MK10ART's fabulous painting of the perverted Keith Alan Raniere. Some say there was good in his Nxivm organization. Others are not so sure.

Jim Smith: The issues some of us are having with Barbara Bouchey – and Keith’s harem and how she helped hide it from others

By Jim Smith The issue some of us are having with Barbara is that she is rewriting history – of the facts and of how the things happened. Barbara can be very kind – and also very stern when you do not agree with her. Right now, she is answering questions and responding to comments […]

By Jim Smith

The issue some of us are having with Barbara is that she is rewriting history – of the facts and of how the things happened.

Barbara can be very kind – and also very stern when you do not agree with her. Right now, she is answering questions and responding to comments that serve her. She is not answering questions that will expose her misinformation.

Barbara started out saying she was the one who brought NXIVM to justice, and got the Eastern District of NY, Department of Justice (EDNY DOJ) involved. Many of us know that Barbara did some footwork. There is a group of us. Barbara was not the sole party that was responsible, as she has been attempting to sell – until she got called on it.

She also did NOT bring the EDNY DOJ into the current investigation.

Was there some good in NXIVM?

Yes, I agree with that, but it is not equal to the damage. If I’m thirsty, water is a good. However, water served is very harmful if it contains unseen shards of glass.

There were many unseen things happening in NXIVM. That was NXIVM.

The damage of the inner-circle criminal organization, the emotional/legal abuse, the fleecing of money, free labor and pyramid payment system NXIVM set up wash away what little good was done.

This doesn’t even get into Keith Alan Raniere’s sexual abuse and the women who supported this by agreeing to be a part of it, making it easier for him to believe it was alright to behave like that.

His inner-circle women supported his sexual patterns by working with each other, supporting the concept that having sex with another woman was no different than playing tennis with another woman and the “you don’t own him,” bullshit.

Manipulating women to have sex with him, saying you’re going to be his monogamous girlfriend – is unseen shards of glass.

Barbara choose not to share this information, but lies about there not being a non-monogamous cell in her body. HELLO! You sleep with a man for years, knowing he has other women and you say you’ve always been a monogamous woman?

Not buying it; it’s denial.

Had Bouchey and/or the leadership made this information about Keith public, people could have had the choice to be involved in an organization that did these behaviors, taken classes, stayed in, and spent years on NXIVM’s stripe path – or left.

If the women believed there was nothing wrong in Keith acting this way, why not be open about it? Did they hide it and wait to brainwash people so they could get them to believe it was OK?

If Barbara didn’t pass this info along to women – who were reacting to finding out about Keith having a stable of women, that included her, she supported it by allowing Keith to get away with it, with her.

Barbara is confused when she thinks NXIVM improved the community.

Name three examples of how, Ms. Bouchey.

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  • I hope Barbara rebuts more specifically to all of this.

    I, of course, share in some of these same issues with Barb and others, some whose actions or inactions may have even spared Gina’s life — but I’m not without sin and as some say, what’s the use crying over spilled blood?

    …I guess I hope to better understand my own choices — some shameful in hindsight —such as failure to promptly report KAR to the police — by understanding theirs if they can answer honestly w/o harm to themselves or others.

    Some things — even the why of your own actions — you just can’t honestly answer until you know.

  • I’ll go first in regards to nxivm’s “goodness”

    1.A lot of lawyers got rich
    2.??? Hell, even I cant think of the second goodness. Barb ,can you help us out on this one?

    • It gave Barbara a chance to launch her stage career this past week. We see the benefits of her having spent time being coached alongside all of those actors.

  • Jim, I agree with everything you stated, except for Barb being monogamous. She was. Raniere wasn’t. Also, it would be better to bring some facts to the table to back up your claims.

    • Scott, REALLY, she participated for years knowingly in a non-monogamous relationship! When a woman says that, she doesn’t allow cheating to happen for years.

      How many women make it alright for their husbands to have a stable of women and not be allowed to have a few studs in their pasture?

      Only cult followers would put up with such crap.

  • For all\l people who believe that NXIVM had some good let me remind you that:

    Mussolini made the trains run on time.

    Did that justify all the harm that Mussolini did to Italy?

    • But to say “Mussolini was horrible. He didn’t even have the trains running on time”, would be weird. It would be like Jim saying “Keith made you drink glass and didn’t even put water in the cup.”

    • Shadow,

      Who said that the good done should justify or somehow “cancel out” the crimes committed? No one ever suggested that.

      Some people are just pointing out that organizations like NXIVM (or Scientology or any other cult/scam ) can only manage to attract people if they do have positive qualities, and if they hide the negative aspects.

      This is the same thing that all abusive people do. Those who have been in an abusive marriage or relationship understand this concept, and realize how the abusive person was able to attract them by lying and covering up their negative qualities at the beginning of the relationship.

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