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High tides and all that comes with them can often be treacherous, but California synth-folk trio Rows Arc have found calm in the chaos. Comprised of multidisciplinary artist and music industry newcomer Sarah Olmsted, Jason Gagovski (Sweet Cobra), and Neeraj Kane (Hope Conspiracy), Rows Arc’s latest single is a triumph of world building, where syllables are stretched into symphonies and melodies are stronger than bone.

After stints in various artistic disciplines (sculpture, furniture building, museum exhibit design), Sarah Olmsted is finally making her foray into music as the bandleader of Rows Arc. After years spent writing and recording sparse dream pop melodies in solitude, the sonic skeletons in Olmsted’s closet grew too loud to be ignored. With the help of Gagovski, she shaped eleven tracks pocked with kaleidoscopic melodies reminiscent of Mazzy Star, Laurel Canyon slink, and percussive drive. The record was recorded and mixed by Allen Epely and Eric Abert of The Life And Times, who also lend their musical talents to a number of the tracks.
Rows Arc will be spending the summer touring throughout the United States, kicking off with a multidisciplinary show at The Pit, an artist-run gallery in Los Angeles. Each stop on Rows Arc’s itinerary will encapsulate a unique multimedia installation masterminded by Olmsted. More tour dates will be announced in the weeks to come.
High On The Tide will be released on March 29.

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