Democrats, you remember… “The Democrat  Party”? Then , because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their Party ( psst…it’s the leaders, they’re assholes!), they changed their name to “The Democratic Party”. That didn’t work either…mainly because they couldn’t find any candidate who even tried to be honest, every single one had some BS platform from free everything, to just a few free things, to the Hillary who cheated, lied about everything even screwed her own party and stole the nomination from Sanders, who only lied about being a full blown Communist, so no harm there!!

Then yours truly came up with a very fitting name for the leaders…Democraps. Think about it for a minute…if we define a Democrap as a Democrat “leader” who is a Socialist but says they’re not; who has been in Congress for years and you can’t name one single bill they got approved that benefitted anyone, (besides themselves) or named a structure, who tries to feed you crap and says it’s steak ( for example ,Walls Don’t Work but open Borders do) while they build 10 foot walls around their own house…that’s a Democrap!

A “Democrat” believes in our Constitution,  Democraps  don’t, but say they do and in the next breath say , “ We have to limit how much you make”?! Geeze, I think that’s pretty Commie stuff, don’t you! What they have is a Band of Thieves and Liars that form the most despicable and corrupt group of politicians we have ever seen. When they find irrefutable evidence that one of their own is corrupt they circle the wagons, deny, talk louder, longer, don’t answer questions and accuse somebody else of doing the crime… “Trump colluded with the Russians”, when all along they knew Hillary did and NOT Trump.

They ran a candidate, Obama, who NEVER should have been allowed to be a President. Even if you believe he was born here, here’s a couple things that are indisputable…First, His current Social Security number belonged to someone else who is now deceased. It’s his 3rd Social Security number. Social Security ONLY issues or reissues the same number to the same person. When he dies his number dies. Call and ask if you don’t believe me. They will only reissue a number to the person who lost their card! How and why did he have more than one number? Because he needed a Birth Certificate to get a SS number and he doesn’t have one…he tried to pass off a Certificate of Birth as his Birth Certificate…remember? Then a couple different Birth Certificates surfaced and were forensically proven to be complete fakes, forgeries, which, by the way, is a serious Felony and a Predicate Crime for a RICO violation ( Racketeering)! So who was making these forgeries? Well… who… and more importantly WHY? …because Obama wasn’t born here…dumb ass…that’s why, who besides Obama would want a Birth Certificate for Obama besides him?!!

Obama was not born in the United States…I don’t know for certain where he was born but I am POSITIVE it wasn’t the United States. So call me a Birther or whatever but I know evidence and the forensic evidence doesn’t lie…Obama is a fraud, his Birth Certificates that HE put out there are forgeries, his Social Security Numbers are frauds so what the hell kind of President did you people elect? I’ll tell you…a fraud!

All that genius Romney had to do was to throw his Birth Certificate on the Podium during the debates with Obama and say, “Here’s my Birth Certificate, Mr President , show the American people yours,”and the Gutless wonder would have been elected President  instead of the Fraud. Think about that…Mitt Romney couldn’t beat a fraud and he takes shots at President Trump!

So, after putting up and getting a fraud elected, what was next…the Hillary. They figured that if they could get a complete fraud elected , they could get anybody they wanted elected. But the American people aren’t that stupid. We elected a man who has done more for this country in a brief two years than two Bushes, a Clinton for 8 years and a fraud for 8 years.

So I’m sitting here trying to come up with a way to describe what these “people” have done to a party that a lot of my friends believed in, ( past tense)! My friends didn’t listen to me when I said, “ You are losing your party to liars who call themselves “Progressive” when, truth be had,  “Regressive” is actually what they are”. They don’t believe in the Constitution! Now they are seeing that what I said is true and it’s time for them to CHANGE TO REPUBLICANS, a party that really believes in our Rule of Law!

AND… I’ve renamed their Party The  Commie-crat Party!!

Perfect , isn’t it? It’s what these B…..ds really are. My Father, Uncles, high school buddies defended our Rule of Law and Freedom. Many of my high school friends died in Nam…too many… one was even in the 7th Air Cavalry and was one of the 45 who died at LZ X-RAY , the first Air Cav operation, under Col Hal Moore, Battle of la Drang, 1965, “We Were Soldiers”!

 If one of these Commiecrats were to become the President, all of your friends and relatives and mine, who made the sacrifice, died for nothing!!!

They are so desperate that they are playing with fire to get votes. Why do you think they wanted border walls/security 2 years ago and now they don’t? That’s because their leaders like Schumer, Pelosi, Congressman Shitty and Congressman Swallow and a whole bunch who were fired or convicted of raping their staffers and other impressionable women are telling their colleges ,  “Hey let the illiterate ,illegal’s in, promise everything free …the smart voters won’t vote for us anymore!?

Well it’s ILLEGAL to buy votes…so when these morons offer $1000 per month  to every person, if you “vote for me” (that’s what they mean even if it’s not stated), what are they doing if not buying votes? Lower the voting age to 16…ever seen a smart 16 year old?

Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities , legalize Sanctuary States, $1000 per month for every citizen, legalize heroine, let addicts out of jail, do away with all fossil fuel use in 12 years, ( except, Congress and the elites, of course), and on and on…a moron can see what these assholes are doing to our country…what’s wrong with YOU?!

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .

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  • Finally a true gentleman who has enough balls to put the truth out there that most red blood alpha males know to be facts.
    I might add one final thought. There are many millions of men still left that would take this country back if ask to do so.
    Many of them like your self served in a capacity that was provided us a clear view of the military complex and/or the intelligence

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